The ATT Problem

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PG let the phone ring. The machine had the message. “This is Jaime I am calling on behalf of A T and T. This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes” Some fast, unintelligible talk followed. “Please call 800-288-2020.” PG had to replay the message four times to get the number.

1-800-288-2020 is the main number for ATT. You have to go through an automated voice. This voice does not like the way PG talks. The voice kept saying to please answer yes or no. PG did not know what the question was. Calling about a spam phone call from Jaime was not an option. PG started to get angry, and asked started to say AGENT AGENT I WANT TO TALK TO A PERSON.

After a minute or so on hold, a lady came on the line. She asked what number PG was calling from. The lady looked in the system. It seems that Jaime wanted to tell PG about some wonderful new service from ATT that is now available in your area.

The anger that ATT causes PG to feel exploded. There was a lot of yelling. After it was over, PG felt his head hurt. There was guilt about unloading on that lady. But the harassment from ATT has got to stop. How to get a faceless corporation to understand?

Thousands of junk mail offers from ATT have polluted the mailbox. A gigabyte of emails have brought the same message. Men in orange shirts have knocked on the front door, spreading the gospel of expensive new technology.

The email is marked read, and deleted. The junk mail is thrown away unopened. PG does not want the bundled service. The TV has not been turned on since the super bowl. The land line is working the way it should. The internet service is adequate, even if more speed would be welcome.

ATT, and the predecessor Southern Bell and Bell South, have been a part of life forever. PG pays the bill every month without fail. When there have been problems, they get resolved … sometimes this is smoother than other times, but eventually the problem is resolved. The only problem that is not solvable is harassment from the tone deaf sales department. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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