Frankly My Dear

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An English language expression for caring goes give a _____. An unverified internet source tells one story: “(don’t) give a damn -The above phrase was originally I don’t give a dam (yes, the n is missing on purpose) and seems to have been brought back to England by military men traveling to India in the mid 18th century. A dam was an Indian coin of little value. After spreading to civilian usage, the phrase changed to I don’t give a damn and was first recorded in America in the 1890’s”

DGA__ went in two directions. Less offensive words like hoot, toss, and rip were inserted into the blank space. Others chose use more offensive items, like shit and fuck, in the formula.

No one seems to know what a damn is. It is hard to say what exactly is meant by not giving a shit, or a fuck. Fuck refers to a highly prized animal activity. Shit is a vile, smelly substance that is used for fertilizer. When you give a shit, do you gift wrap it?

A link to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck recently turned up on facebook. Out of 2496 words, 113 are fuck, or incorporate fuck. The f-word is used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, and interjection. The f-word is not used as a conjunction. This is a curious omission. The literal meaning of the f-word refers to the act of conjunction.

It may seem judgmental to say so, but this attitude is selfish, arrogant, and irresponsible. If you stick around for the fine print, you see that it is not enough to merely not give a hoot. According to “Author. Thinker. Life Enthusiast.” Mark Manson, it is a matter of deciding what you want to hoot about. (The period is used at the end of a complete sentence. You should use one period per sentence.)

Here is a brief biography. “Mark Manson is from Austin, Texas, USA and graduated from Boston University in 2007. He began coaching men informally that same year, taking them out to local bars and helping them approach attractive women. Mark founded Practical Pick Up in 2008 and has since worked with hundreds of men in 12 different countries and four different continents. He’s given over 40 public presentations worldwide and has been interviewed for news shows and magazines. In 2011, he changed his business to to change his focus away from simply meeting and attracting women and to help with life’s issues at large.”

In other words, he got started coaching men on how to get women to give them a fuck. Mr. Manson has “evolved” into coaching everyone on fuck-not-giving. What a guy. This repost has pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Phi Grid Social Life

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PG was spending another night on the internet. The primary activity was downloading files from The Library of Congress. Some of these images are posted here. This collection has enormous files, with 200mb not uncommon. When you download these, you request a file, and wait until time to request another one. There is lots of time to be led astray. The internet is full of digital temptation.

“Why is considered hateful or divisive to speak inconvenient truths about Hillary Clinton but okay to paint all Republicans as bigoted idiots? This is the kind of blind partisanship that creates gridlock, not electing a man who is extremely popular with both Democrats and Republicans in the state he has represented for thirty years.”

Holy strawman. Leaping logical fallacy. Who is the person speaking about Hitlery? Who is the person, that considers person A, to be hateful and divisive? Is it person A, or person B, or both, who say Republicans are all poopyheads? The babblemonger battle cry “google it” will not be helpful.

After PG finished shaking his head, a tweet appeared on the horizon. @GimpChat Let’s start a game. Golden ratio/Phi grid. #gimp #gimpchat #art. PG had heard of the rule of thirds before, but never the phi grid. The latter is a chart, used for cropping pictures. It is based on the Fibonacci numbers, aka the golden rectangle. PG uses the golden mean as a default dimension for cropping pictures. Especially in the graphic poems, where all the images are, measured in pixels, 720 x 447.

The next step was to draw a chart of the phi grid. The first example from the internet was useless. GIMP has a “golden sections” option for certain grids, which PG imposed on a template screen. The phi grid is two horizontal lines, and two vertical lines, creating nine rectangles. From the first image, PG got the pixel numbers to use.

After drawing this chart, PG began to notice things. At two spots on the grid, a square should appear. However, on attempt number one, these numbers were always a few pixels off. PG decided to scrap attempt number one, and start from scratch. This is the way PG operates… you have to do it wrong before you can do it right.

The golden rectangle is based on a series of sides that add up. The first rectangle we will use, though not the start of the fibonucci series, is 3×5. If you add 3+5, you get 8. The next rectangle is 5×8. If you add 5+8, you get 13. The next rectangle is 8×13. And so on and so forth. The ratio of the numbers will remain the same. The official phi number, which, like pi, can go on for millions of digits, is 1.618033. When PG edits pictures, the numbers are 1.61:100.

The whole thing is based on adding/subtracting side A from side B. The overall box is 720×447. 720-447=273. 447-273=174. The horizontal lines of the phi grid go at 174 and 273. The vertical lines go at 273 and 447. This is supposed to give you shapes that will be pleasing to the eye. Thinking about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is not pleasing to the eye, or any other sensory organ.

phi grid0130





Psalms 19

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Putting Us On

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It all started innocently enough. There was a tasteful meme. A picture of Mark Twain graced these words “Sometimes i wonder whether the world is being run by smart people, who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” PG decided to do due diligence research.

Before you could say Samuel Clemons, there was evidence that the quote was not genuine. According to the word detective, the phrase “putting us on” was not used before 1958. Several helpful people attributed the quote to The Peter Principle. A written source is handy in these situations.

The fbf had a familiar reaction. ” I’ve never really cared if a quote attribution was authentic, if I like what the quote us expressing.” This got PG thinking, which can be dangerous. If something makes people feel good, does it really matter who said it? It is like singular they…there is a gut feeling that something is wrong, but articulating a reason is tough.

PG asked Mr. Google “does it matter if the quote is real.” The top result was All Fake Buddha Quotes. “we have a sister site, Real Buddha Quotes, where you’ll find other genuine quotations from the Buddhist scriptures.” Most people in America equate scriptures with the Bible, where the supreme content provider is Jesus. The Biblical words of Jesus are accepted as “Gospel truth” by some, though not everyone. The idea that Siddhartha Gautama, who lived a few hundred years before Jesus, could have verbatim scriptures is probably open to dispute.

The Fake Buddha Quotes site has some good links. “It doesn’t matter who said it, as long as it’s inspiring.” has a tasteful meme: “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much, Adolph Hitler.” A seeker-of-truth opines: “Why do I care, you ask? Because it’s a waste of time. Because I want to believe that the people around me aren’t knee-jerk emotional reactionists willing to dispense with logic because the internet is such a shining bastion of quality information. Because it takes no time at all to stop, consider, and question. Because truth is better than bullshit. Because right is better than wrong…”

The rest of the first google page is devoted to goodreads and Brainy Quote, two of the worst offenders in the commodity wisdom market. (One spell check suggestion for goodreads is goo dreads.) Goodreads has Quotes About Real Love (126 quotes,) Reality (2669 quotes,) What Matters (29 quotes,) and Authenticity (317 quotes.) Brainy Quote has Real Thing Quotes, Confucius Quotes, and Real Man Quotes. Pictures for your reality based entertainment today are from The Library of Congress. These men were soldiers in The War Between The States.





Tallulah Bankhead

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The wordpress homepage had an eyecatching story about “Sex and Bristol Palin“. It seems as though the young lady has taken a vow of chastity until marriage. This is a bit like locking the barn door after the horses run off…and Levi is long gone anyway. It was the comments to this that got PG’s attention. Someone has named their blog “Tallulah Bankhead“. The concept of using a famous dead person as an online identity is not original, but Tallulah Bankhead has a big personality to live up/down to. UPDATE: Bristol Palin has another baby. As for Tallulah Bankhead.WordPress, “This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below.” This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

Miss Bankhead was born January 31, 1902 in Huntsville AL. She had a year-older sister, Eugenia. Their mother died February 23, 1902. Legend has it her last words were
“Take care of baby Eugenia. Tallulah can take care of herself.”
The father of the actor was Will Bankhead. He was a prominent politician, who served as Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington. Mr. Bankhead was on the short list of Vice Presidential candidates for Franklin Roosevelt, but was passed over. The Bankhead national forest and the Bankhead Highway are both named for Will Bankhead.

Tallulah Bankhead was an actress, radio show hostess, and personality. She went to London in the early twenties and became a stage sensation. Returning home, she became a Broadway star with “The Little Foxes.” She made movies, but saved her best public performances for the stage.

Miss Bankhead was known for being sexually active, with both men and women. Hattie McDaniel, who played Mammie in Gone With The Wind, was rumored to be one of her “friends”. Her introduction to Chico Marx went like this
“Miss Bankhead.” “Mr. Marx.” “You know, I really want to fuck you.”. “And so you shall, you old-fashioned boy.”
One legend has Miss Bankhead at a dinner party with Dorothy Parker and Montgomery Clift. As might have been expected, the cocktail hour went on most of the evening. At one point, Mister Clift had his head in Miss Parker’s lap. “oh you sweet man, it’s too bad that you’re a cocksucker. He is a cocksucker, isn’t he?” Miss Bankhead replied “I don’t know, he never sucked my cock.”

Her most famous movie role was in “Lifeboat”, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Her co stars complained that she was not wearing panties under her dress. Mr. Hitchcock posed the question, is this a matter for wardrobe or for hairdressing?

In the fading days of radio, Tallulah was the host of “The Big Show”. She became known for her deep voice, and for saying “Dah-ling”. More than one guest got big laughs by calling her Mister Bankhead. After “The Big Show” ended, Miss Bankhead remained active on stage and television. She died December 12, 1968.

Miss Bankhead was a staunch Democrat, as is fitting for the political family she was raised in. During the McCarthy era, an actress friend of hers was accused of being a communist. Miss Bankhead made a statement of support for the actress on the radio, and then asked her, are you a communist? The actress said that her daddy was a republican, and so she guessed that was what she was. Miss Bankhead was horrified.
“A republican! That’s worse than being a G-ddamn communist.”









Six Responses To Bernie Skeptics

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When you have a political contest based on what people say, it is not surprising that a lot of what they say is nonsense. Yesterday there was an video on facebook, Six responses to Bernie skeptics. Somebody wannabe Robert Reich writes a bunch of stuff on a board. Mr. Reich is on the screen by himself, without any attempt at perspective. Many people do not know that Robert Reich is four foot eleven, just like many people did not know FDR was crippled. The video script is widely available, which will make this counter commentary a bit easier.

The video has comebacks to six things Bernie naysayers might offer. The first is that Bernie cannot beat Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in a general election. Mr. Reich has polls that say BS would beat the Donald, and control Cruz. The election is November 8, two days after the clocks are turned back. This is a long time from now. There will be time for Repub dirty tricksters to come up with dirt on Bernie.

We should also remember that the popular vote is meaningless. The election is decided by the Electoral College. Most states are written off as solid red or true blue. Only “swing state” voters get a vote. A national poll in January cannot predict what Ohio voters will do in November. (BS has been silent on the issue of electoral college reform.)

Reason number two is pure number two. The simple truth is that Republicans control congress, and will defeat the BS agenda. (Those are the initials of Bernard no-middle-name Sanders. Any similarity to bovine excrement is coincidence.) The Republican presence in government is reinforced with gerrymandering, money, lapdog press, money, lawyers, guns, money, Jesus exploiters, and more money. The Reich answer: “But there’s a higher likelihood of kicking Republicans out if Bernie’s “political revolution” continues to surge around America, bringing with it millions of young people and other voters, and keeping them politically engaged.”

Number three is semantic shade. “America would never elect a socialist.” “What we have now is socialism, and people don’t realize it.” Both statements are true. It is just that we don’t call Social Security communism. Just like people say they support small government, while sending half a million boots to a desert eight time zones away. There is a lot of “irony” in today’s political circus. That is how the game is played.

Number four is about the cost of single payer healthcare. The truth is that nobody knows. We have a broken system, and installed a compromise fix. When we finally go to single payer healthcare, there is no way to know how it will play out. Maybe the BS proposal will be cheaper, maybe it will be horribly expensive. The current system is too unfair to live, too profitable to die.

Number five is an argument that few have heard. ““His plan for paying for college with a tax on Wall Street trades would mean colleges would run by government rules.” When you make up an argument, it is easy to make up the reply. In this case, there is more rhetoric and semantics. The federal government has sent money into the education pipeline for years. The money comes with strings attached. This is no surprise to anyone except Sarah Palin.

Number six is a doozy. Yes, BS is in his seventies. No, we don’t see him huffing on an oxygen tank after he gives a speech. We just have to take the word of his supporters that he is the picture of vigorous health. Why would Robert Reich ever want to lie to you?

“In any event, the issue isn’t age; it’s having the right values. FDR was paralyzed, and JFK had both Addison’s and Crohn’s diseases, but they were great presidents because they fought adamantly for social and economic justice.” FDR and JFK were known by their initials. FDR helped get us involved in World War Two. JFK, who served less than three years, was presented as being full of vi-gah, when in truth he was seriously ill. Both FDR and JFK had extramarital affairs, which only the staunchest BS groupie wants to know about.

Pictures for your politically incorrect entertainment are from The Library of Congress. These pictures are soldiers from the War Between the States. They did not post food pictures on facebook.





Skink–No Surrender

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PG had Skink–No Surrender, by Carl Hiassen, sent to the Chamblee Library. It is another Hiassen book for young adults, like the previously consumed Scat. Skink–No Surrender was entertaining, if a bit unbelievable. Actually, more than a bit far fetched, but still fun to read.

At one point, the teenage hero, Richard, and his buddy Skink, go across the state in a borrowed vehicle. Skink injures his foot, and cannot drive. The fourteen year old Richard takes the wheel. This goes well until blue lights appear. It is Skink’s state trooper buddy, with a learner’s permit for Richard. The state trooper buddy is African American, which makes it ok.

Skink is a favorite character of Mr. Hiassen. A disillusioned former Florida Governor, Skink has one eye, lives in the wild, and eats roadkill. Richard is on the beach with his cousin, Malley, when they find Skink in a fake turtle egg nest. The character is trying to catch people who steal turtle eggs.

Malley runs away from home, not for the first time. She is with a seedy character that she met online. Richard and Skink take off to find her. The action moves quickly, if implausibly, until the conclusion.

The amazon one star customers have their say. Amazon Customer October 8, 2014 He must need money to write this boring garbage, i have enjoyed all of his books until this unfortunate catastrophe Kindle Customer January 4, 2015 Title nails it. I need 17 more words, the book doesn’t’ deserve them. Now 7 more words needed Don’t buy it

One afternoon, in Georgia’s worst parking lot, PG was on page 85, when something caught his eye. “Skink had scavenged a dead racoon on Highway 98. It had been struck by a vehicle with extremely large tires, and the furry ringed tail was the only way to know what kind of mammal it was.” PG had thought that mammals were big dumb animals, like cows and humans. It turns out that a racoon is a mammal. We also learn that sporange is a word that rhymes with orange.

Much of the action takes place in the Florida panhandle. This reminds PG of a story he heard a few hundred times, and can be told again. The family was going to Panama City, and stopped for gas near Ebro. The gas station man saw mom, and said “She putts me to mind of one of the Gilbert girls from De Funiak Springs.” Pictures for this post are from The Library of Congress. These pictures, with one exception, are soldiers from the War Between the States.





Pretentious Obscurantism

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Vimeo needs to get a better server. ~ A previous version of this post stated that according to the author of the Great Soul, Gandhi was a “wife-beater” and “pedophile”. These statements could not be verified by the blogger and have been removed from the post ~ @BretEastonEllis Actors nominate actors. THE “ACADEMY” DOES NOT NOMINATE ACTORS. Actors nominate actors. Remember this #OscarsSoWhite @chamblee54 What a lovely fuss for MLK day Are we going to have a quota system to have so many nominations go to POC? ~ Privilege also comes from having the same opinions about G-d as the majority of people in your country. Christian privilege is extremely powerful. ~ @RichardDawkins English biologist & writer. Likes science, the poetry of reality. Dislikes pretentious obscurantism. Treats all religions with good-humoured ridicule. ~ Has he ever recited the pledge of allegiance? Using a sacred name to honor a symbol of nationalism is a clear violation of the third commandment. ~ I have been interested in the concept of authoritarianism, aka dogmatism and facism. I see this everywhere. Even some of my so called radical associates have a authoritarian streak. I am not sure about a surefire connection to Mr. Trump, though. ~ @Smooth_Orator A lot of people don’t really know Gandhi wasn’t fucking with the Blacks. And he was also a pedophile. Go peace! @chamblee54 1-A previous version of this post stated that according to the author of the Great Soul, Gandhi was a “wife-beater” 2- and “pedophile”. These statements could not be verified by the blogger and have been removed from the post. ~ @SlavojTweezek Selfish kids today demand “hope” and “inspiration.” When I was a kid, we never expected anything except cradle to grave security. ~ Wasn’t Track the reason Sarah and Todd got married? ~ Truth Seeker @xfilestrustno1 Ambidextrous lefty, Sports, History, & Political junkie. #BlackLivesMatter I love the Lord and seeks the truth. I’m a #FreedomFighter, protestor. #BlackTwitter ~ local rumors are tough to confirm forty five years later some things are best left to the imagination ~ there is an etymological connection between arrogant and airhead ~ @chamblee54 1-Whig was short for “whiggamor,” a term meaning “cattle driver” used to describe western Scots who came to Leith for corn. 2- Samuel Johnson often joked that “the first Whig was the Devil”. Sources: wikipedia, Ian Newbould, Whiggery and reform ~ Whatever you want to say about Sarah Palin, you should remember that she is famous for being herself. She is not in the position she is in because of her husband or father. Hillary’s claim to fame husband is notoriously unfaithful … ~ The road to heaven is paved with bad intentions. ~ Whenever i see a link to the fishwrapper I wonder if it is worth using up one of my four free articles for this month @maxblau @ReporterJCB ~ people are entitled to their opinion, they’re also entitled to consequences from said opinions. ~ @WernerTwertzog It’s important To tell children That they can be “Anything they can dream,” So that, one day, They’ll blame Themselves Instead of The system ~ @RuPaul Meet me next to the dumpster behind Piggly Wiggly. ~ She really did say that. She gave an interview to the Daily Mail, which I will link to. There is another lovely quote: “I’m not a confident person. Actually, I think most people aren’t. The ones that seem most self-confident are often the least confident, so they put on a persona.’ ~ political poll. ~ results. ~ How well do you know the religions of the world? ~ palin password generator ~ throwing black people bones ~ The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2015: We’re All Such Idiots ~ whig party ~ White Women’s Tears and the Men Who Love Them ~ Why Precisely Is Bernie Sanders Against Reparations? ~ Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Mohammad Aurangzeb ~ Price Tag of Bernie Sanders’s Proposals: $18 Trillion ~ kiss your friends’ faces more ~ pictures for today are from The Library of Congress. These men were soldiers in the War Between The States ~ selah





Kiss Your Friends More

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White Tears

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@BernieSanders “I got into politics not to figure out how to become President. I got into politics because I give a damn.” The old tweeter sent this message December 11, 2015, at 4:42 pm Sanders Standard Time. At last glance, it was retweeted 25,901 times, and liked 44,263 times.

What exactly is a damn? When you give one, do you gift wrap it? The dictionary says that damn is a verb, meaning “condemn to a punishment or fate; especially : to condemn to hell.” Giving a verb is not good grammar. Damn is considered a mild profanity, which adds polemic punch.

History gives us a second opinion. “In 1665, Aurangzeb, or Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Mohammad Aurangzeb. (A real mouthful of a name!) was the emperor of the Mughal empire. He ruled from 1658 until his death in 1707. Aurangzeb had coins minted in precious metals as well as copper. The copper denominations were one Dam and one half Dam.”

At some point after the invention of the copper dam, Great Britain conquered the Mughal empire. By this time, the dam was not worth twice as much as a half dam, but not much otherwise. According to some unverified sources, British soldiers would say that something was not worth a dam. Or maybe, they said they would not give a dam. Somehow, the profaning n was added, and a saying for apathy entered the english language.

How much is a dam/damn worth? To people living downhill from the lake, a dam is valuable. As for the numismatic value of an ancient copper coin:“By looking at both catalog values for copper Dams minted in the Mughal calendar year of 1075 (Western date 1665) … we can provide the following very approximate values for copper half-Dams and Dams minted in the name of Aurangzeb: worn: $4, average circulated: $7, well preserved: $30.”

Getting back to BS, he probably used the conventional meaning of GAD, which is that he cares. Or maybe, he meant that he gives a dollar. If current economic trends hold up, the dollar might not be worth a dam. The welfare state proposals of BS, according to the admittedly biased Wall Street Journal, would cost $18 Trillion. This would effectively double the national debt. If we get mixed up in another war, or if a nuclear power plant blows up, another few trillion might go down the tubes.

Only the most deluded Bernoids expect college tuition to be free in 2018. BS is talking a good game, but most people know his pants are on fire. One person who is offended because BS won’t step up the lies is Ta-Nehisi Coates. If reparations are added onto free college tuition, then the value of the dollar might go below a half dam. Pictures for snowstorm Saturday are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.




LBGlass - 144z





The Narco State Rag

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This feature was written July 13, 2010. The situation in Afghanistan is little better. If we leave, the country falls into chaos. If we stay, we spend money we don’t have. It is a bitch.

Some people euphemize bitch by saying that something is a bear. Across the frontier from Afghanistan, the Russian bear is dealing with a heroin epidemic. Some say the United States suckered the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan in 1979. The disastrous war that followed led to the fall of the Soviet Union. We are still dealing with the karma.

Tom Dispatch has an audio feature about Afghanistan, and the many unanswered questions about our war there. We invaded Afghanistan to get revenge for 911, and looked for a reason later.

At the 3:06 mark on the tape, when Tom makes a comment Afghanistan being a narco state. PG had a flash of understanding about the reason behind this war. This may even have been powerful enough to ignore the reports about a terror strike in September 2001, and let 911 happen.

The rumors of CIA involvement in drug trafficking are wide spread and long term. When planes went to Central America in the eighties to bring arms to the contras, they came back to the United States loaded with cocaine. There are stories of collusion with the government in Cuba. There are many, many more stories about connections between the US government and the drug trade.

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they cracked down on the poppy farmers. Much of the raw opium for heroin/morphine/opium is grown in Afghanistan. This was not a pleasing for the CIA.

Could it be that the real reason for our involvement in Afghanistan is to ensure the flow of narcotics into the hungry world? This would be a big cash cow for the CIA, although not enough to justify the amounts of money being spent on the conflict.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.