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Remember the men forced into military service against their will. The majority of the American men killed in Vietnam were drafted. ~ There is sooo much food for thought here. I might not be able to take this in. Here are a few thoughts. 1- Two wrongs do not make a right. Sports fan riots do not justify brawling at WalMart. The easiest argument to make about something is to say hypocrite.2- So much of the out of control emotion in the black community comes from the Christian church. ~ A 94 word sentence confuses political rhetoric for “white supremacy.” This is facebook. Plain, and simple minded. ~ When a faithfully married black president who was the son of a single mother ~ I am researching a blog post about that meme. Mr. Google directed me to this post. You are saying many things that I would like to say. I may quote you. ~ Whiskypalians love to adopt the traditions of others. ~ Ask s-cs what state they live in. If it is not a “swing state,” then the electoral votes will go to whomever the party nominates. S-cs, in all likelihood, does not have a vote in a Presidential election. ~ are those cheering people in the picture celebrating someone being blocked? ~ @AnonymousAnon09 Pointing out racial injustice @ Notre Dame. I’m a law student.I live to argue! @realDonaldTrump supporter. ND REPUBLICAN, Lifetime NRA, CCW,SHARPSHOOTER,❤️Glock ~ Help support Little Green Footballs! As a Little Green Footballs reader, we’re sure you agree a Donald Trump presidency would be disastrous for America. That’s why, in this crucial election season, we’re going to be working harder than ever to debunk and push back against the bad craziness of the right wing – but we need your help! Please consider making a donation to the Little Green Footballs fund today. ~ @TheAtheistPig My god. I just turned on #FoxNews for the first time in awhile. Bill O’Reilly’s mortician needs to give him a touch up. ~ fools feedeth on foolishness ~ does anyone else read the numbered boldface list of items in an article, and ignore the rest of the piece? ~ i never made any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking ~ If Albert Einstein said all those clever things on memes, how did he ever find time to make his discoveries? ~ Do an episode about how the word “racism” means so many different things to different people. Maybe it is time to put that confusing word on the shelf. Maybe, we can call both racists, and people with *prejudice*, what they are…assholes. ~ Derek Schmidt or just explain the basic difference between the more nuanced sociological definition of racism (with included power dynamics) and the common dictionary term. The importance of the former is that includes the reality of systemic racism, while the latter is just what you’re talking about- assholes that are racist in an interpersonal kind of way. Inequality won’t be fixed by just ending interpersonal racism, there needs to be change to the system and to many structures of our culture. We shouldn’t get rid of the word for being complex and nuanced, and we shouldn’t fixate on simplistic interpersonal racism (this person is an asshole, etc), when we need deeper change at a social and political level. ~ This is a semantic quicksand pit. This is not something that will be uncovered in a five minute video, with a talking paper mache reindeer. I agree that “calling out” interpersonal “racism” has very little effect on institutional inequality. Unfortunately, interpersonal mischief is an easy target for five minute videos. Also, this focus is almost always on PWOC shortcomings, and ignores the massive interpersonal prejudice of POC. Until we pay the same attention to “prejudice” that we pay to “racism”, we are going to have problems. ~ ‏@freddiedeboer Words generally don’t keep their meanings for long but “intersectionality” has been completely drained of content at a remarkable pace. ~ Derek Schmidt Complexity isn’t always a semantic quicksand pit (see how I boiled it down to main levels), and just requires work to understand. The last sentence I disagree with, racial prejudice by POC people occurs, is addressed, and called out all the time by other POC people and communities. If you agree that there’s systemic inequality with white people at the top (white supremacy), racism tends to be committed by white people because of the power difference. The semantics have mattered because the end goal is to change the system, not the person. Getting tied up in ‘but but but why can’t POC folks be called racist and we can?!” is imo an example of white fragility and our inability to objectively look at the severe consequences of the system of inequality we benefit from. What does interpersonal racial prejudice compare to systemic oppression (jailing, arrest, discrimination in jobs, housing, unequal sentencing, etc.), and ask yourself why you’d care so much about what you see as the ‘massive interpersonal prejudice of POC?’ ~ Jane you ignorant slut. ~ Your status is based on your device settings and any choices you have made with the Digital Advertising Alliance. ~ @nihilist_arbys Statistically, no one loves you. No one has even ever heard of you. Enjoy Arbys, you completely irrelevant turd ~ @HLMenckenBot Constructive criticism irritates me. I don’t object to being denounced, but I can’t abide being school-mastered by men I regard as imbeciles ~ when you are duped into saying foolish things, you choose the side of the oppressor ~ canvass is dumbass misspelled ~ repubs have been crying wolf about HRC for 24 years few believe them anymore, except those who have a reason to believe ~ One or more phones require Phone Number Verification, please enter the phone number below. ~ D List: 10 things gay guys say vs. what they really mean ~ sunshine daydream ~ saturation ~ White People Have No Place In Black Liberation. ~ When a faithfully married black president who was the son of a single mother ~ This Is Not White Supremacy ~ THIS IS NOT WHITE SUPREMACY ~ Not so plain ~ Why We Need to Talk About Racism as a Mental-Health Trigger ~ Here’s One Brutal Truth Every White Gay Man Needs to Hear ~ The Cult of Happiness ~ 6 Ways to Tell If You Need to Be Called Out ~ Einstein ~ Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks ~ The Largest Religious Group in Each County ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah







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