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At 8:29 pm, Monday night, PG was staring at the computer monitor, trying to find life. The phone rang. PG picked it up. After a pause, a lady identified herself as Chris Jensen. Would you mind taking part in a survey? This may be monitored, or recorded, for quality assurance purposes.

Are you registered to vote? What is your zip code? What is the year of your birth? Do you consider yourself Democrat, Republican, or Something Else? PG is a card carrying Something Else.

What primary do you vote in? Georgia has open primaries. This means you can vote either Democrat or Republican. The only rule is when the inevitable runoff comes, you must vote with the same party as the first primary. PG usually finds Democrats to be slightly less obnoxious than Republicans. However, there is frequently more action on the Republican side. You can make a strategic vote against someone you do not like.

A list of names was read. Do you have a favorable, or unfavorable, view of each? Jack Kingston, Brian Kemp, Johnny Isakson, Nathan Deal, Casey Cagle, Lynn Westmoreland, and David Ralston. PG was split between not liking them, and not knowing enough to have an opinion.

The next few questions were about the Governor’s race in 2018. There will not be an incumbent in this election. If the race was between Jack Kingston, Brian Kemp, Casey Cagle, or Lynn Westmoreland, who would you vote for? What if the race was between these four men, a successful business owner who has never run for public office? This is way too hypothetical for an election in 2018.

Do you approve of Nathan Deal? (not as bad as expected, but not great either) What do you think of Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp? (lets hope they don’t get married) Who is paying for this survey?

Casey Cagle has been Lieutenant Governor for a while. This is a tradition in Georgia, where Zig Zag Zell Miller was Lieutenant Governor for sixteen years, before moving into the big house on West Paces Ferry Road. (Not the big house in Tattnall County) Getting back to Mr. Cagle, there was an unfortunate incident a few years ago. A capitol employee walked into his office, and found a lady with her head under Mr. Cagle’s desk. She was helping to tie his shoes.

As for Brian Kemp, the best thing that PG could say was that he was not Karen Handel. (The interview lady had no idea what PG was talking about.) The Secretary of State’s office is looking bad these days. “Two Georgia women have filed a class action lawsuit alleging a massive data breach by Secretary of State Brian Kemp involving the Social Security numbers and other private information of more than six million voters statewide. … including personal identifying information to the media, political parties and other paying subscribers who legally buy voter information from the state.”

The interview lady said there were just a few more questions. How often do you agree with the Tea Party? Is this the correct phone number? So my supervisor can verify this interview, can I have a name? The interview was over at 8:42 pm. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









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