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RISK!, hosted by the ever fabulous Kevin Allison, is one of the best podcasts on the intercom. RISK! is “where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public.” A new episode is posted at the start of every week. Recently, PG has neglected to listen to new episodes. This means that someday he will binge listen, which might have mental health consequences.

The first show in the que is episode #744, Oh Canada! The first story will be tough to beat. An EMT tells about a man who gets bored, and cuts off his penis. The cutup uses a mach3 razor to harvest the crop. Four episodes later, the Dollar Shave Club has a commercial on the show.

The other two stories on episode #744 are highly entertaining. A man smuggles his Venezuelan boyfriend over the Canadian border into Washington state. A lady becomes a professional singer, leaves an abusive partner, and decides to install horseshoes. The third career is going well, until she tries working during a tornado.

Podcasts are great background for multi tasking. There is editing pictures from The Library of Congress. Another project for these sounds was Excellence Is Never. This graphic poem has backgrounds from the Wylie Street Marta wall. The text was originally translations. Aristotle is said to have uttered the originals, in ancient Greek, a long time ago.

Episode #746, Naughty Bits, is next. A bachelor party goes to an illegal Russian strip club, with near fatal consequences. A young lady loses her virginity to a young man, and decides it is not that great. Before long, she realizes that she likes to eat pussy, hopefully before it is grabbed by Donald Trump. In the last tale, barely gay man goes to see a bootleg doctor.

Episode #748 is Flustered. A young lady is attacked on the subway by a one eyed man. Any public transit veteran can see this story happening to them. A young man tries to get a job, and another man tries to calm down a school for troubled youth. The Rodney King verdict has just been announced. The kids are ready to riot.

The fourth story on episode #748 is from RISK! favorite T.S. Madison. The Conyers, Georgia, resident is a per-operative trans woman, a “big dicked bitch.” Miss Madison has a way with words. Her story is about the funeral of a “fine” young man. There was a surprise.

As the name of the show implies, you take a chance when listening to RISK!. Sometimes, your buttons get pushed. This is not an endurance contest. If you don’t like what you hear, then you can turn it off. Nobody will think you are less of a person for not listening all the way to the end, at least on the podcast. Live shows may be different.

PG had to turn off episode #750, Curveballs. The first story is about a wealthy lady, illness, financial reversal, and her sorry children. The next story, “GI Jew,” is about a wounded soldier who is comforted by religion. While some people are comforted by G-d stories, PG thinks about the misery that Jesus has brought into his life. The first minute of the third story is about magic, and how it relates to the Mormon church. PG had heard enough by this point.

Episode #751, Live From Nashville, began with a story that PG could not finish. A black man, talking about life in prison, is not good for the local mental health. Neither was an abusive father, or crib death. The last story was a young man whose family was kicked out of a whacko church, just before he testified about the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue. At least the crib death lady had a southern accent. Sometimes, a small bit of enjoyment is all you have.

Episode #801, Raging, is the last show in this binge. The last story is a bookend to the first one: a meth horror story, part grossout, part trendy rehab, tied up in a neat package by the happy ending. When you hear enough of these stories, you can tell when the time limit clock is clicking. You might call it the TED talk syndrome.

The other stories in this episode hold their own. A young lady goes to a Russian restaurant, with her Uzbecki family. Some people are behaving badly. The young lady is obligated to kick some inebriated ass. She is a fighter, not a ballerina.

In the middle tale, a young man misses the last bus home. A queen offers him a ride home, and will not take no for an answer. Strong measures are indicated. This story prompted a letter to the RISK! website, about the issue of sensitivity to tender fee fees, while telling dangerous stories.

The letter about political correctness was answered by Kevin. He did not begin the note by saying “Hey folks, this is Kevin,” as he does for the show. Kevin always sounds like he is either laughing about something, or getting mooned by an Asian. We all have things that we enjoy.

RISK! is always looking for donations, per podcast custom. Or maybe that is perp oddcast. Overindulgence in dangerous activities is not always painless. Nor is playing music during a war. The pictures for today’s feature were edited while listening to episode #801. These images were taken from three group pictures: Drum Corps, 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va., June, 1861, Group of Co. A, 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va., June, 1861, and “Elmira Cornet Band,” Thirty-third Regiment, of the New York State Volunteers, July 1861.









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    […] the show while editing the historic pictures that illustrate this blog. There was even a post once, Binge Listening To RISK! PG eventually recovered. The last time RISK! was in Atlanta, they played a sold out club in East […]

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