Asp In Her Fig Basket

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The inclusion of the G word is a violation of the third commandment. ~ @MikeDrucker That moment when you realize Kanye West and Donald Trump could switch tweets and you wouldn’t know the difference. ~ We haven’t had a President with facial hair since William Howard Taft. It is time for another one. ~ this is fun with the sound cut off ~ Beyoncé has hot sauce in her bag… Cleopatra asps in her fig basket? OK, OK. I won’t belabor the comparisons, but I think they’re complex and compelling. ~ Al Gore won the popular vote. ~ ARF is connected to a publicity shy facility in Central Time Zone. You will probably hear about it. They might be able to give you some input towards your community goals. ~ l And just how much of a backlash has it been? Outside of Fox news, not much. Isn’t this whole faux controversy just a gimmick to get attention for some commercial product, which is what that silly little song is. ~ @kanyewest To Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, New York Times, and any other white publication. Please do not comment on black music anymore. ~ The PSA was more about prejudice than racism. I guess the semantics were different then. ~ ‏@miragonz look, no pop culture event will ever be as good as when britney spears shaved her head ~ Actually, you might be better off voting in Wisconsin. Georgia is generally written off as being a Republican state. In November, the Georgia electoral votes WILL go for the Republican nominee. Now, I don’t know what the primary story is in Wisconsin. The Georgia primary is March 1, and it appears the Democratic race will still not decided. Georgia is also an open state, where you can vote in either primary. Sometimes, a strategic vote in the Republican primary is the way to go. ~ After the funeral of Mr. Nixon, I noticed a very large American flag at half staff. It was over a hamburger stand. The name of the hamburger stand was “Checkers.” ~ The UDWK disbanded 12/29/2015 this site will continue to be a voice for the White American Patriot. Stay Tuned! ~ You do not have permission to add comments. ~ Stories like this cause a loss of productivity ~ @YoMikeBrown comments about beyonce are part of formation publicity i was told to shut up because of silly ditty i would rather ignore ~ if I can’t find the source on the first page of google in less than five minutes the quote is disputed ~ @griftdrift with all the race/class/sexual identity fussing it is odd to think of anti catholic prejudice who has the time and energy? ~ Every POTUS has to kill men, women, and children. BHO is behind on his quota, and it trying to make up #Libya ~ Mr. Rock said that in November 2014. ~ @dubstep4dads ME: so is the vagina like… in a girls butt? where is it? DRIVE-THRU WORKER: honestly idk either dude ~ @pourmecoffee Who can lose by ten? Cover it with spin. Take away no delegates and act like it’s a win. Rubio can. ~ Things Get Heated Between Jason Whitlock & Shaun King ~ Peyton Manning ~ twitter ~ Cam Newton ~ defense ~ Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton answer voters at Las Vegas town hall ~ “No one asked me if I was a citizen or not, and my dad came from Poland,” Sanders said, referring to the so-called “birther” movement that has questioned Obama’s legitimacy as president. “Gee, what’s the difference? Maybe the color of my skin.” ~ @TheKevinAllison 1-finished all 3 stories turned off shit-myself-story twice but came back to finish black stereotypes in 1st 2 tales @TheKevinAllison 2-then a possible reason for this shaky behavior in 3rd tale race is a tough subject for me talk about shitting himself @TheKevinAllison 3- during ritual is less obnoxious than repeated “I am black” chest thumping it was not funny, but i did finish show ~ We are electing the POTUS. This is not necessarily a saint, an honest person, or a nice person. It is someone who will work, with/against a corrupt congress and hostile foreign nations, to get results. With that in mind, this video might be the most profound endorsement of Hillary Clinton available. ~ Wasn’t Ann Hedonia performing in town last week? ~ Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me ~ Ted Cruz says naughty word ~ Cleopatra ~ BS memes ~ Fiction Points: Tao Lin ~ No One Showed Up To That Anti-Beyoncé Rally, Which Might’ve Been A Prank To Begin With ~ There’s powerful evidence that racial attitudes drive Tea Party support ~ Chaplin Emmanuel Foster’s Monthly Sermon ” Gay Pride Gets God’s Hate” April 2015 ~ story challenge ~ BLM, N.W.A. Prove It Takes 1,000 Tweets To Hold Us Back ~ Google shows two sources for the quote, “a riot is the language of the unheard.” One is a speech at Grosse Pointe High School – March 14, 1968 The other is a 60 Minutes interview on Sept. 27, 1966 The quote appears to be legitimate. ~ Pictures are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah







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