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She Is Nursing The Baby Jesus

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The story below was found at the website of James Petras . HT to palestinianpundit. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This is a repost.

The settlements were still being built, financed mostly by Jewish money from America, contributions from Wall Street speculators and owners of gambling dens. “Good thing”, Joseph thought, “we have a few sheep and olive trees and Mary keeps some chickens. But Joseph worried, “cheese and olives are not enough to feed a growing boy. Mary is due to deliver our son any day”. His dreams foretold of a sturdy son working alongside of him…multiplying loaves and fish.

The settlers looked down on Joseph. He rarely attended shul, and on the high holidays, he would show up late to avoid the tithe. Their simple cottage was located in a nearby ravine with water from a stream, which flowed year round. It was choice real estate for any settlement expansion. So when Joseph fell behind on his property tax, the settlers took over their home, forcibly evicted Joseph and Mary and offered them a one-way bus ticket to Jerusalem. Joseph, born and raised in the arid hills, fought back and bloodied not a few settlers with his labor-hardened fists. But in the end he sat, battered on their bridal bed under the olive tree, in black despair. Mary, much the younger, felt the baby’s movements. Her time was near. “We have to find shelter, Joseph, we have to move on …this is no time for revenge”, she pleaded. Joseph, who believed with the Old Testament prophets in an “eye for an eye”, reluctantly agreed. So it was that Joseph sold their sheep, chickens and other belongings to an Arab neighbor and bought a donkey and cart. He loaded up the mattress, some clothes, cheese, olives and eggs and they set out for the Holy City.

The donkey path was rocky and full of potholes. Mary winced at every bump; she worried that it would harm the baby. Worse, this was the road for the Palestinians with military checkpoints everywhere. No one ever told Joseph that, as a Jew, he could have taken a smooth paved road – forbidden to the Arabs. At the first roadblock Joseph saw a long line of Arabs waiting. Pointing to his very pregnant wife, Joseph asked the Palestinians, half in Arabic, half in Hebrew, if they could go ahead. A path was opened and the couple went forward. A young soldier raised his rifle and told Mary and Joseph to get down from the cart. Joseph descended and nodded to his wife’s stomach. The soldier smirked and turned to his comrades, “The old Arab knocks up the girl he bought for a dozen sheep and now he wants a free pass”. Joseph, red with anger, shouted in rough Hebrew, “I am a Jew. But unlike you … I respect pregnant women”. The soldier poked Joseph with his rifle and ordered him to step back: “You are worse than an Arab – you’re an old Jew who screws Arab girls”. Mary frightened by the exchange turned to her husband and cried, “Stop Joseph or he will shoot you and our baby will be born an orphan”.

With great difficulty, Mary got down from the wagon. An officer came out of the guard station, summoning a female soldier, “Hey Judi, go feel under her dress, she might be carrying bombs” “What’s the matter? Don’t you like to feel them yourself anymore? ” Judith barked back in Brooklyn-accented Hebrew. While the soldiers argued, Mary leaned on Joseph for support. Finally, the soldiers came to an agreement. “Pull-up your dress and slip”, Judith ordered. Mary blanched in shame. Joseph faced the gun in disgrace. The soldiers laughed and pointed at Mary’s swollen breasts, joking about an unborn terrorist with Arab hands and a Jewish brain.

Joseph and Mary continued on the way to the Holy City. They were frequently detained at the checkpoints along the way. Each time they suffered another delay, another indignity and more gratuitous insults spouted by Sephardim and Ashkenazi, male and female, secular and religious – all soldiers of the Chosen people. It was dusk when Mary and Joseph finally reached the Wall. The gates had closed for the night. Mary cried out in pain, “Joseph, I can feel the baby coming soon. Please do something quickly”. Joseph panicked. He saw the lights of a small village nearby and, leaving Mary on the cart, Joseph ran to the nearest house and pounded on the door. A Palestinian woman opened the door slightly and peered into the dark, agitated face of Joseph. “Who are you? What do you want?” “I am Joseph, a carpenter from the hills of Hebron. My wife is about to give birth and I need shelter to protect Mary and the baby”. Pointing to Mary on the donkey cart, Joseph pleaded in his strange mixture of Hebrew and Arabic.

“Well, you speak like a Jew but you look like an Arab,” the Palestinian woman said laughing as she walked back with him to the cart. Mary’s face was contorted with pain and fear: her contractions were more frequent and intense. The woman ordered Joseph to bring the cart around to a stable where the sheep and chickens were kept. As soon as they entered, Mary cried out in pain and the Palestinian woman, who had now been joined by a neighbor midwife, swiftly helped the young mother down onto a bed of straw. And thus the child was born, as Joseph watched in awe.

It came to pass that shepherds, returning from their fields, heard the mingled cries of birth and joy and hurried to the stable carrying both their rifles and fresh goat milk, not knowing whether it was friend or foe, Jew or Arab. When they entered the stable and beheld the mother and infant, they put aside their weapons and offered the milk to Mary who thanked them in both Hebrew and Arabic. And the shepherds were amazed and wondered: Who were these strange people, a poor Jewish couple, who came in peace on a donkey cart inscribed with Arabic letters?

The news quickly spread about the strange birth of a Jewish child just outside the Wall in a Palestinian’s stable. Many neighbors entered and beheld Mary, the infant and Joseph. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers, equipped with night vision goggles, reported from their watchtowers overlooking the Palestinian neighborhood, “The Arabs are meeting just outside the Wall, in a stable, by candle light”. The gates under the watchtowers flew open and armored carriers with bright lights followed by heavily armed solders drove out and surrounded the stable, the assembled villagers and the Palestinian woman’s house. A loud speaker blared, “Come out with your hands up or we’ll shoot.” Joseph stepped forward with his hands stretched out to the sky and spoke, “My wife, Mary cannot comply with your order. She is nursing the baby Jesus”












Sausage Jockey

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My Hands Are Bleeding

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Razor Girl

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Towards the end of Razor Girl, Carl Hiaasen has another fit of alliteration. Somebody doesn’t care is a lady is “bisexual, bi-polar, or bio-hazard.” Those three buys sum up the plot nicely. Key West makes the first part redundant. Florida makes the next two necessary. Quote marks were not used.

Mr. scary last name (Carl heAHSin) writes fun books. There is a formula. The hero is a man, with a checkered past. He falls for a damsel in distress. The bad people are New Jersey refugees baking in the sun. As Hunter S. Thompson might have said, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

CH said, in a promotional interview: What’s next for you? “Right now I’m working on another book for young readers. I can’t say much about it because it’s early, and I have no idea where the plot is going at the moment. But the characters are pretty smart, so I’m sure they’ll figure things out.”

There is a plot innovation. The damsel in distress is one of the criminals. Merry Mansfield is paid to crash cars into other cars. When the crashee goes to investigate, they find a red haired lady, shaving her pussy. One early participant is Andrew Yancey. He is a former detective, who was demoted to inspecting restaurants, i.e. the roach patrol. This does not reefer to the end of a marijuana cigarette.

Since chamblee54 avoids spoiler alerts, we will not say whether razor girl does the bone dance with roach patrol dude. There are crimes to solve. A mid eastern man falls off the conch train, and is stabbed to death by a ceramic dolphin. A sleazy lawyer begins to use Pitrolux®, the deodorant/testosterone combination. The attorney has TV commercials promoting his class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Pitrolux®, where he claims to be a fellow victim. He was telling the truth. Just because the lips are moving…

Razor Girl has a few plot twists that make no sense whatsoever. The reader learns to roll with it, and enjoy the fun. A certain morality exists. The book is slick commercial product, designed by Soonyoung Kwon. Pictures, for this chamblee54 book report, are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”










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Today is National Fruitcake Day PG sees a chance for some text to put between pictures. He would be nutty as a fruitcake to turn down this chance. This is a repost. Part two of this recycled holiday blog party is a tribute to The Fruitcake Lady.

Fruitcakes were buried with the dead in Ancient Egypt. It’s true. Ancient Egyptians used to fill the tombs of the dead with all the supplies that they would need to enjoy the afterlife, including food and water. Fruitcake was often put into the tomb of a deceased person because a fruitcake soaked in a natural preservative like alcohol or fruit juice would last a long time. It was thought that the preserved fruitcake would not spoil on the journey to the afterlife. Fruitcake was a staple food of other ancient Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian and Mediterranean cultures as well

Candied fruits are used in fruitcake because using sugar was the only way to preserve the fruit long enough to get it back to Europe from the Middle East. When the Crusaders began carrying exotic fruits back to their European home the fresh fruit would spoil long before they were able to get it home. Ingenious traders began drying the fruits by candying them with sugar which made them an even more delicious treat and preserved them indefinitely. Once the candied fruits were sent to Europe and to other parts of the world they were baked into cakes so that they could be shared with family and friends on special occasions.

Fruitcakes will last for years without spoiling. It’s true. A fruitcake that is properly preserved with an alcohol soaked cheesecloth that is then wrapped in plastic wrap or foil can be kept unrefrigerated for years without spoiling. In the past, before refrigerators came along, families would make fruitcake for holidays and special occasions months in advance of the actual event and then let the covered fruitcakes sit wrapped in an alcohol soaked cloth until the event happened. As long as the cloth was remoistened with alcohol occasionally the cakes not only didn’t spoil, they actually tasted richer and sweeter because they had been soaking in brandy and rum for a couple of months.

To millions of fruitcake consumers, the town of Claxton GA is very special. This south Georgia town, just down the road from Reidsville, is home to Claxton Fruit Cake . The story of the Claxton Fruit Cake company is a sweet one. Savino Tos founded the Claxton Bakery in 1910. He hired Albert Parker in 1927, and sold him the business in 1945. Mr. Parker decided to sell Fruit Cake to America.

No story about fruitcake is complete without mentioning the “Fruitcake Lady”. Marie Rudisill , an aunt of Truman Capote, wrote a book of fruitcake recipes. She became a tv celebrity, before going to the bakery in the sky November 3, 2006.

The urban dictionary has nine listings for fruit cake. The ones for homosexuals and crazy people are there. UD gets creative with this selection: “The act of releasing green chunky diarrhea onto your partners face then, ejaculating on it, then punching him/her in the nose causing the colors to mix together to form a fruit cake like color.”

If you tire of jokes about fruitcake, you can go to The society for the protection and preservation of fruitcake . (If you click on the “new URL”, you will be invited to join in the green card lottery.) There used to be a link on the society page that enables you to buy Fruitcake Mints. “Keep your breath fruitcake fresh with these festive mints!”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










There was a political comment on facebook. The last sentence was “No wonder Georgia turned Republican after the Clintons sold poor people out.” The person making this comment was born in 1980, the same year Georgia elected a Republican to the US Senate. This person also was born and raised in Florida. PG thought of a smart comeback. This is a repost.

There was a famous video by the Fruitcake Lady. In the first part, a young lady asks who to vote for in an upcoming election. FL makes a face, and said “you’re gonna ask someone who lives in FLORIDA how to vote?” This is along the lines of a Floridian transplant explaining the Republicanization of Georgia. Unfortunately, the video with the Fruitcake Lady had been taken down for copyright infringement. The spell check suggestions for Republicanization: Recapitalization, Cannibalization.

PG wasn’t really doing anything, and was in the mood for a google wild goose chase. This led to an amazing article, Sweet as Sugar, Rude as Hell, My Lost Interview with Truman Capote’s Aunt. A writer for the fishwrapper went to a mobile home in Hudson, FL. He talked to Marie Rudisill, who was best known as Truman Capote’s “Aunt Tiny.” The meeting took place in 1997, and was not what the writer expected. A family friendly version of the meeting was published The journalist received a slice of fruitcake in the mail. Everyone concerned went on with their lives.

Marie Rudisill died November 3, 2006, after becoming famous as the Fruitcake Lady. As for the journalist: “When I left The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2009, I stashed 27 years of old newspapers, tapes and ephemera in my garage. Nothing is more depressing to me than those boxes of old newspapers. It’s my own private morgue — replete with the sickening scent of dust and roach pills…. When I finally mustered the courage to dig around, I found the Lewis interviews — as well as a cache of other recordings. Three of the tapes had Rudisill’s name scribbled on them. I was not quite ready to listen, though. I put them in a box and labeled it.”

In 1924, Truman Streckfus Persons was born in New Orleans LA. His mother, Lillie Mae (Aunt Tiny’s older sister) left her husband behind, and took the boy to Monroeville AL. They lived in a wild household. A neighbor was Harper Lee, who wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Miss Lee was a close friend, as was Sook. This is Truman’s cousin, the fruitcake chef herone of “A Christmas Memory.”

After a while, Lillie Mae married Joe Capote, who adopted the boy. They moved to New York, where Aunt Tiny joined them. Truman was sent to military school. Everyone, except Lillie Mae, thought this was a terrible idea. The effort to butch up young Truman did not work.

Aunt Tiny wrote a book, Truman Capote: The Story of His Bizarre and Exotic Boyhood by an Aunt Who Helped Raise Him. It was published in 1983, a year before Truman died. “The book scandalized Monroeville — and Capote. He told The Washington Post: “If there are 20 words of truth in it, I will go up on a cross to save humanity.” Said Harper Lee: “I have never seen so many misstatements of fact per sentence as in that book.”

There is one story that sticks out…. “Rudisill breaks down just once during our interview. It’s when she recalls “the first time Truman ever had a sexual encounter with a priest.” She was living in Greenwich Village, having followed Lillie Mae and Truman to New York. “He was sitting on my doorstep when I came home from work, and he had blood all in his pants, and then he told me about this priest. And nobody, I don’t think anybody in the world ever knew that but me.”

There is more to the story. If you have the time, you might enjoy reading the full article. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.










Umbrage Unicorn

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Magnolia Street

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Display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ Ray Bradbury “Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” ~ Breaking!!! Video Footage! The New World Order Just Assassinated A Russian Ambassador!!! ~ “Laura Jane Grace is the lead vocalist for a band. LJG was formerly known as Tom. This podcast is about the rock and roll experience, from a trans perspective. LJG is not always politically correct, as you might expect from someone whose memoir is titled “Tranny.” At one point, LJG was talking about writing a song that the drummer had a tough time playing. LJG said ” I don’t want to be a dick about it.” ~ Jerry Lewis ~ Hey, white guys: we came up for some New Year’s Resolutions for you. ~ Yikes: MTV Video ‘2017 Resolutions for White Guys’ Airs Laundry List of Grievances ~ Devastating: Man Finds Out His Wife Is Cheating, Liveblogs His Private Investigator Catching Her In The Act, Finds Out His Sister-In-Law Is Involved ~ TIFU by reading my wife’s text messages. She’s cheating on me ~ Terry Gilliam’s Lost Animations from Monty Python and the Holy Grail Are Now Online ~ How to Tell When a Spiritual Teacher Is Lying ~ The Saddam interrogation: Ten years after the tyrant’s execution, the CIA agent who grilled him reveals the shattering truth… that everything the US thought it knew was WRONG ~ MTV Decoded ~ George Orwell’s Life & Literature Presented in a 3-Hour Radio Documentary: Features Interviews with Those Who Knew Orwell Best ~ Why Everyone Should Work in a Restaurant ~ anal sex … the slang synonyms for “anal sex” are listed above. According to the algorithm behind Urban Thesaurus, the top 5 slang words for “anal sex” are: phelps, buttsex, sodomy, butt fuck, and cornhole. There are 1262 other synonyms or words related to anal sex listed above. … You might also have noticed that many of the synonyms or related slang words are racist/sexist/offensive/downright appalling – that’s mostly thanks to the lovely community over at Urban Dictionary (not affiliated with Urban Thesaurus). … Hopefully the related words and synonyms for “anal sex” are a little tamer than average. ~ Comic: The weirdness of being black in white spaces after the election ~ What You Resist, Persists’: The Carl Jung Quiz ~ 12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms ~ This meme, about ignorance, has a quote from Isaac Asimov. A source for the quote is given. ~ Tom Chantry Has Been Arrested and Is Now Jailed in Arizona ~ Armistead Maupin Interview, July 5, 2009 ~ Bukowski Bio (1973) (1 of 5) ~ 16-year-old accused in murder now accused in violent kidnapping ~ Notes on MOONLIGHT and KING COBRA ~ Pastor jailed: Charged with five counts of child molestation Editor’s note: Due to the sensitive nature of this story, the commenting feature has been disabled. Feel free to send letters to the editor for consideration to ~ 2016 Internet Slang: A Year in Review Woke Receipts Lowkey Here for Extra Ship Tea Unicorn Lit Fam Garbage Cuck ~ @DarylALTA #MusingsFromBarbiesDiary Couldn’t fit Ken’s corpse in the Corvette trunk. Oh God what am I gonna do? His head just popped right off! ~ I am looking forward to Melania Trump as FLOTUS. ~ ______ your _____ in _____ and _____! ~ @ChrchCurmudgeon If the complementarians are right, Santa’s wife is a subordinate Claus. ~ @PeterMoskos Similarly if you omit Chicago,Vegas,Houston,Memphis,Dallas,S Diego,Detroit,S Jose,Austin,Lou’ville,&OklaCity, you get no homicide increase! ~ Is thought control a double oxymoron? There is little thought, and attempts at control are futile. ~ HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL IN T-COLOR ~ Maybe JL recognized MM to be as much of an assholeas he is, and behaved (?) accordingly. ~ I would like to see the entire road called Magnolia Street. Andrew Young International Blvd, formerly International Blvd., is tacky and pretentious. AYIB was formerly known as Cain Street, which would also be an improvement. ~ ‏@VeryShortStory The playful pictures of puppies and kittens posted by the chair helped brighten my clients minds as I performed my duties as executioner. ~ Do you know anyone with a chap book for sale? ~ i used to work with a Korean lady named Hyo Sim. She knew two English expressions. “Thank you you’re so sweet” “Lordy Lordy mercy shit.” ~ Race relations deteriorated during his time in office. Demoze tried to exploit this, and it blew up in their face. BHO was part of the problem, telling black people he would be disappointed if they did not vote for HRC. ~ The presidency is as much style as substance. BHO was great at style, and *pretty good* at substance. ~ Thank you. The GSU library has a terrific collection, with a so-so search engine. Pictures are listed by description, rather than by identifier number. I can enter “aerial” into the two collections I do the most work with. A bit of google elbow grease… or is that mouse oil … can get results. ~ Maybe instead of a leg ally (legally), you should be an arm ally. ~ Is white self loathing a form of racism? ~ BHO telling black people he will be disappointed in them if they don’t vote for HRC is racist, condescending, helped elect DJT ~ We’re all G-d’s children. ~ Maybe the problem is the way you said HH. Was it with kindness and respect, or was it a chip on your shoulder? ~ Is this a rhetorical comment, or did MF have a historically bad “press operation”? ~ The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. ~ could Jesus read? very few people of his day could ~ @TheAtheistPig Yes, I have a religion. It’s called, your god is a fucking asshole. Would you like to convert? ‏@chamblee54 a fucking asshole is more useful than g-d one gets cleaned out regularly ~ There are three kinds of crime: misdemeanors, felonies, and crime statistics ~ Ebeneezer Scrooge is one cool dude. ~ ‏@BrooklynSpoke It’s a big country. There will always be people who say stupid shit. Let it go. Focus on the big problems coming our way. ~ @nihilist_arbys Hey kids! It’s Xmas eve. Anyway, Santa’s not real and soon your parents will be dead. Enjoy Arbys ~ @WernerTwertzog #Christmas is important for reminding Americans that no excess of expenditure can make them happy. ~ @TheJLV Let the eye roll parade continue in perpetuity. ~ you can be a “gay trans feminist” if you like trendy labels and don’t worry too much about what they mean ~ 1. Berate the media. 2. Blacklist critical media. 3. Turn the public against the media. 4. Condemn satirical or critical comments. 5. Threaten the media directly. 6. Limit media access. 7. Bypass the media and communicate with the public directly. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah











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Why don’t I have nipples? ~ What’s the big deal about the mannequin challenge ~ I need to start Yoga. I am not limber ~ It’s been 55 years, and I still haven’t found Ken’s penis. ~ Why do all my clothes have Velcro?! ~ Why does Ken want to party all the time? Is he ever going to grow up? ~ Her brother took an orange marker, colored on my face saying “Make Barbie great again”. At least my hair is real. ~ Think I need hip replacement. ~ It’s never going to work with Ken. He, literally, doesn’t have the balls to handle a woman like me. ~ Ugh, I haven’t washed my hair in forever. It feels like a wig. ~ I should just be happy they held off on Black Barbie as long as they did. ~ Ken has taken his manscaping too far ~ Just because it looks like I have everything on the outside doesn’t mean I’m not hurting on the inside. ~ I must have low expectations of men because mine isn’t anatomically correct ~ If I’m going to be really honest with myself, Diary, I’ve got to admit I don’t like it when kids rip my head off. ~ I hope Ken doesn’t find out about GI Joe ~ pictures are from The Library of Congress.








Enough Enough Enough

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Christmas Pictures

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There is enough talk about Christmas already. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Generation Wuss

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