Keep The Promise III

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PG decided to heat some rice before it went bad. To go with it, he opened a can of grapefruit sections. As he was putting down the can opener, the phone rang. It was a brief survey, sponsored by Keep the Promise III, a “super pac” that supports Ted Cruz.

Are you likely to vote in the Georgia Primary on Tuesday? Are you a Democrat, Republican, or Independent? What age range are you in? To answer these questions, you push a button on the phone. This means pulling the receiver off your ear, and finding the appropriate button.

Which of these candidates are you likely to vote for? The five remaining Repub candidates (Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Carson, Kasich) were mentioned, along with a number to push for each one. Hitlery and BS do not exist in this poll. If you are undecided, you can press 6.

Are you sure you are undecided? The names and numbers are given to you again. Then, each of the funky five was rated. If you have a very favorable opinion of Mr. Candidate, push one. If you have a very unfavorable opinion of Chris Crook, push five. At this point PG started to worry about the rice on the stove. He put the phone down, and went to turn the burner off. Just to be fair, he gave the candidate being rated at this time a five.

What issue is the most important to you? Push one for defeating terrorism and ISIS, push two for second amendment rights, etc. Repealing Obamacare and abortion/right to life were mentioned. There was no option for none of the above. PG did not answer this question.

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








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  1. Stupor Tuesday | Chamblee54 said, on March 1, 2016 at 11:27 am

    […] It is a robo call from Ted Cruz. This is the second such call from this person, in addition to an automated survey, and a live interviewer survey. All of these home invasions were in support of Ted Cruz. This is a […]

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