Cyber Monday Sixteen

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Display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ young ~ The quiet racism behind the white female Trump voter ~ the crusader ~ Donald Trump lands a high-profile newspaper endorsement—from the KKK ~ An Open Letter To The Good Guys ~ George P. Bush III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know ~ Black on black crime: Myth or not? ~ Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2016 ~ Dark Tourism ~ 16 Years Ago, William F. Buckley Wrote This About Donald Trump And It’s Eerily Accurate ~ Race in Trump’s America ~ Ten Reasons Bernie Sanders Would not and Could not have beaten Trump ~ Donald Trump Is a Racist ~ Hear a Great Radio Documentary on William S. Burroughs Narrated by Iggy Pop ~ We need a ‘PC’ that includes white people ~ Let’s Be Careful With the “White Supremacy” Label ~ Jameca Price ~ ~ Those who forget the past are condemned to retweet it. ~ Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~ This channel doesn’t have any content ~ Dig this friggin’ article? We send pieces like this twice a week, and we bet you probably would like to read more oddball pieces just like this one. We respect your inbox, BTW. ~ i have a tough time modulating my voice because i’m always yelling” Marc Maron WTF 761 1:03:15 ~ instead of crying wolf, the public screams racist, which has the effect of obscuring much more serious issues ~ Joe: Barry, this is big fucking deal ~ The election of Donald Trump is G-d shitting in one hand. ~ ‏ Most sources on the first google page say this is an exaggeration. ~ @nihilist_arbys In honor of all you fatty animals ripping each other to shreds in Walmart for a slightly cheaper TV, Arbys is serving shredded animals today ~ There’s nothing here. Whatever you were looking for doesn’t currently exist at this address. Unless you were looking for this error page, in which case: Congrats! You totally found it. ~ Comments are disabled for this video. ~ is G-d Speed his drug of choice these days? ~ Vote for Hillary or you are a racist. ~ talk about racism is ultimate distraction.. get white people & black people fighting & you can steal anything ~ Pictures for your virtual entertainment are today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah







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