2015 Murder Statistics

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If you see a statistics junkie with glazed over eyes, it might be because of 2015 Crime in the United States. The FBI issued the report recently. CIUS shows that homicide went up 10.8% This is the crime that today’s feature will focus on, with an emphasis on black and white. If you want to skip over the text, and look at the pictures (from The Library of Congress,) you will be excused.

The FBI stats are a bit tricky. Hispanics are lumped in with the rest of the population. At the Census Bureau the categories are White, 77.1%, Black or African American, 13.3%, American Indian and Alaska Native, 1.2%, Asian, 5.6%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 0.2%, Two or More Races, 2.6%. Links will be provided for the sources used today. If you want to look at these numbers, and see something different, you are welcome to do so.

There were 13,455 homicides in 2015. 5,854 white people, and 7,039 black people, were victims. If you break this down by gender, it was male, 10,608, female, 2818, and unknown, 29.

The next breakdown is based on Single victim/single offender killing. This category accounts for 45.6% of the homicides. This breakdown is Race of Victim by Race of Offender, 2015. Of 3,167 white victims, 81.2% were killed by white people, and 15.7% were killed by black people. Of 2,664 black victims, 8.5% were killed by white people, and 89.3% were killed by black people.

There were 5,854 white homicide victims. Out of an estimated population of 247,813,910 people, this works out to 23.6 murders per million. For black people, there were 7,039 victims. In a population of 42,748,703, this divides out to 164.6 murders per million.

The Guardian keeps track of police killings with a database, The Counted People killed by police in the US. In 2015, police killed 1,146 people. This breaks down to 306 Black, 13 Native American, 195 Hispanic/Latino, 581 White, 24 Asian/Pacific Islander, 27 Other/Unknown. The Guardian counts Hispanic/Latino as a separate category, unlike the FBI and the Census Bureau. The killing-per-million figures are 7.66 Black, 5.49 Native American, 3.45 Hispanic/Latino, 2.93 White, 1.34 Asian/Pacific Islander. (In 2016, Native Americans, 5.49 per million, are being killed by police at a higher rate than Black people, 5.03 per million.)

These statistics, in and of themselves, are of limited value. They do not reflect the much greater attention paid to police killing that to citizen on citizen crime killing. Links are provided to all sources. Readers are invited to look at the numbers, and see what conclusions they can come up with.











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