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Join My Newsletter Can’t stand liberals? No one can. Sign up. ~ never argue with stupid people they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience ~ The duopoly may be broken, but it is far from broke. ~ The original was written nearly forty years ago. ~ There is a number seven. People who have been abused for Jesus do not want to hear about the scheme for life after death. ~ Why all this talk about bedsheets? Are you going to the Klan rally and sticking your head under a bedsheet and burning burning the grand dragon’s cross in your mouth? Why would you care if their bedsheets are clean? ~ He can count them on his short fingers ~ It should be noted that this post is an attempt to condense a two hour discussion into a length that will not scare off readers. Many parts are being left out, some of which might be important. If the reader has the time, curiosity, and patience, here is the video and the transcript. Be sure to put fresh batteries in your BS detector. Use alcohol, drugs, or prayer at your own risk. ~ The top google results for “Is Donald Trump…: married, president, dead, left handed. For Hillary Clinton: going to win, left handed, vegan. For Bernie Sanders: married, out, rich, a democrat. ~ We have not heard about Mr. Depp nonstop for the last two years, with another six months to go. There is a phrase, narcotizing dysfunction. Essentially, you hear about something so much that you never want to hear about it again. ~ ‏@WernerTwertzog Squeeze condiments still seem disturbingly fecal. ~ As far as facebook goes, you have not missed a thing. Twitter is usually more interesting, especially the people who have blocked me. ~ The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that. you’ve got it made. ~ And we use words like “racist” to describe someone who thinks that the word “bae” isn’t real because it didn’t originate from a white, Eurocentric vernacular. ~ There is a saying… to assume is to make an ass of u and me. Or, maybe Ass U Ming is a Chinese name. ~ @chekiri #RacistCommercial has millions of social media superheroes doing free advertising for them. I think y’all are overthinking this lol. ~ Arguably, Barack Obama was the Democratic Reagan. The two were charismatic show business figures. They did a reasonably competent job of governance. How Demoze transition to the charisma challenged HRC, as an alternative to the charismatic DJT, will be the way the future goes. ~ And Reagan operated with a Democratic Congress. In 1982, many said his Administration was a failure. It did not pick up steam until 1983. Many of the things that came to fruition around that time were things that Jimmy Carter started, but Saint Ronnie got credit for. ~ @WilliamAder Friend at Memorial Day BBQ: I see you wasted no time with the white pants. Me: These are my legs. ~ @htmlmencken Negative creep. Humanist misanthrope. Constructive nihilist. Former Sadlynaut. Welcome to my virtual execration text. Corrugated Tin Shack, AR ~ US supreme court voids Georgia man’s death sentence over racial bias on jury ~ What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Been Hurt By Church ~ @joanwalsh I did it: @ShaunKing blocked me. ~ Get over yourself. ~ I like arguing ~ Talks for people who love words ~ In Favor of Sincerity ~ More Than Just Male and Female: The Six Genders in Classical Judaism ~  Thanks, Jimmy Carter, for Stating What Should Be Obvious: Trump’s Campaign Is Racist ~ A Rant Against an Anti-Millennial Rant ~ Changes In DSM-5: Racism Can Cause PTSD Similar To That Of Soldiers After War ~ coloria ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah









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