Daniel Lucas And Kristin Moss

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Daniel Anthony Lucas is scheduled to be fatally poisoned by the State of Georgia on April 27, 2016. Mr. Lucas was convicted of the murder of Bryan Moss, Kristin Moss, and Steven Moss. The murders took place April 23, 1998, on Griswoldville Road in Jones County, near Macon. The co-defendant in the case, Brandon Rhode, was executed September 27, 2010.

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens issed a press advisory about the case. Here is their version of the crime. “(Daniel Anthony) Lucas and Brandon Joseph Rhode burglarized the home of Steven and Gerri Ann Moss twice on April 23, 1998. During the second burglary of the Moss home, 11-year-old Bryan Moss returned home from school. Lucas and Rhode confronted Bryan and forced him to sit in a chair, and then Lucas fired at Bryan with a .25 caliber handgun, inflicting a non-fatal wound to his upper arm and shoulder. Lucas led Bryan to a bedroom where he shot the boy repeatedly with the .25 caliber handgun. In the meantime, Rhode met 15-year-old Kristin Moss as she arrived from school, placed her in a chair, and shot her twice with a .357 caliber handgun. Rhode then shot Steven Moss four times with the .357 caliber handgun as Steven arrived home. Finally, Lucas obtained a .22 caliber handgun from Rhode’s automobile and shot Bryan and Kristin Moss both again. Both Bryan and Kristin as well as their father Steven Moss died as a result of any number of these gunshot wounds inflicted by Lucas.

Several witnesses observed Rhode’s automobile as Lucas and Rhode fled in it from the Mosses’ home. One of these witnesses identified Lucas as the passenger in the automobile. A search of the automobile revealed a recently-used spare tire and damage to both the front and rear bumpers. The damage to the bumpers was shown to be consistent with damage to a propane tank and a cinder block at the Mosses’ home. Expert testimony demonstrated that paint left on the cinder block matched the paint on Rhode’s automobile. Further expert testimony showed that an impression left in the Mosses’ dirt driveway could have been made by the spare tire. “Steven_Kristin_Bryan_Moss-01

The next part of the story is from Appeal from the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia “On April 25, 1998, two days after the murders, police questioned Rhode, who told them he was with Lucas on the day of the crime. That night, officers questioned Lucas at the Jones County Sheriff’s Department. Lucas signed a waiver of his Miranda rights and first denied any involvement in the slayings. During a break after about an hour, the officers learned Rhode had implicated his confederate, Lucas, in the murders. When confronted with this fact, Lucas continued to deny shooting anyone or even possessing a gun that night. After still another break, the officers showed Lucas three firearms used in the crime that had been recovered with Rhode’s help. One officer told Lucas that Rhode was “going to be the main witness against” him and “end up putting [him] in the electric chair” if Lucas didn’t tell his side of the story. Lucas said he did not know what to do and asked to see his girlfriend. The two interrogating officers left the room and allowed him to speak with her for about five minutes. When the officers returned around midnight, Lucas told them he wanted to sleep. He was escorted to a cell for the night.

The next morning, April 26, an officer retrieved Lucas and offered him food, drink, and a cigarette. Lucas again was read his Miranda rights and said he was willing to answer questions. One of the officers told Lucas that Rhode had given a videotaped confession, which Lucas asked to see. After watching the tape, Lucas said it was “bull shit” and agreed to tell his side of the story. An officer still again read Lucas his Miranda rights. Lucas said he understood his rights and had not been offered anything or threatened to elicit his statement. Lucas then gave a videotaped confession to the Jones County police around noon. Lucas began by explaining that he took six Xanax pills before burglarizing the Moss home. He explained that, shortly after he and Rhode broke into the home the second time, eleven-year-old Bryan Moss arrived. Lucas walked into the living room, found the little boy sitting in a chair, and shot the boy, though he did not kill him. Lucas took the boy into a bedroom. Rhode then yelled to Lucas that a girl was coming in the house. Rhode then shot her. Lucas also recounted Rhode telling him that her father was coming into the home next. After the father hollered, Lucas said, “we shot him. I don’t know — I didn’t hardly remember hearing the gunshots or nothing.” According to Lucas, “I went in the living room and the man was on the — on the floor and the girl was sitting in the chair and I went back into the bedroom and the little boy was sitting there and I shot him.” Lucas said he returned to the bedroom, shot Bryan again, and then walked out to Rhode’s car to get a .22 caliber handgun. Lucas told police he came back inside and shot the girl, Kristin, who was sitting in a chair after already having been wounded by Rhode. Lucas said he also might have shot the boy, Bryan, with the .22 caliber handgun. Lucas admitted that he knew what he did was wrong and said he was sorry. He offered no reason or explanation for what happened.

Mr. Lucas had a tough life before the murders. “(Kelly Bowden, Lucas’s aunt) Bowden also said that Lucas’s mother began using drugs and alcohol at an early age. By eighteen, Debra was pregnant with Lucas. After Lucas’s birth, his father and Debra drank alcohol excessively, smoked marijuana, used crack cocaine, and took methamphetamines for much of his childhood, often when Lucas was in the house. According to Bowden, substance abuse made it impossible for David and Debra to care for Lucas and his younger sister Lacey. Bowden said that, in addition to abusing drugs in the children’s presence, Lucas’s parents often fought in front of him and his sister…..

Lucas claimed that counsel was ineffective for failing to put forward still more facts about his childhood. Specifically, Lucas submitted an affidavit from Louis Pelt, who grew up with Lucas. Pelt stated that he saw Lucas’s father beat Lucas with a belt and that Lucas’s stepmother Ginger often yelled at Lucas, called him obscene names, and belittled him. Pelt said that “Ginger had strange sexual habits” and on multiple occasions had touched Pelt’s genitalia when he was about fourteen. Lucas also submitted an affidavit from Curtis Stephens, a high-school friend of Lucas’s, who stated he avoided Lucas’s house because of Ginger, “a ‘pill-popper’ who would often say sexual things to [Lucas].” Stephens reported that Ginger would watch Lucas shower and comment on his genitals. Lucas also points to material in defense counsel’s files referencing verbal abuse from Ginger, physical violence Lucas’s father inflicted on Lucas’s mother and her boyfriend, and abuse Lucas’s mother endured at the hands of boyfriends. “

Mr. Lucas was high as a Georgia pine during the killings, and may have been blacked out. Page 26 of the USDC document tells this story: “… Lucas’s monumental substance abuse, which “spiraled out of control” and included: “one gram of crank per day while drinking and popping pills at the same time”; hallucinogenic mushrooms, which he picked trashbags full of and “was constantly eating”; a “tremendous amount of acid,” at times “four to seven hits of acid at a time, when everyone else around him was taking one to two hits” — sometimes he took as many as fourteen acid hits; on a number of occasions, using about an “eight ball” of crack cocaine over a two or three day period; and eventually, Lucas devolving to smoking embalming fluid.”

Before his execution, Brandon Rhode tried to commit suicide. “Rhode tried to kill himself by slitting the side of his neck and both arms. By the time he was discovered, Rhode was unconscious and had lost half the blood in his body; he was revived at the hospital in nearby Griffin…Rhode had concealed the razor blade he used to cut his neck and arms while lying under a blanket, said Joe Drolet, a lawyer for the state attorney general’s office. He was being observed by guards, but they could not see what was happening under the blanket and took action when they saw blood.” (The link for this quote, from the AJC, no longer works.)

Mr. Lucas has put in his request for a last meal. He wants “meat pizza, steak and cheese calzone, a stuffed portobello mushroom, chef salad with ranch and honey mustard dressings and orange juice.” Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. UPDATE: Daniel Lucas died at 9:54 pm, April 27, 2016.









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