Deep Dish

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Amazon Customer I was very disappointed in this book. This was the first book I have read by Mary Kay Andrews so I don’t know about her other books, but I found the language very offensive. I didn’t read past the third chapter and sent the book back for a refund. I think the story could be told without all the crude language and the bad usage of the name of God.

Monysmomon I am sorry I even picked this up at a bargain basement price – the story was dull, the narration was flat and uninteresting and after a few chapters I couldn’t even stand it anymore. Now I can’t even sell it on Ebay

These one star reviewers are talking about Deep Dish, by Mary Kay Andrews. PG did not notice any bad language. The story is totally PG13, with the two main characters not “hooking up” until spoiler alert time. The two battling food show cooks, Regina Foxton and Tate Moody, are on an obvious path for each other.The suspense on how they will get together is one of the best things this book has going for it.

Some New York producer has the idea of competing cooking shows. The two hash slingers will have it out on Eutaw Island, a fictionalized cross between Cumberland Island and Daufuski Island. As you might expect on the Southern coast, there are bugs, storms, and sharp tongued black women. The food fight show has issues.

As if the homegrown population was not enough, Gina brought over D’John, her makeup artist. Apparently, the only job Miss D’John has is watching over Gina, and making catty comments about boyfriends. D’John is not fully fleshed out. This could have been a contribution to the story, but instead is a cartoon character in the background.

Deep Dish is fun to read, but you will feel foolish when you are through. The plot twists are too contrived to go along with. The characters are walking cliches, except for Lisa, the party animal younger sister of Gina. Lisa is a crawling cliche’, until she mysteriously becomes a responsible adult. The only player with any bite is Tate Moody’s dog, Moonpie.

In 2008, PG saw Mary Kay Andrews at the Dickhater Book Festival. At the time, she said she was working on a book about two celebrity cooks, who were married to each other. They would sneak behind each other, and add spices to creations in progress. Deep Dish is copyrighted 2008, so it may be that book. The copyright is assigned to Whodunnit, Inc. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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