Episode 34455

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Episode 44455 of Bloggingheads TV was Glenn Loury and John McWhorter. PG knows that he will never get anything done while listening to these men. Every few minutes, something worth recording will be said. Video clips, or dingle links, will be used in this story.

The discussion centered on why America chose a hairpiece challenged man to be POTUS. John scored the first zinger. It is unfair to consider the Pennsylvania voter a moral troglodyte if he does not prioritize racism above all other considerations. This contrasts with a popular facebook meme: Trump voters may not be racist, but they do not consider racism to be a deal breaker.

This concept of equating anti racism with moral probity comes up throughout the show. John says that one problem with Mr. Trump is not that he is racist, but that he doesn’t have the decency to hide it. Is this decency, or a socially presentable fig leaf? And isn’t the appeal of Mr. Trump that he does not play these games, but says what he really thinks/what his supporters want to hear? The line between show biz, and governance, gets blurrier all the time.

The various incidents of anti minority violence, reputedly spawned by the Trump election, were discussed. Glenn talked about a Chicago incident, where a white man was attacked by a black group. The attackers were chanting “Don’t Vote Trump.” Glenn called the attack racist. Evidently, Dr. Loury has not gotten the memo that “black people cannot be racist.”

Glenn soon got into a full blown rant, shouting “GROW UP That’s why you lost the election because you thought name calling was a substitute for making political arguments.” This may be overestimating the intelligence of the voting population. You don’t win a reality show glamor contest with intellectual arguments about government policy. Hillary did make some sound arguments in the debates, only to be overshadowed by jokes about pussy grabbing. In the end, Mr. Trump got his majority of electoral votes.

Were the voters in the three MI-PA-WI states impressed by the moralizing hypocrites who denounced Mr. Trump as a pussy grabbing racist? The issues vs personality quagmire was repeatedly worked over, with Dr. Loury taking the uncomfortable position of defending Mr. Trump. It got so bad that Dr. McWhorter asked Dr. Loury Did you vote for that jackass?

BHTV is unique among podcasts. It has video cameras, so you see the squawking heads. It is not always a smooth process. At one point, the image froze. This was sixteen seconds after John said the n word, which may affect video transmission after all. If only it had ended in a, instead of er.

Dr. McWhorter is a professor at an Ivy League college. Unfortunately, when he is listening to Dr. Loury talk, Dr. McWhorter looks dumb. This does not have anything to do with the intellectual capacity of Dr. McWhorter, but rather the face he presents when listening. Instead of resting bitch face, Dr. McWhorter has resting stupid face.

John said the election was a referendum on pc. This is political correctness, not personal computers vs macs. This was a minute and a half after Glenn was ranting about the idiocy of #alllivesmatter vs #blacklivesmatter. Did this election really come down to what adjective goes in front of #___livesmatter? Glenn denounced the eagerness of the democrats to be heard saying #blacklivesmatter. To him, the democrats were “under the sway of a misguided, self absorbed, morally superficial movement.”

James Baldwin has been on Dr. McWhorter’s reading list. From this, he has opinions about “the lesson that white people need to learn about their whiteness.” Imagine, for a minute, a white man saying that black people need to learn a lesson about their blackness. That may have been what Glenn was thinking when he said that John was the “victim of your own racial narcissism.”

There was more disagreement today than usual today. In the end, they agreed to disagree, and moved on. A more confrontational person might not have done so. Maybe that is what is needed in america today. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.








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