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“I’ve never met anyone from Florida that wasn’t either a serial killer or a future serial killer…” The comment from facebook did not quite ring true. PG had some duplex neighbors from Flarda once. The dumped the cat box by the driveway, eighteen inches from where PG stepped out of his car. They were unlikely to committ cereal killings, unless it involved Captain Crunch.

PG and Uzi went to Saint Augustine. The worst thing to happen is the upstairs neighbor flooding a bathtub, forcing P&U into another room. There were a few other inconveniences… not finding a buffet near Valdosta, and driving for another hour before landing at a Burger King. Driving the one way streets of the historic district, looking for the Lightner Museum, and then a parking spot, was another comedy classic.

This is not going to be the comprehensive travelog that you probably would not read anyway. It has been mostly two semi elderly men catching up on slack quota. Swimming in salt water is aerobic exercise, especially when you have to walk across the street to do it. Anyway, here are some pictures.




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