Celebrity Mug Shots

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There is a site called “The smoking gun” which can provide hours of fun. PG stumbled onto a section, devoted to mug shots of celebrities. Before jumping to any conclusions, take a look at Rush Limbaugh, and Paris Hilton. They look just as presentable as ever, give or take a prescription or two. On the other hand, look at Glen Campbell. and try not to remember what he used to look like.

Mug shots are a part of history. We have all heard the story of Rosa Parks, and how she started a revolution by keeping her seat. The mug shot taken that day is a part of the story.

(According to wikipedia, Mrs. Parks was arrested December 1, 1955 in the original incident. She was later arrested February 22, 1956 as part of the bus boycott. PG is uncertain which arrest led to the photograph in this post.)
There are 18 people displayed in this post. Bernie Madoff earned his money the old fashioned way, by stealing it. James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald were accused of killing someone famous, although the guilt, or innocence, of Oswald will never be known. Martin Luther King Jr. was involved in the bus boycott, sparked by Rosa Parks. A prophet is not without honor, except in his own land.

Janis Joplin cussed out some police during a concert in Tampa, Florida. Soon, it was determined that free speech enabled her to behave in that manner, and the charges were dropped.

Deion Sanders was warned not to fish at a lake owned by SW Florida International Airport. That did not stop him, and he was taken into custody. Deion gets points for having a great smile during this moment of glory.

Most of the rest got in trouble because of sex or drugs. Frank Sinatra had an affair with a married woman, which could get you locked up in 1938. Jim Morrison, Pee Wee Herman, and Larry Craig gave public exhibitions. Mr. Craig gets points for wearing a flag lapel pin. This is a repost.





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