Ten Things You Cannot Say

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There was a post at listserve, Top 10 Things You Should Never Discuss Online. PG is going to take this as a challenge, and try to say something rude about all ten. November 19 was International Men’s Day, and World Toilet Day. Real men have lots of opinions. This is a repost.

01 Religion On the day PG was born, his father called the church choir director, at 6am, to sign PG up. The choir director, a gentleman named Ray Smathers, went back to sleep. PG thinks that Mr. Smathers had the right idea.

02 Origins of Man Gorillas and chimpanzees are embarrassed by people.

03 Politics A man is drowning fifty feet offshore. A democrat throws seventy five feet of rope, and then doesn’t tie it to anything. A republican throws twenty five feet of rope, and says that swimming to the rope will build character.

04 The Holocaust What Hitler did seventy five years ago does not justify dropping white phosphorous on children in Gaza today.

05 Gun Control A prominent politician in Georgia took some pills, and called his mother. The prominent politician said he was killing himself. If the prominent politician had used a gun, he would have succeeded.

06 Abortion PG has never had an abortion.

07 Race Relations PG does not like people who do not like PG.

08 Jesus Christ What Jesus worshipers call Jesus is a man made spirit, that has little in common with the historic figure. We know little about the man in Palestine two thousand years ago. The spirit called Jesus is a source of misery to PG.

09 Homosexuality If you have to ask, do you really need to know?

10 The Middle East If there was no oil there, would anyone care?










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