Making Friends

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Display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ Making friends with “cunt” ~ my rejected vignette on writing assessment and social justice for College English ~ I see a lot of *facebook friends* are checking in at Cannon Ball, ND. This is supposed to confuse the authorities. At this time, Snopes says “research in progress.” My gut feeling is that the Sheriff in Morton County is going to catch on very quickly to this. I suspect it is not having any effect by this time. ~ The Andy Griffith Show ~ Neal Boortz ~ Pharoah Sanders ~ Thomas Jefferson to William Hamilton, 22 April 1800 ~ Big O ~ STUDS TERKEL WITH DOROTHY PARKER/BOB NEWHART – CHICAGO 1959/1960 ~ DP “I can’t call myself a critic. Honestly. I can only put down what I think and pray there isn’t a libel suit.” ST A good poet can be a good short story writer, but unless he is a poet he cannot be a short story writer DP “I’m not a poet, you know, I just write verse” “The beat boys aren’t saying anything except look at us aren’t we great” “I don’t think the beat generation is much worth worrying about. Very soon, in the very near future, they will be as forgotten as mah jongg.” “I wish the beat boys would go some place else, I don’t know where. If I didn’t have hope as might as well be dead.” ST did she really say all those things that she was quoted as saying DP … no, no, and it was a curse on me, it was simply awful the things that were attributed to me. I wouldn’t have minded if they had been good. I was, in effect, the shaggy dog of my time, all the stories ~ Tommy Said ~ Dorothy Parker ~ Our Generation Needs to Stop Being Offended by Everything and Learn How to Take a Joke ~ Blogalicious ~ Are My Attitudes About Race Any Of Your Business? ~ Woody Allen: his 40 best one-liners ~ A Big Bach Download: All of Bach’s Organ Works for Free ~ read this later ~ Louise ~ Why Does MTV Decoded Hate White People?!? ~ why your server hates you- black people ~ Throwback: When Justin Vivian Bond Met John Cameron Mitchell ~ Playing Dead ~ Hunter S. Thompson ~ In An Election Defined By Race, How Do We Define Race? ~ Report: Aides block Trump from Twitter ~ Tayveon Thomas ~ Cedric Clark ~ Deadliest weekend in Chicago this year: 17 killed, 42 more wounded ~ What about “pardon the pun”? Will we be pardoning the Trump someday? ~ i never considered a difference of opinion ~ Maybe the snake should have bitten Eve ~ @nihilist_arbys Last night, several lifelong Cubs fans died during the game, missing the culmination of their pointless existences by mere seconds Eat Arbys ~ #Blogalicious8 is three miles, $349-$998, and a gender reassignment away I don’t think I will attend ~ alice jacobs, pro life commiitte, dedicated to saving unborn babies, called. are you pro life, pro choice, or in between? in between ~ I understand, thank you for your time ~that is more fun than eniltleb regork ~ I live, and vote, in Georgia. Our electoral votes will probably go for Mr. Trump. My individual vote is meaningless. ~ Come sit back, relax, Sound like something you’d like? Hit me up. ~ The US Senate, and US House of Representatives, are hopeless. There are state constitutional amendments to consider, and a couple of local races. Besides, I just like the ritual of voting. My polling place is the cafetorium of the grammar school I attended. I have held my nose there many times. ~ maybe that is ill eagle He looks like a sick bird ~ @thedeadauthor So Slavoj Žižek supports Trump. And I thought the only things he had in common with Melania were that he’s from Slovenia and a plagiarist. @SlavojTweezek I am not a “plagiarist”; When you write as much as I do you are bound to reproduce others’ words by chance – like monkeys typing Shakespeare ~ photographs today are from The Library of Congress. These nineteen thirty eight photographs were taken in California by Dorthea Lange ~ selah 8b32511x









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