Selling Ghostbusters

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Buried in the digital slushpile over Lesdoggate is a comment: The best way to support @Lesdoggg is to go buy a ticket to see Ghostbusters.(paraphrased) This is the bottom line.

The content pirates at Buzzfeed have an article, Leslie Jones Is Shining A Light On A Major Problem With Twitter. The lead picture has Leslie Jones, with the GB logo in the background. BF has lots of people saying Lesdog is wonderful. None of the *racist* tweets are shown.

At this stage of the game, it is tough to find an example of the offensive tweets. Allegedly, someone sent Lesdog a picture of semen on her face…I have not seen this picture. Monday, there were rude tweets from accounts that were immediately deleted. It is possible that Lesdog created some of these comments themself. Some photoshop cowboy issued this screenshot. Lesdog is seen with some spelling challenged no nos. Whatever nasties were said about the thespian, they are outnumbered at this point by her pearl clutching followers.

It should be said at this point that twitter, and facebook, abuse is a problem. People get online, and say the meanest things to strangers. @Nero, aka Milo Yiannopoulos, has recently been banned from twitter. The hashtag #freemilo is having a two-wrongs-make-a-right party, highlighting hateful things said by “liberals.” There is plenty of material to choose from.

The Ghostbusters remake has long been controversial. Whether the controversy is genuine, or part of a publicity campaign, is a good question. When the trailer was released in March, tongues were wagging. Lesdog spoke out in an article, Leslie Jones Defends Her ‘Ghostbusters’ Character After Racial Controversy Arises Over New Trailer. “If they made me a scientist, you would be mad at what type of scientist. Seriously it’s a f**king movie. Get over yourself.”

More recently, Lesdog gave an interview to The Guardian. ““We’re sad, [the US is] the most depressed nation in the world and I blame comedians for that. I blame the industry for that, because it is so politically correct.” Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. “Photographs taken at a horse show in Atlanta, Georgia, 1937.”









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