Wawa Wars

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There is a rumor that Fox News turkey Sean Hannity was booed out of a Wawa sandwich shop in downtown Philadelphia last night. The story is almost certainly not true. This does not stop people from believing. @AngryBlackLady “that’s the most amazing story I’ve ever heard. LMAO. My Philly peeps don’t fuck around.”

ABL posted an 18 part tweetathon about the incident. The source was @EmoNegro1. “Join me as I tell the stories very important people don’t want you to know about! #SATIRE” The last word of that profile is important. Here is the story.

‏@EmoNegro1 “01-My sources told me what REALLY happened to make Sean Hannity get booed out of the Wawa! ~ 02-Well, my source says Sean Hannity came up in the Wawa, cut everybody in the line & demanded they make him a cheesesteak hoagie. NOW. ~ 03-So Sean Hannity cuts everybody in liine & starts demanding they fix him a cheesesteak hoagie RIGHT NOW & people weren’t happy! ~ 04-So this black guy (who I think was a DNC attendee) said “Ay, the line starts back there.” ~ 05-Hannity told him he was in a hurry, he had a very important job to get back to & to let Tanikqua fix his sandwich so he can get back to work ~ 06-The Wawa worker’s name was Ashley. Ashley told Hannity, sir my name is ASHLEY and he had to order his hoagie from the computer station & his number would be called when ready. ~ 07-The black guy in line said “What you not gone do is disrespect people up in here & what you not gone do is cut people in this line.” ~ 08-So Hannity said “You sound like a Black Lives Matter guy, are you a Black Lives Matter guy? Are you from Ferguson? Are you from Baltimore?” ~ 09-That’s when everybody head turned around. One lady said “Hey what does Black Lives Matter have to do with you cutting in the line?” ~ 10-Hannity said “This is the culture of lawlessness the Obamas & Black Lives Matter have taught you people.” ~ 11-That’s when it was on. One lady said “You people?” while somebody else said “Put some respeck on Barack name” ~ 12-And Hannity was hollering for the manager, but sadly for him the manager on duty was black and told Hannity to leave. ~ 13-No white people in the Wawa came to Hannity’s defense, either. They all just looked away. They weren’t trying to have their ass beat! ~ 14-The people started booing Hannity & telling him to get the fuck outta there. ~ 15-Hannity told them “Do you know who I am? I’m Sean Hannity!” Well that didn’t help matters any! ~ 16-The manager told Hannity he needed to leave before he called the police & Hannity said Oh NOW you people want to call the police! ~ 17-My source says the manager gave Hannity a look like “You Tried It!” and hustled him out of the door! ~ 18-And that’s the story of how Sean Hannity got ran up out of the Wawa in downtown Philly!”

Many people are not familiar with @Wawa Is Barbwa Wawa an investor? When PG asked Mr. Google about Wawa, he was directed to Wawa Asian Spa. “Don’t walk, run from the Wawa Spa. $60 for massage plus almost double extra for tips. 2 minute massage then wants to get to business and rush you out of there. Masseuse was 35+. Definitely not worth the money.”

Sean Hannity worked in Atlanta before he hit the big time. One day, the “great american” rode in a parade downtown. PG followed him around for a few blocks, with a blank stare. Finally, the announcer said “are we having fun yet?” Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. “Return of W. E. “Pusseyfoot” Johnson to Westerville, Ohio, from London, England, April 24, 1920″






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