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The facebook friend posted a link: “I side 98% with Hillary Clinton.” The link was to a political poll. Not only were there a few dozen statements to consider, but you had to say how important the issue was. On many issues, the options did not fit what PG had to say. You choose the lesser of the various evils, which is the way politics works. (One difference was a state election when PG was in seventh grade. Governor Maddox was the Lester of two evils.)

Most of the questions made a bit of sense. One exception was “Should the federal government allow states to fly the confederate flag?” Exploitation of the St. Andrews cross by race haters is tacky, but is it the federal government’s business? There is a touch of irony here. The issue of states rights versus federalism was one of the causes of the War Between the States.

The poll caused a bit of brain damage. Too much thinking will do it every time. The headache got worse with the results. PG “sides with” Bernie Sanders 94% of the time. This is not surprising. PG may yet vote for BS, despite his hideous appearance, rude personality, and obnoxious supporters. The election will be in the cafetorium of the elementary school PG attended. It will not be the first time PG has held his nose in that room.

The good news is that PG “sides with” Rick Santorum 7% of the time. Ronald Dump Donald Trump gets 44% sideage. The rest of the repubs get mixed results, with Rand Paul doing best at 60%.

The results page has a popup ad. You are encouraged to give BS your email address, to help him fight the Trans Pacific Partnership. “Co-sign Bernie Sanders’ proposal to block the disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, and the environment.” Whatever dude.

A few minutes later, a bizarre exchange took place of twitter.
@RichardDawkins You can’t see air. Air exists. You can’t see God. Therefore God exists. GENIUS!
@SlavojTweezek After heavy après-conférence, I have seen God.Therefore He does not exist. QED.
@chamblee54 why do people talk about seeing g-d? What about hear, taste, smell, and touch?
@SlavojTweezek SEEING is believing. Pay attention.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.






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