Sixteen Things

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The Henry Ford Meme

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There is a meme going around. It has a quote, “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.” The credit/blame for the quote is given to Henry Ford. There are so many things to say.

You might ask if the quote is genuine. A bit of research leads to a foundation that studies the life of Henry Ford. They have a spreadsheet of his quotes. A search for the words happy, Indian, and prosperous do not show this quote.

The second comment is about what might be termed political correctness. The term American Indian is now considered offensive. If you consider the historic relationship between Native Americans, and the European conquerers, you see a history of land theft, treaty violation, and genocide. That this could be considered “letting the government take care of him” is a sick joke.

Ad hominem comments are just too easy to make. Henry Ford had a reputation for extreme anti-semitism. Mr. Ford was no fan of labor unions, and fought them fiercely. There are many other stories about what a horrible man Henry Ford was. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.












Someone In Her Life

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Jerry Crackhouse ‏@HaroldBingo Azealia Banks needs someone in her life who loves her enough to change her Twitter password against her will. ~ here is a cut and paste from another chat about phones…something peeps like to talk about … i got a flip phone at a yard sale for four dollars, six or seven years ago i buy a twenty dollar time card every three months i am going to use that set up as long as it lasts … modern life … i will probably break down and get one someday but there is a certain luddite pleasure in holding out….. the irony of calling myself a luddite because i have a flip phone instead of a smart phone technological foot dragging is not what it used to be ~ lets reserve the #fword for insertive sexual activity ~ ” tens of thousands of conservatives are showing up at southern anti lgbt rallies” Do you have a link for that? I googled that phrase, and did not get anything. ~ @DarkTumbIr @TooMessedUp I don’t like #Jesus because anger comes easily once again I break my promise to my self It’s a constant battle. ~ This is one way that VHS is better than DVD or digital download. ~ If a snake offers you an apple…. ~ woke or broke? ~ It would be better if one spoke, while the other listened. It does not matter which one is which. ~ Articles like this focus on white people who don’t want black people, and ignore the white people, and black people, who don’t like white people. There are also latin, asian, etc. people….especially the etc. people … who have their own ideas of what an attractive person is. ~ the line about Ronald Reagan was that he did not dye his hair, that he was prematurely orange ~ @whitman632 Without religion repression would be impossible. ~ @unclejoestalin That’s what you think ~ Let the Arabs and Persians kill each other, while Israel eats popcorn. ~ IGWT appeared on coins during the War Between the States. ~ until I saw this tweet I did not know they existed ~ I prefer to say “dispute the belief, love the believer.” Let the Christians do the hating. ~ We all could be free and shrink if we only had the fulfillment to be truly happy and the ego to wisdom our .guts ~ The article describes “Eric”, a mixed race person in Atlanta. He says that people, whose profiles say “no asians”, hit on him, saying that he looks white. This is rather suspicious. I think saying “no asians” is more common to California, where there are a lot of asians. I don’t think I have ever seen any Georgia person say “no asians”. . ~ This article impresses me as clickbait. It feeds on concerns about racism to make money. That is something to be offended by. ~ i am working on a poem about the election i am listening to the RISK podcast the lady is telling story about having cancer i pause the show to go take a piss and get more coffee do i want to listen to rest of the show? ~ So I heard the rest of the show. I won’t do a spoiler, but I am glad I finished the show. Meanwhile, I saw some changes to make in the poem. Those improved the final product. If one person listens to this week’s RISK, this message will be worthwhile. ~ I have very little, outside of the color of my skin, in common with FLDS. Maybe we need a new way to classify people. Two wrongs do not make a right. ~ @ConnerHabib fifteen part tweet-a-thon might have been easier to read if you had posted it in reverse order -maybe twitter is wrong medium ~ @chamblee54 @ConnerHabib fifteen part tweet-a-thon might have been easier to read if you had posted it in reverse order -maybe twitter is wrong medium @ConnerHabib Thanks for the tip on how to tweet! Since you have 33,930 less followers than me, I could really use your help! ~ We noticed you still have ad blocker enabled. By turning it off or whitelisting, you can continue to our site and receive the Forbes ad-light experience. ~ Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot ~ private prison sues state if it is not kept full ~ this doesn’t add up ~ “There is no way to peace, peace is the way” ~ bowie dj ~ @thetweetofgod is dead ~ history quiz ~ White Americans are nearly as blind to their racism as ever before ~ ‘No Blacks’ Is Not a Sexual Preference. It’s Racism ~ Quick Discrimination Index ~ 36 year-old DESTROYS 29-year-old millennial who “ripped” 25-year-old Yelp employee who got fired after complaining about her salary ~ freezer door ~ How -Splain Became Our Most Meaningless Suffix ~ baaaa ~ Did Donald Trump just retweet a famous Mussolini quote? ~ 16 Things White People Need To Stop Saying To People Of Color ~ pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









Open Mic

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Last fall, PG read poems at a family gathering in Tennessee. There was a great response. PG decided to look for a performance outlet in Atlanta. On Oscar night, five months later, PG went to his first open mic. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Java Monkey is a coffee house. It is across the street from the Dickhater marta station. PG had been reluctant to go there, for a number of reasons. Dickhater is a long drive down skinny, four lane Clairmont Road. Red lights fester impatient drivers. Once you get to the end, there was the question of where to park.

Last week, PG got some good information about where to park. This week, when Sunday evening arrived, PG decided to take the plunge. The idea was to go one week, and see how this open mic thing works. Be an observer first, before participating. Before walking out the door, PG found some poems he had printed out, and put them in his back pocket.

The show was about to start when PG arrived. He got a cup of the basic house coffee, which is the reason this report is being written after midnight the same night. The performance room is an indoor space, with an open fourth wall leading outdoors. There was an empty seat. The mild late February night was just right, neither too hot nor too cold.

People who think poetry is boring should go see it performed. The readers were a mix of black and white. Everyone was supported, and got a healthy round of applause. Some people performed from memory, while others read. The stage was well lit, unlike some stages that PG has seen. While some people did read from telephones, it was not necessary.

After a while there was a break. The MC said that the sign up list would be closed after the break. PG decided to add his name to the list. Piers Gaveston was about to make his Atlanta debut. After the featured performer, and a few more open mic peeps, Piers Gaveston was the last person to perform. The MC pronounced Piers Gaveston correctly.

The audience applauded, and several people said they enjoyed it. PG did not feel the magic that he felt in Tennessee, but was pleased overall. Next week, a carefully selected piece can be rehearsed. There is no where to go but up, unless the parking lot is full.





Make The Trains Run On Time

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@ilduce2016 is a satiric twitter account. The picture shows Benito Mussolini with a Donald Trump wig. At 7:10 AM – 28 Feb 2016, this was posted: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” – @realDonaldTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. At 7:13 AM – 28 Feb 2016 the comment was retweeted by @realDonaldTrump.

At 7:37 AM – 28 Feb 2016 noted twitterhead Glenn Greenwald was all over it. @ggreenwald Donald Trump just re-tweeted a parody account depicting him as Mussolini, with one of Il Duce’s best-known quotes. In the best internet tradition, no one seems to know exactly when Mr. Mussolini said this, and what this had to do with making the trains run on time. “Various websites attribute the quote to Mussolini, saying it appears in the article ‘Duce (1922-42)’ in TIME magazine (2 August 1943).However, it also resembles previous proverbs and remarks made by others including 18th century Sultan of Mysore Tipu Sultan who said ‘To live like a lion for a day is far better than to live for a hundred years like a jackal.’ “

PG has seen the quote before. A babytrump named Isaiah Hankel made a motivational video, with the salient quote at the start. It was liked by a facebook friend, which got PG’s attention. Here is what PG said about it.

There is a video out now, where the speaker says “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” This man must not like to wear wool.

A lion is a predator. It lurks in the jungle, and kills to eat. It does not produce anything except it’s own survival. A sheep lives in a community. Every once in a while, it gets the coat clipped, and grows another one. The fur goes to make woolen clothing, which keeps people warm in winter.

Maybe if you want to be an egophile, living on the destruction of your neighbor, then you might be better off as a lion. If you want to contribute something of value to others, it is better to be a sheep.

An egophile, living on the destruction of your neighbor. Which Presidential candidate does that sound like? Or better yet, which POTUS wannabe does that NOT sound like. Sorry Bernie, not everyone is fooled by your happy talk.

The chamblee54 post noted above was tough to find. For some reason, the google apparatus does not recognize it. PG found the link on a list of posts. If you google “The Value Of Sheep” on chamblee54, you are directed to Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup.

Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. These pictures were made at the Grant Park Zoo, in May 1937. There were no sheep in captivity.








Post Racial America

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It is a cliche among certain pundits that this is not “Post Racial America.” No one seems to know what PRA would look like. PRA might be less noisy, with fewer odors, than the current model. The opinion that we do not live in PRA seems unanimous. After PG heard the denial of PRA one too many times, he began to wonder something. Who said America is Post Racial?

Mr. Google has 119 million answers to the question “who said america is post racial?” The short answer is nobody. The closest thing on the front Google page is an NPR commentary from January 2008. This was the early stages of the BHO run for the White House. The commenter said that the election of a dark skinned POTUS might usher in a post racial era in America.

This piece will not have any fresh opinions about race relations in America. That subject has been worn out elsewhere. If someone finds it to their advantage to denounce “racism”, there will be an audience. The truth is, very few people have ever said that America is Post Racial. This is a repost. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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Keep The Promise III

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PG decided to heat some rice before it went bad. To go with it, he opened a can of grapefruit sections. As he was putting down the can opener, the phone rang. It was a brief survey, sponsored by Keep the Promise III, a “super pac” that supports Ted Cruz.

Are you likely to vote in the Georgia Primary on Tuesday? Are you a Democrat, Republican, or Independent? What age range are you in? To answer these questions, you push a button on the phone. This means pulling the receiver off your ear, and finding the appropriate button.

Which of these candidates are you likely to vote for? The five remaining Repub candidates (Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Carson, Kasich) were mentioned, along with a number to push for each one. Hitlery and BS do not exist in this poll. If you are undecided, you can press 6.

Are you sure you are undecided? The names and numbers are given to you again. Then, each of the funky five was rated. If you have a very favorable opinion of Mr. Candidate, push one. If you have a very unfavorable opinion of Chris Crook, push five. At this point PG started to worry about the rice on the stove. He put the phone down, and went to turn the burner off. Just to be fair, he gave the candidate being rated at this time a five.

What issue is the most important to you? Push one for defeating terrorism and ISIS, push two for second amendment rights, etc. Repealing Obamacare and abortion/right to life were mentioned. There was no option for none of the above. PG did not answer this question.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









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To The States

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Peachtree Street 2016

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PG finished a book, Peachtree Street-Atlanta. The author is William Bailey Williford, and it was published by the University of Georgia Press in 1962. PG found this at the Chamblee library, and this is probably the best way to find this book today. (Reissued by UGA Press.)

How this road got the name Peachtree is a good question. Most peaches grow south of the fall line. The story goes that there was a Creek Indian village called Standing Peachtree, located where Peachtree Creek runs into the Chattahoochee. During the war of 1812 Fort Peachtree stood there.

There was a trail that ran from Buckhead to an intersection with the Sandtown Trail, at what is now Five Points. A short distance south of this intersection was a settlement known as White Hall. For many years, Peachtree Street south of Five Points was known as Whitehall Road. At some point in the last thirty years, a decision was made to change Whitehall to Peachtree. It did not help the rundown condition of Whitehall Street.

In 1835 Governor Wilson Lumpkin decided that a railroad that would be centered near the junction of Peachtree Trail and Sandtown Trail. The new town was named “Marthasville”, after the daughter of the Governor. Martha Lumpkin resides in Oakland Cemetery today.

The village was soon renamed Atlanta, which was a feminine form of Atlantic. Houses, churches, and businesses were soon built on Peachtree Road. In 1856, Richard Peters built a flour mill. To insure a steady supply of firewood, he bought four hundred acres of land, for five dollars an acre. The land was between Eighth Street, North Avenue, Argonne Avenue, and Atlantic Drive.

Another pioneer citizen with a large landholding was George Washington (Wash) Collier. Mr. Collier bought 202 acres for $150 in 1847. The land was between West Peachtree, Fourteenth Street, Piedmont Road, Montgomery Ferry Road, and the Rhodes Center. Much of the land was used for the development of Ansley Park.

In 1854, Atlanta entertained, for the first time, a man who had been President. On May 2, Millard Fillmore arrived from Augusta on a private rail car.

There was some unpleasantness in 1864, which we will not concern ourselves with.

In 1866, there was a shocking murder. John Plaster was found dead, in an area known as “tight squeeze”. This was an area of shanties, at the present location of Crescent Avenue and Tenth Street. A hundred years later, this was near “the strip”, Atlanta’s hippie district, also called “Tight Squeeze”.

As the nineteenth century rolled along, many mansions were built on Peachtree Street. The road was paved, and streetcars ran up and down. Automobiles came, and came, and came. An expressway was built in the 1950’s, and quickly became obsolete. One by one, the mansions were torn down and replaced with businesses and churches.

The book was written in 1962, when the party was just getting started. The High Museum was known then as the Atlanta Art Association. In June of 1962, a plane full of prominent Atlanta residents crashed in Paris, killing all on board. As a memorial to those people, the Memorial Arts Center on Peachtree, at Fifteenth Street, was built.

Another phenomenon which is not explained by the book is the custom of naming everything here Peachtree. There are countless streets and institutions named for a fruit tree that likes warmer climates. Atlanta has a one street skyline, that stretches from Five Points to Peachtree Dunwoody Road, almost at the city limits. PG lives a quarter mile off Peachtree, in Dekalb County, and has no idea why Peachtree is a magic word.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. and The Library of Congress. This is the annual repost.

Asp In Her Fig Basket

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The inclusion of the G word is a violation of the third commandment. ~ @MikeDrucker That moment when you realize Kanye West and Donald Trump could switch tweets and you wouldn’t know the difference. ~ We haven’t had a President with facial hair since William Howard Taft. It is time for another one. ~ this is fun with the sound cut off ~ Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag… Cleopatra asps in her fig basket? OK, OK. I won’t belabor the comparisons, but I think they’re complex and compelling. ~ Al Gore won the popular vote. ~ ARF is connected to a publicity shy facility in Central Time Zone. You will probably hear about it. They might be able to give you some input towards your community goals. ~ l And just how much of a backlash has it been? Outside of Fox news, not much. Isn’t this whole faux controversy just a gimmick to get attention for some commercial product, which is what that silly little song is. ~ @kanyewest To Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, New York Times, and any other white publication. Please do not comment on black music anymore. ~ The PSA was more about prejudice than racism. I guess the semantics were different then. ~ ‏@miragonz look, no pop culture event will ever be as good as when britney spears shaved her head ~ Actually, you might be better off voting in Wisconsin. Georgia is generally written off as being a Republican state. In November, the Georgia electoral votes WILL go for the Republican nominee. Now, I don’t know what the primary story is in Wisconsin. The Georgia primary is March 1, and it appears the Democratic race will still not decided. Georgia is also an open state, where you can vote in either primary. Sometimes, a strategic vote in the Republican primary is the way to go. ~ After the funeral of Mr. Nixon, I noticed a very large American flag at half staff. It was over a hamburger stand. The name of the hamburger stand was “Checkers.” ~ The UDWK disbanded 12/29/2015 this site will continue to be a voice for the White American Patriot. Stay Tuned! ~ You do not have permission to add comments. ~ Stories like this cause a loss of productivity ~ @YoMikeBrown comments about beyonce are part of formation publicity i was told to shut up because of silly ditty i would rather ignore ~ if I can’t find the source on the first page of google in less than five minutes the quote is disputed ~ @griftdrift with all the race/class/sexual identity fussing it is odd to think of anti catholic prejudice who has the time and energy? ~ Every POTUS has to kill men, women, and children. BHO is behind on his quota, and it trying to make up #Libya ~ Mr. Rock said that in November 2014. ~ @dubstep4dads ME: so is the vagina like… in a girls butt? where is it? DRIVE-THRU WORKER: honestly idk either dude ~ @pourmecoffee Who can lose by ten? Cover it with spin. Take away no delegates and act like it’s a win. Rubio can. ~ Things Get Heated Between Jason Whitlock & Shaun King ~ Peyton Manning ~ twitter ~ Cam Newton ~ defense ~ Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton answer voters at Las Vegas town hall ~ “No one asked me if I was a citizen or not, and my dad came from Poland,” Sanders said, referring to the so-called “birther” movement that has questioned Obama’s legitimacy as president. “Gee, what’s the difference? Maybe the color of my skin.” ~ @TheKevinAllison 1-finished all 3 stories turned off shit-myself-story twice but came back to finish black stereotypes in 1st 2 tales @TheKevinAllison 2-then a possible reason for this shaky behavior in 3rd tale race is a tough subject for me talk about shitting himself @TheKevinAllison 3- during ritual is less obnoxious than repeated “I am black” chest thumping it was not funny, but i did finish show ~ We are electing the POTUS. This is not necessarily a saint, an honest person, or a nice person. It is someone who will work, with/against a corrupt congress and hostile foreign nations, to get results. With that in mind, this video might be the most profound endorsement of Hillary Clinton available. ~ Wasn’t Ann Hedonia performing in town last week? ~ Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me ~ Ted Cruz says naughty word ~ Cleopatra ~ BS memes ~ Fiction Points: Tao Lin ~ No One Showed Up To That Anti-Beyoncé Rally, Which Might’ve Been A Prank To Begin With ~ There’s powerful evidence that racial attitudes drive Tea Party support ~ Chaplin Emmanuel Foster’s Monthly Sermon ” Gay Pride Gets God’s Hate” April 2015 ~ story challenge ~ BLM, N.W.A. Prove It Takes 1,000 Tweets To Hold Us Back ~ Google shows two sources for the quote, “a riot is the language of the unheard.” One is a speech at Grosse Pointe High School – March 14, 1968 The other is a 60 Minutes interview on Sept. 27, 1966 The quote appears to be legitimate. ~ Pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah