Six People Killed By Police Part Two

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There was a feature published here Thursday, Six People Killed By Police. After a bit of digging, the “reciepts” turned up. Four of the deceased were white. One of the deceased was unidentified. One of the deceased was Black. This was Keith Scott, the latest high profile victim of a police shooting.

Many people think that police killings are “the genocide of our people.” The rhetoric is intense. Some people say that “They … have no skin in the game.”

The fact that more white people than black people are killed by police is surprising to many. In 2015, there were 990 people killed by police. It broke down to White 494, Black 258, Hispanic 172, Other 38, and Unknown 28. These are totals, and are not broken down on a per capita basis.

To say that six people were killed by police in one day sounds bad. Then you look at the details. One case is Joshua Scott. “A man was shot and killed after a six-hour standoff with deputies … Deputies were attempting to deliver to Joshua Scott, 22, a court-ordered Baker Act, a form of mental health commitment. … Throughout the standoff, Scott fired multiple rounds from inside the residence, officials said. After repeated attempts to talk to Scott, he climbed out of a window, armed with a handgun. “He pointed the handgun at SWAT members who were surrounding the house and they were forced to defend themselves,” according to a statement from Sheriff’s officials.”

The people who call police “racist savages” have never had a white mental patient firing at them from an apartment barricade. Sometimes, the use of deadly force is justified. Often, it is a split second decision. Sometimes, the police make a mistake.

Cop In The Hood is a blog written by Peter Moskos, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In a recent post, They’re just Sooner to Shoot in Oklahoma, Mr. Moskos discusses the current racial split. “I’ve said for a while that when it comes to police use of lethal-force, an exclusive laser-like focus on race is misguided. It’s is a red herring. If one actually wants to reduce police-involved shootings — as opposed to simply being outraged at the latest incident — there are easier ways to do this than eliminating racism and racial disparity in America.”

Is the current emphasis on race, while talking about police violence, a good idea? Perhaps this is another divide and conquer, where the white people are fighting with the black people, and the government wins. Is it possible to present a united front on police violence, instead of quarreling about who has the worse situation? Is it racist to ask these questions? Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The photographer was Dorothea Lange.










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