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Display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ Dontavious Chancy ~ Marquez Montgomery ~ 8 Steps Toward Building Indispensability (Instead of Disposability) Culture ~ 23 Hours of H.P. Lovecraft Stories: Hear Readings & Dramatizations of “The Call of Cthulhu,” “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” & Other Weird Tales ~ Too Much Stigma, Not Enough Persuasion It’s bad enough that liberals toss around charges of racism with more abandon than we should, but it’s far worse if we start calling every sign of racial animus—big or small, accidental or deliberate—white supremacy. I can hardly imagine a better way of proving to the non-liberal community that we’re all a bunch of out-of-touch nutbars who are going to label everyone and everything we don’t like as racist.” ~ Lawyers: Executing Georgia inmate would be unconstitutional ~ Lucian Piane calls RuPaul the ‘N’ word in racist Twitter rant ~ @BlakeTheSequel @kat_blaque GIRL. I have gotten into it with soooo many people over RuPaul’s coonery w/regards to Lucien Piane. I got put in Facebook jail! ~ Language Matters If You’re Trying to Persuade a Trump Voter ~ Comedian Ricky Smith claims black Olive Garden waitress told him she ‘doesn’t like serving blacks’ ~ @Rickonia Just got asked to leave @olivegarden because we asked for a new server because our server said she doesn’t like serving blacks… ~ ‏@kuznation @Kno I’ll I’m saying is as far as we know this guy is sitting at home making up a story everybody is a news reporter today looking for fame (((Morgana Rae))) ~ ‏@morganarae @kuznation @Kno As far as we know, you’re sitting at home with a white hood over your head. ~ two daughters ~ larry sinclair ~ ~ @chescaleigh I’m not offended by ppl calling me Franny, but i think it’s telling that randoms online use in an attempt to speak down to me @JayShabazz ~ stalingrad ~ switched at birth ~ On Colin Kaepernick, Nate Parker, and allegiance to Black women. ~ Baltimore police release video of fatal stabbing on Pulaski Highway ~ Paper Forced to Close Comments On Mall Of America’s First Black Santa Thanks to Racism ~ ‘Santa is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall of America’: Online racists are having a meltdown over mall’s black Santa ~ Laquisha Reynolds ~ Police: Man shot, killed by woman in northwest Atlanta ~ did the demonization of @realDonaldTrump backfire? spell check suggestions: demonetization, demobilization, demoralization, democratization ~ Like reading recommendations? Subscribe to the Riot Rundown, and we’ll send you curated lists of what to read on Book Riot. ~ in my day, i liked marijuana, beer, and LSD Most of that is over now These days i might smoke a bit every six months or so, and get so wasted i don’t know what to do i don’t regret it, but i don’t miss it much either ~ Congratulations. You completed a Trump rant without using the word racist. The obsession with Mr. Trump’s racial attitudes has distracted from concern about more damaging issues. ~ @WernerTwertzog I have a cat: From time to time, I change his name. He does not care. He know that identity Is a human construct And is content Just being. ~ With the electoral college system, the only vote that counts is the state electoral votes. Your individual vote means almost nothing. If you live in Georgia, you voted for Donald Trump. ~ The comment about kids going to school with jews is hearsay from Mr. Bannon’s ex- wife. He denies saying that. As to the second comment… there is nothing good to be said about ~ Could Mr. Trump be secretly gay? What is he trying to cover up with the “grab’m by the pussy” talk, and the conspicuous womanizing? What did Roy Cohn teach him? DJT may be a closet case, which is the most dangerous kind of homophobe. Having Roy Cohn as a mentor is a, pardon the pun, red flag. ~ Brookhaven and the old fourth ward are very, very different. This area has been mostly white, with a handful of non whites, since Camp Gordon was built during World War One. Before that it was mostly woods. The street I am on was built in 1954. It is a bunch of 900 sq ft houses, that sold for roughly the same amount as one year of taxes on these monstrosities. The neighborhood never was block busted. What is happening here is not gentrification. The big new houses drive up the property values, which is only a benefit if you sell out. This increase in property values drives up taxes, which is a major problem now. The inconvenience of construction is temporary. Hopefully, we will get good neighbors when this is over. ~ Is Hillary a cuckette? ~ There is some method involving fasting, drinking olive oil, and something else. It will cause the body to eliminate them. I don’t remember the details, but google might have information. ~ Washington Post started story that the KKK endorsed DJT based on one newspaper of one chapter why do people believe them? ~ We need a word that rhymes with glissen ~ I recently went to @spkheller, with my twitter account @chamblee54. I got the following message: You are blocked from following @spkheller and viewing @spkheller’s Tweets. I have never sent you a message on twitter. And I am blocked. This does not make any sense. I enjoy Tell The Bartender. I was going to send you a compliment on your last episode. And you slap me in the face. I don’t know what the problem is. If you have the time, I would be curious what the problem is. Are you using one of those services, that block everyone on a list? This really sucks. Luther Mckinnon aka Chamblee54 ~ ~ PSYCH RECORDING ~ You are blocked from following @BGDblog and viewing @BGDblog’s Tweets ~ #OddThingsToBeProudAbout blocked by @BDGblog without having visited the page ~ @AnnCoulter Ann Coulter Retweeted Mickey Kaus Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it’s not our fault. ~ @facebookrehab ~ Pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah











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