Anesthetic Sensibility

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@MrChurchGuy Today is National Sibling Day. No it isn’t Yes it is No it isn’t Yes it is No it isn’t Dad! Tell him it’s Sibling Day! Sure, whatever dear. ~ I do that for my blog, and publish the list every monday. ~ @sesquiotic I’m not an anti-authoritarian, though I may seem like one. I’m just anti anyone’s authority other than my own. @chamblee54 authoritarianism is a poorly understood personality factor many who think they are anti a merely use a different authority ‏@sesquiotic I remember years ago there was a slogan, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” I just didn’t want to do any of those things. ‏@chamblee54 that sort of Independence is a luxury that many cannot afford @sesquiotic Indeed. I sweat privilege. @chamblee54 maybe instead of check your privilege, you should dry it off ~ Millard Fillmore 1- Best initials of US Presidents. MF had no middle name. 2- Namesake of Rock and Roll Palace. 3- Only Vice President to ascend to Presidency without the zero factor. 4- Signed Fugitive Slave Act, which was going to offend people either way. 5- Punchline for Johnny Carson jokes. 6- Queen Victoria said MF was most handsome man she ever saw. 7- Last Whig Party person to be President. 8- Started first library in White House. 9- First President, former or serving, to visit Atlanta GA ~ @WernerTwertzog When a tree falls in the forest, it does, of course, make a sound, because, you need to realize, it is not all about you. @chamblee54 If a tree falls in an empty forest, does the chain saw make a sound? ~ @nihilist_arbys Every 8 ball is a magic 8 ball if you have keys and you’re in the stall in an Arbys restroom. Enjoy Arbys. Your appetite is probably gone. @querulus Spaghetti. It’s kind of like bread but kind of like worms and the sauce is made from the fruit of a poisonous plant. ~ @WernerTwertzog I stopped shouting “FUBAR” at my actors in late 70s, when someone explained what it meant in American. I thought it meant “excellent!” ~ He says to talk more. There is plenty of talk already. People need to listen more. ~ @cher TRUMP’S SO DISGUSTING,NO WORDS DESCRIBE HIM ‼️MAYBE VISUALS‼️Hair In Soup,Gum Disease,kkk, Maggots,SeaWorld,Pus,Fraking,Vomit,Child Hunger ~ The title does not fit the product. The “scientific way to train” is crowded into the last three paragraphs, and basically comes down to “be an ally”. Most of the article was regurgitation of every race piece written by a self loathing sjw. ~ @byyourlogic ~ There is very little practical methods for “training white people how not to be racist.” Instead, you have nonsense like this: “As the longtime racial majority in the US, white people experience little, if any, race-based stress. When it is experienced, it’s usually only temporary, superficial, and/or by choice.” ~ KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard Bronze is so pretty & def one of my favorite tones. Its dull gleam reminds us to rejoice even while we suffer. ~ @DailyRobbins …An aesthetic sensibility is both more authentic and more commendable than a political or religious one. ‏@chamblee54 an anesthetic sensibility. artificially induced and temporary, is an antidote to politic, religion, scalpel happy surgeons ~ This reminds me of that internet group “Never had sex with a goat” I once joined. It was really dull but I thought that quitting would seem suspicious. ~ Politicians have been accurately referred to as whores for a long time. They accept legal bribes, under the guise of campaign contributions, in exchange for services rendered. Sex workers have good reason to be offended by the comparison. ~ User opted out of platform: The action attempted is disallowed, because the user has opted out of Facebook platform. ~ Facebook has suggested, “based on posts you commented on,” that I search for Anderson Cooper. The last comment I made was in a discussion of Presidential candidate penis size. “Hillary’s is the biggest of all.” ~ This is from a current TED talk. The speaker is the copy editor, aka comma queen at the New Yorker. She was talking about singular their. Finally, there was a sticky grammar and usage issue in which the pronoun has to have the same grammatical number as its antecedent. “Their” is plural and “everyone,” its antecedent, is singular. You would never say, “Everyone were there.” Everyone was there. Everyone is here. But people say things like, “Everyone held their breath” all the time. To give it legitimacy, copy editors call it “the singular ‘their,'” as if calling it singular makes it no longer plural. It is my job when I see it in print to do my best to eliminate it. I couldn’t make it, “Everyone held her breath,” or “Everyone held his breath,” or “Everyone held his or her breath.” Whatever I suggested had to blend in. I asked, through the editor, if the author would consider changing it to “All in the vicinity held their breath,” because “all” is plural. Nope. I tried again: “All those present held their breath?” I thought this sounded vaguely judicial. But the editor pointed out that we could not have “present” and “presence” in the same sentence. When the final proof came back, the author had accepted “as” for “like,” and “miked” for “mic’ed.” But on “Everyone held their breath,” he stood his ground. Two out of three isn’t bad. ~ Bitch Ass Bullshit @foofoofag Mexican Intersectional Feminist. Dadi/Papi. Gendervoid Cyborgkin Demiqueer. ~ Ling Ling quit playing with your food ~ 1- @InNogodWeTrust @chescaleigh can dish it out but she cannot take it This is the last tweet I sent her before I got blocked. 2 – @InNogodWeTrust when you say the n-word you demean yourself it is in your best interest not to use it ~ @joshuafoust I dunno. I think Bernie Sanders would come off better if he smiled more and wasn’t so shrill. And didn’t seem to ruthless and ambitious. @chamblee54 BS comes across as a 66.6% jerk of course, this is compared to HRC , DJT, REC, who are off the scale ~ I got 90. This means I am good at guessing the correct multiple choice option. ~ Lilburn Wal-Mart worker killed trying to stop suspected shoplifter ~ Walmart Security Officer Shot and Killed in Lilburn ~ The scientific way to train white people to stop being racist ~ America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality ~ your objection is duly noted ~ THE WORST PART OF BUZZFEED’S SHOCKINGLY SELF-LOATHING “27 QUESTIONS BLACK PEOPLE HAVE FOR BLACK PEOPLE” ~ Answer 27 questions ~ tennis ~ sjw list ~ QUIZ: Can You Pass Literature 101? ~ Adolph Reed: Identity Politics Is Neoliberalism ~ From Jenner to Dolezal: One Trans Good, the Other Not So Much ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah









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