Another Twitter Dispute

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@arthur_affect Daily reminder that @AngryBlackLady has done more to help vulnerable ppl than all the assholes attacking her combined

The tweet above was retweeted by a neighbor of PG. A reckless curiousity was aroused. The ABL twitterary was a personality crisis. It seems that ABL was having problems with @freddiedeboer. The cause of this dispute is murky. It soon comes to light that ABL is a lawyer, and is being accused of shady conduct. When you consider that, the sketchy behavior of ABL makes a bit of sense.

It is tough to say who is right or wrong in this dispute. It is easy to invoke the three part rule: it is none of my business, I don’t understand it, and I am not interested. The graceless behavior by ABL made it tough to want to take her side.

There was a link published. It was a article at something called storify, To Bro or Not To Bro? Someone would reproduce a tweet, or type a sentence or two. Then a .gif of someone making a face would appear. There were about a dozen of these text/.gif combos. Someone in eighth grade might think this is clever.

you picked a bad day to praise ABL she is busy with a jihad and making herself look petty
@Flyswatter I don’t think so. She’s totally right.
@chamblee54 I am not going to judge right or wrong the theatrics & rhetoric of ABL are tacky
@jteeDC You won’t judge right or wrong, you just want her to feel bad. Thanks for that, buddy
@FeralHomemaking Yes, dudebros come for @AngryBlackLady on the regular but it’s *tacky* for her to defend herself.
@__Krisssyy She’s defending herself from public attacks. He pulled this shit in January. Should she sit idle while he attacks her character?
When somebody makes a full time job out harassing you, feel free to grin & bear it. ‏
@Beulahmo She’s defending against unfair public attacks. It’s “tacky”? What does that mean?
@chamblee54 To answer that question I would need to re read that tweet series & I don’t want to
@AngryBlackLady Yes, defending myself from endless attacks sure is tacky. Goodbye.
You are blocked from following @AngryBlackLady and viewing @AngryBlackLady’s Tweets.
@Flyswatter Oh, the tone.
@chamblee54 “her rhetoric and theatrics are tacky”=/= fighting words – fwiw ABL blocked me
‏@Beulahmo It just seems unduly dismissive, coming from you, considering the circumstances.
@Beulahmo But in this context–protecting herself from a public smear campaign–what is “tacky” (& thus worthy of dismissal)?
@chamblee54 To answer that question I would need to re read that tweet series & I don’t want to …storify piece is highly tacky
@Beulahmo Okay. Do you have any awareness of how dismissive your statements sound?

PG left the last tweet unanswered. Boring quarrels require dismissive action. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. “Members of the Atlanta Woman’s Club, during a luncheon for retiring president W.F. Milton, in the AWC banquet hall, in Atlanta, Georgia, March 5, 1937.” Tallulah Bankhead attended the event.








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