Bill Clinton Accusers

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Display of a link in this forum does indicate agreement with content ~ Photos: Last hours of Turner Field and big-league baseball in Atlanta ~ Alt-right trolls are using these code words for racial slurs online ~ Deer Season ~ North Forsyth educator fired over racist Facebook comments about Michelle Obama ~ What Makes Call-Out Culture So Toxic ~ 2 years on: Putting the ‘me’ back in ‘academe’ ~ What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening, Or My Entire Life Is A Lie ~ terrible thing that is ~ seventh grade bully ~ At 9:22, ~ Governor Stevenson, all thinking people are for you!” And Adlai Stevenson answered, “That’s not enough. I need a majority.” ~ we don’t like to talk about race ~ n word. ~ Glenn Loury and John McWhorter ~ White man kills wife, avoids jail after claiming he feared Black Lives Matter ~ Ex-Trump Accountant Speaks Out on Tax Return Controversy: ‘I’m the One Who Did All the Work’ ~ Pronoun Privilege ~ How Voter ID Laws Explain Structural Racism ~ An artist’s Duty ~ The story of Donald Trump’s Atlantic City comeback is even worse than his collapse ~ “The Most Dangerous Thing Out Here Is The Police” ~ A MODEL ACT FOR REGULATING THE USE OF WEARABLE BODY CAMERAS BY LAW ENFORCEMENT ~ Obama Worries Future Presidents Will Wage Perpetual, Covert Drone War ~ Five Days That Shaped a Presidency ~ Donald Trump Is Tearing the NFL Apart ~ 7 Quotes from 7 Timeless Poets for National Poetry Day ~ Witness to gun battle in midtown Atlanta: ‘Scariest night of my life’ ~ Infrastructure Is Boring Until You Get A $5,000 Water Bill ~ A Handful Of Cities Are Driving 2016’s Rise In Murders ~ The White Anti-Racist Is an Oxymoron: An Open Letter to “White Anti-Racists” ~ “Chicago cop murders unarmed man after fender bender” ~ Officer Didn’t Shoot Attacker Because She Feared Backlash, Top Cop Says ~ Patti Smith in West Side Stories with Jonathan Miller – 1972 ~ Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005 ~ Black Man’s Letter To His Passive-Aggressive White Neighbors Is A Must-Read ~ How the shocking hot mic tape of Donald Trump was exposed ~ I don’t think this was the dirty work of hillary. It is a tv network sitting on a highly entertaining story. It was mysteriously leaked to the Washington Post, before the story was aired. NBC claims they don’t know who leaked it. I75 ~ obscure 80s music ~ The Sanctification of White Pussy ~ Cobb man killed, wife injured in Pappadeaux shooting ~ Multiple shots fired near northwest Atlanta MARTA station; 2 injured ~ Man killed after fleeing hurricane evacuation barricade had lengthy arrest record ~ Presidential debate fact-check: Trump and Clinton’s claims reviewed ~ If Barack Obam had a son, he would not look like Mashooq Khan. ~ Was E.M. Forster afraid of Virginia Woolf? ~ @rwbIeu the Kardashians are media-controlled pawns paid millions of dollars to distract the public with sexualized idiocy. STOP WATCHING THEM. … not just the Kardashians – celebrities in general are all puppets used to divert attention from things that really matter. ~ We use cookies to make your experience of our website better. To comply with the e-Privacy Directive, we need to ask for your consent to set these cookies. Please note that if you keep browsing this website without electing an option, your consent is deemed to be given. ~ @nihilist_arbys Happy Monday It’s a good day to suck penises behind Arbys for one of our affordable, limited time smoke mountain sandwiches Enjoy your Arbys ~ Sam Pritchard @thucydiplease History student, wokeness performer, virtue signaler, mentally ill, perpetually Mad Online. ~Racism Racial prejudice plus structural oppression and power that negatively impacts a group ~ Those who like to call out others do not like to be called out. ~ Get out! See the world! Expand your consciousness and empathy for people different than you and your racist ass family! ~ Put his accountant in charge. Getting that big a losses for tax purposes is magic. ~ Warning: Copyright ResMed. Where the contents of this email and/or attachment includes materials prepared by ResMed, the use of those materials is subject exclusively to the conditions of engagement between ResMed and the intended recipient. This communication is confidential and may contain legally privileged information. By the use of email over the Internet or other communication systems, ResMed is not waiving either confidentiality of, or legal privilege in, the content of the email and of any attachments. If the recipient of this message is not the intended addressee, please call ResMed immediately in the US on (800) 424-0737. ~ @FattMernandez Her: [Whispered] I’m not wearing any underwear. Him: [Whispered] That’s ok, I wore two pairs just in case. ~ @NateSilver538 agrees If it is any consolation my Georgia electoral votes will go to grab them by the pussy ~ Google @nancyodell and you see a picture of her in low cut dress with lots of cleavage… who chose that picture? ~ is furniture shopping the 2005 version of netfilx and chill? ~ @XLNB Trump is being so delicately dealt with in this situation it’s infuriating. ~ The czech is in the male ~ As John Lennon said: Keep them doped with religion and sex and tv make them think they’re so clever and classless and free ~ a facebook hero is so hard to be ~ I rode across Arkansas in the middle of the night. Does that count? ~ Will there be footnotes? ~ ‏@nihilist_arbys Look at the bright side: soon the sun will swallow the earth, erasing humanity from the universe forever Eat Arbys ~ Great Talk about an alleged assault from 1978. Ignore the national debt, carbon dioxide pollution, wars in Africa, Syria, Ukraine, Mexico, etc etc. ~ @ChuckGamble1968 One thing the #TrumpTapes does prove is that Donny really could shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose voters. Ralph Reed won’t leave him. @chamblee54 bragging about “furniture shopping” is not the same as shooting people @ChuckGamble1968 So, furniture shopping is all you take from that? No wonder you have a bag over your head to hide your ignorance. @chamblee54 No, that is just one of the more polite things he said… don’t claim to be a xtian if you don’t understand subtlety @ChuckGamble1968 Doesn’t claim to be a Christian and then say horrible things to others on Twitter. ~ Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. One group of pictures: Ship’s company, [U.S.S.] Maine. The photgrapher was Edward H. Hart. The other group: Night meeting in the Farm Security Administration office, Rural Rehabilitation Division, Visalia, Tulare County, California. 144 families have applied for farm purchase loans under the Farm Tenancy Act, passed by Congress in 1937. Ten applicants from this region of four counties will be finally selected. The date was November 1938. The photographer was Dorothea Lange ~ selah











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