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One Diamond Two Believers Four Monkees

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JoemyG-d has been running videos of number one hits lately. Today, the numero uno is from 1966. It is by the Monkees, called “I’m a Believer”.

PG always liked the Monkees. They were the twelve year old’s band when he was twelve years old. There was an article in the Saturday Evening Post about the “Pre Fab Four”, and a classmate of PG said that he was disillusioned. Certainly no one was confused about the made for tv nature of the band. The rumors…which turned out to be true…said that the Monkees did not play the instruments on their debut album. Still, a seventh grader is easily amused, and the show was fun to watch.

“I’m a Believer” was written by Neil Diamond, aka the Jewish Elvis. Mr. Diamond played guitar on the Monkees version of IAB. (Michael Nesmith does a convincing imitation in the video. It is not known if he was wearing the green hat.)

IAB is part of the rock tradition of misunderstood lyrics. PG thought that Mickey said he “needed sunshine on my brain”. PG did not learn the truth for many years. One afternoon, he heard a band on the radio do IAB, and the lyrics were understood. What the song really said was, “when I needed sunshine I got rain. “

This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. The video in the original post is no longer on youtube, but there was no shortage of replacements. The video used today is one PG remembers from the TV show.

The other video, with unfortunate sound, is from the second year of “The Monkees”. PG did not like Mickey Dolenz with frizzy hair, and quit watching the show. 13 is a year older than 12. The fall of 1967 found PG as an eighth grader, or “subbie”, at a grungy high school. This was the first year after Lynwood Park High School closed. A few people were not happy about integration.

The other video has the word believer in the title. (The middle of the word believer is LIE.) One afternoon, the disc jockey at WQXI said he was tired of playing that stupid song by the Monkees. Before long, the Monkees were replaced by the Partridge Family.







You Betcha

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Obituary Mambo

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Andrew Sullivan had an uplifting feature, the other day, about obituaries. As is his custom, he found an article at another site, threw out a juicy quote, and moved on. It is up to Chamblee54 to provide more detail, and put up pictures for the text averse. These pictures today are from the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church cemetery. This is a repost.
It is a common practice to look at the obituaries (aka “Irish sports page”) first thing in the morning. If the reader is not included, then the day can proceed as normal. This custom does not take into account the possibility that you have died, and your family it too cheap to purchase a notice.
The article in question is Ten things you don’t know about the obit biz It starts off by saying that the family members are usually happy to help the obit scribe. They have stories about the recently deceased, like
” Eddie “Bozo” Miller boasted of regularly drinking a dozen martinis before lunch, yet he lived to age eighty-nine.”
Newspapers take different approaches to obituaries. Some assign rookies, or use the death beat as punishment for troublemakers. Others give the job to their best writer. The paid notices are usually written by family members, with the help of the undertaker.
Of course, there is the occasional oddball. Alana Baranick, obituary writer for Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer and lead author of Life on the Death Beat: A Handbook for Obituary Writers , likes to visit every municipality in the United States named Cleveland.
One oft repeated saying is that obituaries are about life, not death. As the source puts it:
“The British “quality” newspapers — The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Independent, substantiate the old chestnut about obituaries being about life, not death. These papers rarely mention the cause of death, focusing instead on presenting a vivid account of a lived life. American papers have an unhealthy fixation on death. It’s common for “complications of chronic pulmonary disease” or “bile duct cancer” to show up in the story’s lede, never to resurface.”
Only one obituary has won a Pulitzer prize.
” Leonard Warren, a Metropolitan Opera baritone, dropped dead mid-performance in 1960. Sanche de Gramont (who changed his name to Ted Morgan), a young rewrite man at the New York Herald Tribune, banged out the obit in under an hour and won a 1961 Pulitzer in the Local Reporting, Edition Time, category.”
There is an The International Association of Obituarists The headquarters is in Dallas TX, presumably near a grassy knoll. They have an annual convention, which is said to be a lively affair. The 2005 conference was in Bath, England. The 2007 conference was in Alfred NY. There is also the Society of Professional Obituary Writers.

IAO was founded by Carolyn Gilbert, the lady who puts the bitch in obituary. Ms. Gilbert collaborates on a page, Remembering The Passed. RTP has a series of podcasts. They require an apple app to listen, which is too much work for PG.
Death is a part of life. Every language has a word for it, and English has a number of slang expressions. An incomplete list would include :
““passed on”, “are no more”, “have ceased to be”, “expired and gone to meet their Maker”, “are bereft of life”, “have ceased to be”, “rest in peace”, “push up daisies”, “whose metabolic processes are now history”, “are off the twig”, “have kicked the bucket”, “shuffled off their mortal coil”, “run down the curtain” or “joined the Choir Invisible”
Columbia Journalism Review (Motto: Strong Press, Strong Democracy) has a feature about Obit.
“Krishna Andavolu is the managing editor of Obit an online magazine intended for those interested in obituaries, epitaphs, elegies, postludes, retrospectives, grave rubbings, widow’s weeds, and other such memorabilia of expiration. Part eulogistic clearinghouse, part cultural review, Obit purports to examine life through the prism of death. Founded in 2007 by a wealthy New Jersey architect who sensed an exploitable niche after seeing a middle-aged woman distraught over the death of Captain Kangaroo, the site is a locus for enlightened morbidity.”
OM is worth a visit. The top story features a picture of Betty Ford, who survived Breast Cancer, Alcoholism, and The White House, to die at 93. The site has an ad from, with the creative suggestion to Trade In Your Old Bridesmaid Dress & Get a New Little Black Dress.
OM has a popular feature called Died on the same day. Grim reaper recruits on January 20 include Pope Fabian (250), Johnny Weissmuller (1984), Audrey Hepburn (1993), Etta James (2012).
No google search is complete without someone trying to make money. Obituaries Professionally Written says
” … we believe in honoring a life with respect, dignity and integrity. When needed, euphemism is used liberally. “
OPW content provider Larken Bradley says
“”Obituary writing is an honor, a privilege, and great fun … I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.”… After she dies she expects her obit headline will read, “Obituary Writer, Six Feet Under.”


PG was going to repost an old favorite, Obituary Mambo. When you recycle something this often, it is a good idea to check the links. For OM, many do not work.
The story begins with a story at the digital home of Andrew Sullivan. This fine facility is now in paywall purgatory. When you click on the old link, you see a cartoon of a French borderguard, and the message
“THIS CONNECTION IS UNTRUSTED You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure. …” The browser has this reaction to several of the links in the original story.
Monetization of obituaries seems to have run aground. Links to Obit Magazine give you a page of fine print HTML. The International Association of Obituarists is not on the internet. The NPR interview with Carolyn Gilbert, founder of the IAO, is still up. Presumably, she is still putting the bitch back in obituary. Maybe the 2005 convention in Bath, England was too much.
Another link gave this result:
“Welcome to ! Our new web site, powered by EarthLink Web Hosting, is currently under construction.” In its place is The Society of Professional Obituary Writers, “Proudly powered by Weebly.”
SPOW hosted a contest in 2011 and 2012.
“Each year, The Society of Professional Obituary Writers holds a competition to honor excellence in obituary writing. Obituaries are submitted by reporters and editors from all over the world, and blind-judged by a panel of our members. Winners receive trophies, known as the Grimmies, and are feted at the annual conference.” Grimmies were given for Best Obit, and Best Body of Work.


Sides With

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The facebook friend posted a link: “I side 98% with Hillary Clinton.” The link was to a political poll. Not only were there a few dozen statements to consider, but you had to say how important the issue was. On many issues, the options did not fit what PG had to say. You choose the lesser of the various evils, which is the way politics works. (One difference was a state election when PG was in seventh grade. Governor Maddox was the Lester of two evils.)

Most of the questions made a bit of sense. One exception was “Should the federal government allow states to fly the confederate flag?” Exploitation of the St. Andrews cross by race haters is tacky, but is it the federal government’s business? There is a touch of irony here. The issue of states rights versus federalism was one of the causes of the War Between the States.

The poll caused a bit of brain damage. Too much thinking will do it every time. The headache got worse with the results. PG “sides with” Bernie Sanders 94% of the time. This is not surprising. PG may yet vote for BS, despite his hideous appearance, rude personality, and obnoxious supporters. The election will be in the cafetorium of the elementary school PG attended. It will not be the first time PG has held his nose in that room.

The good news is that PG “sides with” Rick Santorum 7% of the time. Ronald Dump Donald Trump gets 44% sideage. The rest of the repubs get mixed results, with Rand Paul doing best at 60%.

The results page has a popup ad. You are encouraged to give BS your email address, to help him fight the Trans Pacific Partnership. “Co-sign Bernie Sanders’ proposal to block the disastrous trade agreement designed to protect the interests of the largest multi-national corporations at the expense of workers, consumers, and the environment.” Whatever dude.

A few minutes later, a bizarre exchange took place of twitter.
@RichardDawkins You can’t see air. Air exists. You can’t see God. Therefore God exists. GENIUS!
@SlavojTweezek After heavy après-conférence, I have seen God.Therefore He does not exist. QED.
@chamblee54 why do people talk about seeing g-d? What about hear, taste, smell, and touch?
@SlavojTweezek SEEING is believing. Pay attention.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.





Conversations I Am Tired Of Having

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There was a post a while back, 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Having With White People. The original started at The Chronicle, but LiveJournal is kind of weird, so a mirror image will have to do. There are comments, at the sourced post, that illustrate some of the points covered today.

I got to thinking about “10 Conversations”, and a reply began to take shape. I started a list of conversations the I am tired of having, and before you could say affirmative action, there were a dozen items. Many of these incidents have involved people of color, or POC. Many others have not. Often, the ethnicity of the other person has little importance to the discussion. Therefore, the title of this feature will not be racially specific. This monolog will probably not go viral, or even bacterial. Washing your hands might be a good idea when you are finished reading.

Meetings where one person does all the talking The word conversation implies that more than one person says something. Often, this does not happen. One person will talk for a while. Before person two finishes a sentence, person one will interrupt them.

This does not work. When the other person is talking, shut up and listen. Don’t be thinking of your clever comeback, but pay attention to what the other person is saying. What the other person says is just as important as what you say.

Listening is not valued in our culture. It is seen as a loss of control, a sign of weakness. It is really a sign of strength. If you are weak, you don’t want to allow the other person to say anything. Have you ever heard anyone boast about the clever things that they say to someone? Of course you have, just like you never hear anyone talk highly about himself because he is a good listener.

My question is not an excuse to make a speech. Some people have an agenda. Whatever you say is an obstacle to the message they want to broadcast. When you ask a question, some people think you are handing them the talking stick, to do whatever they want. When your eyes glaze over, they plow on, in total disregard to your discomfort, and lack of comprehension. It is almost as if they are talking to hear the sound of their own voice.

I’m not talking to you. If you are screaming something, anyone with earshot can hear you. Do not get offended if there is a reaction to your words, especially if it is subtly directed at the person you are not talking to. This applies to the internet as well, where all of humanity is *privy* to your innermost thoughts. Keep the farmyard meaning of *privy* in mind when sharing your innermost product.

Conversations should be with people. If you are a business, and you want to tell me something, send me a written message. Please refrain from using robocall machines. I feel very foolish talking to a machine, especially one that doesn’t understand southern english.

You don’t have to shout. The amount of truth in a statement is not increased by the volume of expression. If you are standing next to me, the odds are I can hear you in a normal tone of voice. If you are across the room, come stand next to me, rather than shout across the room. If your normal tone of voice is shouting, then you have a problem.

The same principal goes to controlling your temper. When you choose not to control your temper, you show disprespect to yourself, and the person you are talking to. There is no situation that cannot be made worse by angry speech.

Privilege Racial polemic is getting more subtle these days. We are not quite post racial, although there are rumors of a PostRacial apartment complex in Dickhater. The phrase that pays these days is Privilege. This is always something owned by the group you do not belong to. Last summer, I heard this quote in a discussion, and nearly fell out of my chair.

From the N word to POC. Labels for groups of people can cause problems. I have expressed myself on the N word before, and don’t have much to add. As for POC, that is even sillier. Colored people is an insult, but people of color is preferred. I am sure some of you have a terrific speech to ‘splain this, but I am not interested. My neck may be red, but that is a color. PWOC is an insult to my humanity, whether you are talking to me or not.

This is getting longer than the attention span of many readers. It might be continued at a later date. This is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.








Parking Lot

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Football Without A Helmet

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@chamblee54 @marcmaron heard the #davidbowie ad at start of podcast~dude is greatest marketer ever even beyond the grave ~ I don’t know about that football-without-a-helmet business. That hair could stop a few tacklers. ~ shelly from da block ‏@OhItsShell_ @MTVNews it’s a shame bc its 2016 and y’all are still racist lol. Haven’t learned shit. ~ Even bloggers have to pay the bills! Monthly subscriptions- no matter how small- help give me the security to devote time to this place and keep a roof over my head. If you like what you read, please do help out: ~ If you start to feel too happy, know that the world is between 6000 and 4,543,345,678 year old, and you are living at the same time as Donald Trump. ~ Maybe the time to “call out” someone is when they are alive. ~ @red3blog Dangerous Fat Activist. Humorless feminist. Pedantic liberal. Artisanal blocker. Not all blocks are personal. ~ Pro Tip #2: If you share a story, add a picture of your own . This way, your picture will show, instead of the headline from the story. Often, the headline of the story does not accurately reflect the story. If you add a picture, all people will see is the web address. You can add a comment if you like. ~ The red in my neck spread up. ~ there is always something to clean up at my house ~ there is a mcmansion in progress across the street, and they are loading the old driveway in a dumpster it sounds like a bomb going off every few minutes ~ The post about david bowie had 661 words. The best place to add five words was at the end of the paragraph about the contradictions in his personality. A youtube video was found, of a live performance of “Cracked Actor.” Some text was written. The word count was now 667. To get it down to 666, singular they will be used. Subject/vowel agreement will have to wait for another day. Singular they is so tacky. ~ @cool_as_heck Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Nothing’s wrong, I just become more powerful when I feast on the cognition of others. ~ @WernerTwertzog It is important for academics to use social media, so they can compile the evidence for their own job termination. ~ Is David Bowie 20th Century? ~ An arab proverb loosely translated: He who tells the truth must keep one foot in the saddle. ~ Doc Ock ‏@OckyJ83 Behold, the astounding racial bias of modern feminism– a tale of 2 predators (R. Kelly vs David Bowie) ~ Can I suggest unfollowing, as opposed to unfriend. If you do not follow someone, you will not be subjected to the well intentioned memes that pave their road to hell. When you unfriend someone, you slap them in the face, and they will always wonder why you did this too them. Maybe Joe Blow is a marginal person to you, but you might not be to him. Hurting people carelessly is not good karma. Just because it has been done to you, this is not a good reason to do it to someone else. ~ How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy. Marcus Aurelius ~ @TransGriot #oscarssowhite that pointed hoods will be included in the swag bags this year ~ The posers are happy to be seen, or obscene. Many of them need to leave their clothes on. ~ ‏@WernerTwertzog It is important for poor children to be exposed to lead to maintain the fiction of cognitive meritocracy. ~ They are pouring the driveway for the McMansion across the street. The left rear wheel of the concrete truck sank into the driveway mud. ~ I want to be the eyes that function comfortably after being lubricated by tears of joy. ~ I was thinking how this would be with contemporary pronouns. “A friend of mine was wearing one when they was shot by their spouse” It can be confusing. ~ sunday morning is too good to waste in church ~ those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war ~ Do only people living in “swing states” have a chance of winning the lottery? They are the only ones with a vote in the electoral college system of choosing POTUS. ~ One person said that singular they might pave the way for singular ya’ll. ~ bowie stuff ~ mental health `~ language ~ first person ~ we african americans are an extremely privileged group of people ~ Bowie Won’t Face A Rape Indictment ~ So You Aren’t Racist. Good, but It’s Not Enough ~ Marcus Aurelius ~ White Privilege arguments that sound good to speaker ~ flyer talk ~ introvert ~ so called truth ~ pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah






LBGlass - 159z



Boil Boo

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Tacky Hotel

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Fear Of Dying

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PG took his brother GP grocery shopping. While waiting in Georgia’s worst parking lot, PG read Fear of Dying, Erica Jong’s rhyming followup to Fear of Flying. On page 170, PG realized that he might not want to finish the book: “So, this is a story about heaven and hell. The hell of writing is self censorship. The heaven is the speaking of the truth. Women have a particular problem with this.”

Erica Mann Jong (born Erica Mann, with no middle name) does not have a problem with sounding pretentious. EMJ is a feminist, and a Jew, details that are obvious to anyone who reads her. Her saving grace is writing fun books. Her amorous adventure stories are finely crafted works. Even with the parking lot discovery, PG is only 27 pages shy of the end. This is due day at the library, so that may be that. (Roxane Gay might have a different opinion.)

FOD is about wealthy Jewish women that get old. Her parents and poodle die. Her old and wealthy husband has an anuerism. . Wealthy older husband does not need to know about his wife’s adventures on The readers are not spared.

EMJ is good at the book tour game. While promoting FOD, she appeared on The Diane Rehm Show. This is public broadcasting, complete with upbeat intro music, and a hostess from the Lois Reitzes school of non commercial announcing. EMJ began the show by saying “It’s wonderful to see you, Diane. And you — age cannot wither nor custom stale your infinite variety. You look fantastic.” Skype is good for white lies. Later, EMJ tries to explain that she is not exactly Isadora Wing.

JONG Connection, we don’t need fast sex anymore. We need slow sex in a fast world.
REHM In a relationship is what…
JONG We won’t be satisfied by a ZF.
REHM Exactly.
JONG Nothing — we never were, actually. People made much of it, but I, as, you know, the author, never, never liked that kind of sex, never. But I intuited that it was in the zeitgeist. And I remember thinking when people would write in magazine, if the Erica Jongs of this world had their way, women everywhere would hop from bed to bed to bed to bed. And I thought, but I’ve always been monogamous…. Sometimes when a relationship is breaking down, I get itchy, as does the man I’m involved with, but as long as the relationship is totally satisfying, I have always been monogamous. So people do confuse the fantasy in a book with the reality of the author’s life.

A few minutes later, the ladies have a disagreement.
REHM And now it does seem to me that what’s happened with this book is that you’ve gone through all of that. You’ve experienced all of that. You’ve put that behind you, and somehow now you are facing into the reality of your own, as well as Vanessa’s, mortality. And what I want to know is what are you afraid of?
JONG Well, you know, Woody Allen said, who blurbed this book, I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.
REHM Yeah. I saw that, and I recognize that you’ve gotten lots of wonderful blurbs. Here’s one from Judy Collins, who was just on this program the other day. She says, fear of dying by Erica Jong is hysterical and touching, compelling and heartbreaking and makes me want even more to live joyfully forever. So I wonder because, you know, Erica, I’m not afraid of dying, and I would like to understand what it is that you think is making you afraid.
JONG I don’t think I’m afraid anymore. (EMJ makes choking sounds.)
REHM Erica is having a little problem with her throat. She’s just put a lozenge in her mouth. Let me give you time to relax and get your voice back, have a little sip of water …
JONG Endless book tour. In fact I am not afraid of dying.
REHM You’re not. Good, I’m glad to hear that.
Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.











Lurid Digs

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There is a site called Lurid Digs. It can be very, very funny. It is also filthy. Fifty years ago. publishing pictures like this would get you sent to jail. If you want to find it, you can do so on your own.

PG was trolling the internet one night, and he landed at Lurid Digs. He saw a picture that might be fun to use, to illustrate a post about NASCAR.(spell check suggestions: MASCARA) However, at the bottom of the LD page was some troubling language about copyrights. PG decided to write LD and get permission, before he used any of their pictures.

The very next day, this message was in the inbox (spell check suggestions: inbreed )
:Hi Luther…Sure, you can use the credited pics. Also I’m available for ‘interview’ should you have any questions you like to ask…Cheers, David K Publisher Lurid Digs
An interview with the publisher of Lurid Digs! What a coup! PG opened up a wordpad and started to think of questions. He edited them to a numerically proper twenty. The questions were sent to Lurid Digs. The reply arrived a few days later.

Oy, too convoluted for me. But thanks anyway. (I was thinking of something much more simpler.) Cheers, David K

PG was disappointed. As Scarlet might say, tomorrow is another day. The questions will make a fun post by themselves. This is a repost, with pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. Lurid Digs is still published, in all it’s NSFW glory.

01- Are the models and decorators for Lurid Digs certified to be drug free? 02- What kind of strings do you use on your guitar? 03- Why do birds fly up in the sky, every time you walk by? 04- What can the argyle community do to fight racism? 05- If Jesus were to pose for you, would you put makeup over the holes in his hands? 06- Who asked Sarah Palin what she thought? 07- What impact does Lurid Digs have on global warming?
08- How much was the model’s bail? 09- Have residences been inspected by the fashion police? 10- Does Chenille ever go out of style? 11- Do the neighbors in the trailer park get suspicious when you do a photo shoot? 12- Why don’t we just go ahead and make murder legal? 13- Are humans as smart as dogs? 14- What do the youth of today want? 15- Why do people include the office disclaimer when sending out joke emails? 16- Is NASCAR rigged? 17- Who wrote the book of love? 18- If a model dies during a photo shoot, is he greeted in heaven by 72 virgins? 19- What do you put on pizza you order for photo shoots? 20- Do you ever play 20 questions?