Watch Your Mouth

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Watch your mouth! The words “f–k”, “f—–g” and “f—-n” are not allowed here. ~ “This has been going on for forty years since Jimmy Carter’s shift to the right abandoned labor unions as the core of the Democratic party.” You are 35 years old, I believe. How can you comment on things that happened when you were minus five? As for Smiling Jimmy’s “shift to the right”… I don’t remember that. ~ Asbestos anagrams into to bet ass and O best ass ~ Is this worth one of my four free visits behind the NYT paywall? ~ I once read a 10 page magazine article about tennis, written by D. F. Wallace,who studied competitive paint drying before he died ~ There is a name misspelled in the blurb. If anyone deserves an extra i in his name, it is Mr. Netanyahu ~ @Nettaaaaaaaa I am the stone that the builder refused…the promise of what’s to come. And I’mma remain a soldier till the war is won. ~ Dave wants Buster to get back to work. ~ does anyone else see a connection between @wsj and #sjw? ~ The Bernie Sanders proposal to fund free college and heatlthcare by taxing wealthy people is faulty math. ~ “I personally would love to see him as a catalyst to keep her veering left.” Donald Trump agrees with you. ~ @awwwchris “these racist Whites” might be prejudiced What if someone said “these thieving blacks”? ~ Google Derpious definition: Did you mean: DERPIEST definition DUBIOUS definition DEVIOUS definition ~ On David Bowie’s birthday this year, I ripped all his cd’s into a playlist. I was thinking about doing the same for Bob Dylan on his birthday. ~ best homeless, park ped, post office, ~ @luckybastard77 @AngryBlackLady I don’t know if people realize the racism he had to endure. First big tour opening for Rolling Stones, crowds threw shit @chamblee54 @luckybastard77 @AngryBlackLady I’m calling BS on that. Do you have any evidence of this? ~ @AmyVansant They should put Hillary on the twenty dollar bill. She hasn’t been on a Bill in years. ~ The only vote that counts is electoral votes. The Georgia electoral votes will probably go to the Republican. There is a chance of an anti-Trump backlash that would tip the state towards Hillary, but I would not bet on it. What I would bet on is that BS will not win Georgia, even if he ran on the free beer party. ~ Maybe that is how the college proposal should work. You pay for tuition and books, and the government gives you all the beer you can drink, as long as you maintain a certain GPA. ~ The President is elected by electoral votes. Georgia is all but guaranteed to go republican. You can carry on about privilege all you want, but, unless you live in a swing state, you do not have a vote. And the electoral college enables the two party duopoly to stay in power. NONE of the current candidates are calling for abolition of the electoral college. ~ You are blocked from following @luckybastard77 and viewing @luckybastard77’s Tweets. ~ Roseanne Rosannadanna was my second favorite Gilda Radner character. My favorite, Emily LaTella, had one word she liked to say, and I feel this is a good time to say it. BITCH ~ @WernerTwertzog The gap between patriotic rhetoric and reality in the U.S. is so great that it is the nation’s greatest source of alternative energy. ~ why you don’t look at your smart phone on camera. Of course, this is the show where the Vietnam war was compared to the “great recesssion.” There were 58k American deaths, and uncounted millions Vietnamese deaths. To compare this tragedy to the Bush recession is a sick joke. ~ Contrary to rumors, it appears that BS does have upper teeth. ~ B vowel T is a great formula. All five vowels can be inserted into that spot, and make usable words. bat, bet, bit, bot, but ~ scurrilous, opprobrious, obscene, or profane language; given to abusive or filthy speech.” ~ The structural, energetic and electronic properties of chiral (n, m) (3⩽n⩽6, n/2⩽m⩽n) single-wall copper nanotubes (CuNTs) have been investigated by using projector-augmented wave method based on density-functional theory. ~ when your idea of #socialjustice is to call your neighbor #racist then you choose the side of the oppressor ~ Your Candidate in a Word ~ Science proves that people who correct typos and grammar are usually jerks ~ emoji science ~ Admitting that white privilege helps you is really just congratulating yourself ~ stay woke ~ woke badge ~ Only 3% Of Americans Can Pass This American History Test ~ The word “cisgender” is anti-trans ~ am i a racist quiz ~ stupid ~ nonsense ~ The smug style in American liberalism ~ “Beautiful Losers” ~ Just for fun, take a photo of whatever is in front of you right now and post it in the comments: ~ Violent protests shut down Stone Mountain attractions ~ ‘Pro-white’ rally prompts protests and arrests at Confederate monument ~ The ~ Wordnik’s Most Favorited Words (So Far) ~ Pictures this week are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah






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