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PG was spending another night on the internet. The primary activity was downloading files from The Library of Congress. Some of these images are posted here. This collection has enormous files, with 200mb not uncommon. When you download these, you request a file, and wait until time to request another one. There is lots of time to be led astray. The internet is full of digital temptation.

“Why is considered hateful or divisive to speak inconvenient truths about Hillary Clinton but okay to paint all Republicans as bigoted idiots? This is the kind of blind partisanship that creates gridlock, not electing a man who is extremely popular with both Democrats and Republicans in the state he has represented for thirty years.”

Holy strawman. Leaping logical fallacy. Who is the person speaking about Hitlery? Who is the person, that considers person A, to be hateful and divisive? Is it person A, or person B, or both, who say Republicans are all poopyheads? The babblemonger battle cry “google it” will not be helpful.

After PG finished shaking his head, a tweet appeared on the horizon. @GimpChat Let’s start a game. Golden ratio/Phi grid. #gimp #gimpchat #art. PG had heard of the rule of thirds before, but never the phi grid. The latter is a chart, used for cropping pictures. It is based on the Fibonacci numbers, aka the golden rectangle. PG uses the golden mean as a default dimension for cropping pictures. Especially in the graphic poems, where all the images are, measured in pixels, 720 x 447.

The next step was to draw a chart of the phi grid. The first example from the internet was useless. GIMP has a “golden sections” option for certain grids, which PG imposed on a template screen. The phi grid is two horizontal lines, and two vertical lines, creating nine rectangles. From the first image, PG got the pixel numbers to use.

After drawing this chart, PG began to notice things. At two spots on the grid, a square should appear. However, on attempt number one, these numbers were always a few pixels off. PG decided to scrap attempt number one, and start from scratch. This is the way PG operates… you have to do it wrong before you can do it right.

The golden rectangle is based on a series of sides that add up. The first rectangle we will use, though not the start of the fibonucci series, is 3×5. If you add 3+5, you get 8. The next rectangle is 5×8. If you add 5+8, you get 13. The next rectangle is 8×13. And so on and so forth. The ratio of the numbers will remain the same. The official phi number, which, like pi, can go on for millions of digits, is 1.618033. When PG edits pictures, the numbers are 1.61:100.

The whole thing is based on adding/subtracting side A from side B. The overall box is 720×447. 720-447=273. 447-273=174. The horizontal lines of the phi grid go at 174 and 273. The vertical lines go at 273 and 447. This is supposed to give you shapes that will be pleasing to the eye. Thinking about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is not pleasing to the eye, or any other sensory organ.

phi grid0130





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