Instead Of Calling The Police

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Listing a link in this venue does not indicate approval of, or agreement with, content ~ Dear readers: Please stop calling us ‘the media.’ There is no such thing. ~ Part Two ~ False Equivalence, Delusion-Grade ~ Charlotte police shooting: What happens next ~ Black Activists Rally For Unarmed White Man Shot by Cops ~ What To Do Instead of Calling the Police ~ What the Data Really Says About Police and Racial Bias ~ Teen in serious condition following accidental shooting to the head ~ The first Trump-Clinton presidential debate transcript, annotated ~ Defending Hillary Clinton Isn’t Feminism ~ 10 Step Guide to Zen Meditation ~ Should the Media Downplay the New Murder Spike? ~ We Should All Be Outraged By Trump’s Absurdly Racist Pitch To Black Voters ~ Healing from Toxic Whiteness ~ Justin Carr ~ Mary J Blige ~ crispy chicken ~ R&B singer Mary J. Blige never got over the public response to her racist “Crispy Chicken” Burger King commercial in 2012. The commercial set in motion a backlash that ultimately derailed her career and her marriage. “It hurt my feelings and crushed me for two days,” Blige told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. Apparently Blige didn’t learn a thing from her spectacular lack of judgment in 2012. ~ If an officer stops you Always be polite And never ever run away Promise mama you’ll keep your hands in sight Is it a gun? is it a knife? is a wallet? This is your life It ain’t no secret, it ain’t no secret No secret, my friend You can get killed just for living in…Your American skin ~ Wendy Williams rips Mary J. Blige for singing about fried chicken ~ Goodbye To Language ~ I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. ~ 9 Reasons Why The “I Am Not A Label” Video Makes No Sense ~ Pedro Maldonado ~ Black Lives Matter protesters take over BLM debate hosted at U-M ~ Black Lives Matter Leader Jerry Ford Jr. Gets Robbed, Responds Exactly As Expected ~ Hoarder mom may have unknowingly lived with son’s body for 20 years ~ Looking Inward : On White Fragility, Guilt, and the Path Toward Self-Correction ~ Atlanta attorney accidentally shot wife after SUV hits bump in road ~ If @haroldpollack is a technocrat, maybe he could do something about that awful sound quality ~ Kraftwerk :: Live In Soest, 1970 (First Concert) ~ Man accidentally shoots, kills himself in southwest Atlanta ~ Are the US police intentionally hiring psychopaths? ~ #icandy racist video ~ Video Surfaces of ICandy Owner Darryl DePiano Saying the N-Word ~ Taxi driver shot and killed in Chamblee ~ Chicago homicides ~ Police investigate deadly triple-shooting in DeKalb County ~ Erica Nelson ~ Police: Teen killed father before school shooting ~ @WernerTwertzog Dear Twitter pedants: I do not make punctuation “errors.” I make aesthetic choices. That subsequently change the rules. ~ @SenatorReid Racist is not a term I throw around lightly, but Donald Trump is a racist. He says and does things with full intent to demean and denigrate.@chamblee54 @EmoNegro1 @SenatorReid people don’t toss the word racist around lightly…they aim and use great force with intention of hurting people ~ when BS was asked how to quit outsourcing of jobs to asia, he said raise the minimum wage ~ ‏@jerryspringer Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show. ~ At least we don’t have comedy insurance. ~ Its okay for a white person to be silenced in my opinion. ~ Comments have been disabled for this story. ~ The moderator of the debate was the Lester of three evils ~ @BCDreyer #CopyeditingProTip You’re not allowed to insult millennials if you can’t spell “millennials.” ~ In colonial India, the dam was a coin of little value. The British soldiers would say that something was “not worth a dam.” This got back to England, the n was added to dam, and stronger expletives used. After a while, instead of something being not worth a cussword, people did not give a cussword. This is said to indicate a lack of concern. Now, giving a shit is a peculiar way to say that you care. Feces is a nasty, smelly substance. To gift someone with ordure could be seen as an insult. “The Universe giving a shit.” Lets start with Universe. This entity is unfathomably large. English speaking Americans are a tiny, tiny, part of the universe. If the universe were to give a shit, it would overwhelm the milky way, with whatever goes for fecal matter in outer space. As for a church slogan, perhaps you can go back to the origins of “worth a dam.” Today’s american penny has very little value. Maybe you could say “People giving two cents.” Even adjusted for inflation, that is still not very much. At least it does not stink. ~ KimKierkegaardashian ‏@KimKierkegaard Hair flip & eye roll belong to completely different spheres; different sides of the soul are set in motion. ~ “This HAS to be said!” No, it doesn’t. The hateful rhetoric on both sides of this nightmare election has been beyond horrible. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The railroad pictures were taken by Jack Delano in January 1943 ~ “Freight operations on the Indiana Harbor Belt railroad between Chicago, Illinois and Hammond, Indiana. Conductor Cunningham reports at the yard office where the yard clerk gives him the waybills for the train and instructions to deliver it.” ~ The other pictures were taken at Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, Florida. “Students waiting to be taken to the agricultural school farm where they will learn modern methods.” Photographer: Gordon Parks, February 1943. ~ selah









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