A Form Of Entitlement

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@carl_diggler The first female major party nominee. I wept a little thinking about how empowering this is for my son, if he had been born a girl. ~ Will I be charged one of my four free nyt articles this month if I click on that link? If so, is it worth it? ~ does that mean i would only get two free articles a month? ~ Actually, someone did ask Chelsea about her daddy’s affairs. . Chelsea said it was none of their business. This was during the 2008 campaign. It was the correct answer. ~ @deathcab4booty [At a funeral] Me: Hey what’s the wifi password? Widow: Have some respect! Me: All one word? ~ While we are sharting out shame, how about the frathouse bartender who fed the young lady alcohol. Her alcohol level was three times the legal limit. This does not excuse what happened to her. However, you should not get passing out, blackout drunk, and assume that you will get home safely. This is a form of entitlement. It is a mean world out there. ~ She was not a student. This was in her impact statement. ~ You should not assume that you can get blackout drunk, and get home safely. She could have been robbed, or beat up. You need to take responsibility for your safety, which includes not getting blackout drunk. ~ If we are going to teach young men to respect women…as we should … we should teach young women, and men, not to put themselves in dangerous situations. I compare it to a young man going to Blakes, getting bombed, and getting mugged on his way home. I believe there was a gay bashing incident there, where the victim had been thrown out of the bar for intoxication, and was beaten up behind a dumpster. ~ @uppittynegress Post about a female being raped and “but she’s ruining his life/false rape stats/victim accountability” arguments FOR DAYS ‏@chamblee54 Post about getting blackout drunk at frat party and assuming someone would take you home safely @uppittynegress It’s fucked up how the ppl who say drunk means you should assume you’ll be raped, even tho they drive drunk & expect to be safe @chamblee54 that is not what i said…to use the driving comparison, only a fool believes you should get blackout drunk and drive @uppittynegress Didn’t say you did Made an observation about what I have seen. ~ Check the batteries in your BS detector. ~ next on my youtube que: Muhammad Ali – Ken Norton. 1973 09 10 ~ @chamblee54 @LiquidDemonsCC “The biggest douche on YouTube” there is a lot of competition for that title It might make a fun reality show ~ @miragonz i can’t believe in 2016 i still have to leave my bed to vote ~ @rodimusprime Hillary Clinton: Because white women have a Beyoncé too now. ~ @postcrunk i’ll just be over here involuntarily perpetuating the hegemonic power structure we were all born into if you need me ~ @conor64 ~ Had Brock admitted guilt and remorse and offered to settle early on, I would have considered a lighter sentence, respecting his honesty, grateful to be able to move our lives forward. ~ @OwenBenjamin “I was gonna vote one way until I saw your condescending and aggressive tweet telling me not to. Thanks!” – no one in history ~ i’ve been called n—-lover i’ve been called racist same same my attitudes about race are my business ~ There is a third step. You need to earn the trust of the party you are trying to persuade. The Bernie people failed miserably at this step. ~ @chamblee54 If you vote in CA electoral votes are almost certainly going to HRC unless you live in swing state you don’t have a vote @Phil_Johnson_Not my problem. I have to vote my conscience. Pragmatism is a shortcut to ethical turpitude.~ @TheAtheistPig The fact that our two presidential frontrunners snipe at each other on Twitter says everything you need to know about American politics. ~ @chamblee54 @ByYourLogic How can you tell when an op-ed writer is lying? Their fingers are moving. ~ @bitchywaiter They say money doesn’t buy happiness but I’m pretty sure those people don’t know where to shop. ~ @EricKleefeld It was totally unfair of Meg Whitman to compare Trump to Hitler — as a young man Hitler volunteered for the army, was wounded in combat. ~ i guess we are all proven to be horrible to someone @BGDblog blocked me before i even clicked on her ~ Conservatives Have Never Understood What Obama Thinks About Racism ~ Penny Fiction 2016: A Flash Fiction Writing Competition Round Three ~ As a Black Woman, I Think ‘White Male’ Bashing is Dangerous ~ Let’s Not Ignore The Importance Of Brock Turner’s Whiteness ~ arrant pedantry ~ How to Use Quotation Marks ~ plow new ground ~ Source Checking ~ 6 Signs Your Call-Out Isn’t Actually About Accountability ~ lost mines of phandelver ~ Beginner’s Guide to D&D 5th Edition ~ Emily Doe ~ Victim Impact Statement ~ this letter is not under oath or subject to cross examination ~ Republicans Wish Non-Racist Nominee Donald Trump Would Stop Saying Racist Things ~ Brock Turner trial continues in second week of testimony ~ Stanford Daily ~ it should be noted: ~ Trump is a racist he deserves what he gets ~ the word ending in -er ~ Brock Allen Turner: The Sort of Defendant Who Is Spared “Severe Impact” ~ comment Greg Z. 8 June 2016 at 12:30 pm – Why no mention of the Sam Ukwuachu ~ Baylor apparently reaches settlement with victim in former football player Sam Ukwuachu’s sexual assault case ~ Justice for None ~ Which U.S. President Are You? ~ Joe Biden Writes An Open Letter To Stanford Survivor ~ Brock Turner’s Cynical And Effective Legal Strategy, Revealed ~ How Bernie Sanders Exposed the Democrats’ Racial Rift ~ Sister of Brock Turner’s victim wrote searing letter to former Stanford swimmer: ‘The damage you inflicted is irreversible’ ~ Convicted rapist Brock Turner ‘creeped out’ other women at Stanford prior to 2015 sexual assault ~ The Library of Congress.








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