Election Day

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on November 8, 2016








This election day started like many others. The four year elections, with the olympics, and a presidential race, are different from the two year governor election. This one is going to be boring. Georgia is going to vote for Mr. Trump. Any vote you make is a protest vote. It would be fun if he got below fifty percent, and we had a runoff.

Down ballot voting is uninspiring today. The US senate, and sixth district house, are runaways. This does not stop the incumbents from collecting bribes, or campaign contributions, for those who want to influence them. It is a racket.

If you look at the electoral votes, there is almost no way Mrs. Clinton can lose. Most of the states are glowing red, or bitch blue. The only states in play are Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. Even if Mr. Trump gets all three of those, Mrs. Clinton will still win. There is no need to worry about it. Blonde rinse will win over orange disaster.

It is now time to walk to the school, and vote. For about ten steps, I consider a protest opportunity. If I vote for the orange idiot, people will say I am a racist. Again. While this is tempting, there will be many other opportunities to offend the social justice militia.

Walking into the school, I notice the smell. The building smells the same, fifty six years after first grade. There are signs, encouraging parents to let children walk to class by themselves. The cafetorium has new tables, with the seats built in.

There is nobody in line. While filling out the form, my cell phone rings. It is a cheerful lady, selling home security services. When I returned to the check in table, the man asked me to put the phone on vibrate. There was a sign. The use of cell phones is forbidden. The text message from central control, telling me how to vote, will be ignored.

The process of voting was simple. Many of the races were unopposed incumbents, or Republicans with token opposition. The congressional Democrat is named Rodney Stooksbury. This is not satire.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. The men are union soldiers, during the War Between the States. There were four original images, broken into smaller groups. These images: Drum Corps, 93rd N.Y. Infantry, Bealeton, Va., 22d New York State Militia near Harper’s Ferry, Va., 1862, Company G, 22d New York State Militia near Harpers Ferry, Va., 1862, and Company D, 22d New York State Militia near Harpers Ferry, Va. 1862.










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