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I wrote 1984. as a warning not as a fucking instruction manual. ~ Did anyone “change their profile in solidarity” after a drone strike? ~ I always wonder what sort of crookedness is going unnoticed when nonsense like RFRA gets all the attention. ~ @JoanneWiggyG Love space,cats,yoga,karaoke,Poetess © #JoanneWiggyG Smart,passionate,loyal.#No2EU,#Brexit,#Jockney,#MiddleKid, ❤️#2ndWifey ❤️ #LetsUnite #BetterTogether #COYG ~ @SusanSarandon Mother, activist, actress and ping pong propagandist at @WeAreSPiN New York, NY ~ Lets do a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Donald Trump can be Frank N Furter. Ted Cruz can be Rif Raff. Hillary Clinton can be Magenta. Susan Sarandon can repeat as Janet Weiss, with Bernie Sanders as Brad Majors. ~ The calculator on this machine says “invalid entry” when I ask for the square root of -2 and -9. Is the square of invalid entry a walking exit? ~ @milkvamp Susan Sarandon also supported Ralph Nader? Sounds like she has good taste in politicians to me. @chamblee54 @milkvamp Ralph Nader helped get George W Bush elected good intentions sometimes have horrific results @OmanReagan In Florida’s 2000 presidential election 308,000 Democrats voted for Bush, only 24,000 Democrats voted for Nader @OmanReagan Aside from Democrats in FL, Gore lost 191,000 self-described liberals to Bush, but less than 34,000 self-described liberals voted for Nader. ‏@OmanReagan In 2000 in Florida, irregularities aside, Gore ‘lost’ to Bush because women, democrats, and independents voted for Bush, not Nader. ‏@OmanReagan It wasn’t Third Party that did it, it was Democrats (and SCOTUS): 12% of Florida Democrats (over 300,000 people) voted for Bush in 2000 @OmanReagan Write these facts down, share them every time you hear the myth. Americans are terrified of 3rd parties b/c elites want it that way. ~ Maybe the test should be whether you are good at making an educated guess. I only knew five of the questions, but guessed four out of the other five. I also might (if I cared enough, which is doubtful) investigate some of these questions. I never heard of it being illegal to name a horse Hitler, and suspect BS. ~ Sounds like fun Do you have a link? ~ I find it curious that respect-ability is a dirty word to some. ~ Has @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz @SenSanders ever paid for an abortion? Has @HillaryClinton ever had an abortion? ~ Is @nero the illegitimate offspring of @realDonaldTrump and @Courtney Love Cobain? ~ Shocking information found about Marshall Hill ~ In the pool at Pineapple Point Guest House in Victoria Park, we listened to a proctologist from Minneapolis list the things he has extracted from clients. These include a baffling number of batteries (in a wide range of sizes from AAA – D and dangerous when they leak) and a Barbie shoe. ~ Why would you need professional help to get a Barbie shoe out? I didn’t ask. ~ The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. Neither Parkingcrew nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. ~ 1- Lets do a remake of the #RockyHorrorPictureShow. @donaldtrum can be Frank N Furter.#tedcruz as Rif Raff. @HillaryClinton can be Magenta. 2- @SusanSarandon can repeat as Janet Weiss, with @SenSanders as Brad Majors. ~ @AryehCW Everyone mentioned in this post this post should #DonSackclothAndAshesAndWalkBarefoot ‏@chamblee54 can you make a sackcloth and ashes pantsuit for Hillary? @AryehCW she should trek to Lourdes and bathe in the healing waters ~ @Zigmanfreud ~ @chamblee54 i got “Another Roadside Attraction” at the library yesterday After 38 years going to do it again @DailyRobbins attaboy. that’s what I like to hear. ~ is this worth one my free peaks behind the pay wall? ~ big mac is two for five dollars what could go wrong? ~ even if benghazi was real f up, few would believe it…fox news, & fellow travelers, had been crying wolf for years ~ I just got a robocall from someone running for Dekalb County CEO. The name is @conniejstokes I will not vote for her ~ the abbreviation for singular they should be sin. they ~ @freddiedeboer Well this is the most manipulative thing I’ll read in 2016 @chamblee54 is this worth one my free peaks behind the pay wall? @freddiedeboer No need to worry – if you click a link from Twitter, it bypasses the pay wall. @freddiedeboer (You should still subscribe if you are a regular consumer of their news and if you can afford to, though. @chamblee54 pay wall links are hit or miss … that was also a rhetorical question ~ George Orwell ~ Orwell was a warning, not an instruction manual ~ Atlas Shrugged is a warning not an instruction manual. ~ George Orwell ~ The masterpiece that killed George Orwell. ~ 2001 ~ Obama’s Feds Spend Thousands to Study French Lesbians… No Wonder We Are a Joke ~ test ~ Schedule 5 – Registration of Ownership Names’ and Styles ~ Schedule 1 – Registration of horse names ~ Horse Racing: Banned Horse Names ~ ‘Mental.’ ‘Utterly Stupid.’ ‘Trump Only Cares About Trump.’ ~ daddy ~ video ~ A Note on Call-Out Culture ~ In Defense Of Donald Trump’s Heidi Cruz Tweet ~ Milo Yiannopoulos ✘ ~ Daddy ~ First openly gay congressman savages Bernie Sanders: ‘He’s achieved very little’ ~ him ~ Here’s why a Bernie Sanders victory for the nomination would make him a hypocrite ~ Did he say it? Misquoting Noam Chomsky on Gaza ~ Michael Sam Says He Faced More Racism In The LGBT Community Than Black Homophobia ~ F*cking A Black Person Does Not Mean You Fight For Black Lives ~ pictures from The Library of Congress. ~ selah








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