I’m A Strong Dog

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Display of a link in this facility does not indicate approval of content ~ The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia ~ Georgia’s Dangerous Rush to Execution ~ In FTM testosterone therapy, testosterone (often called “T” for short) can be administered into the body in a number of ways. ~ A Study of Effect of Deodorant and Axillary Hair on Testosterone Absorption in Healthy Participants We’d welcome your feedback! Thank you for visiting our website. You have been selected to participate in a brief customer satisfaction survey to let us know how we can improve your experience.The survey is designed to measure your entire experience, please look for it at the conclusion of your visit. ~ Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry ~ We need an old-school approach to Richard Spencer ~ Don’t trust no n***a no. ~ Religious cats arguing ~ story idea godwins law part two how calling any idiot you don’t like a nazi is a joke how any discussion goes to hell when kkk and white supremacy is mentioned ~ Shootout mannequin challenge leads to gun, marijuana arrests ~ Gun-wielding Alabama Mannequin Challenge leads to 2 arrests; weapons and drugs seized ~ canton dental ~ Dorothea Lange’s Censored Photographs of FDR’s Japanese Concentration Camps ~ Dorothea Lange and the Japanese-American Internment ~ Censored Photos From Inside U.S. Japanese Concentration Camps ~ How telling the truth became racebaiting. ~ The Blind Spots of Liberalism ~ Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr. ~ Gillian Welch returns to “Revival”: “We felt like Martians” ~ another facebook shitfest about race ~ Fake Buddha Quotes ~ 25 Mostly Fake Buddha Quotes That May or May Not Change Your Life ~ 15 Easy Things You Can Do That Will Help When You Feel Like Shit ~ Alyssa Wright and Elijah Ramoutar ~ Nicholas Smarr and Jody Smith ~ Dorothea Lange – An American Odyssey ~ Eudora Welty job application ~ Are You a U.S. History Expert? ~ Dontavis Montgomery ~ How Trump Could Finally Win the War on Terror ~ i’m a strong dog but sometimes i want someone to take my paw and say everything will be all right ~ @WernerTwertzog “It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” –An unknown person who was fired for not asking for permission. @chamblee54 The original saying was “easier to ask for permission” confusing easier for better is an issue for another thinking ~ Comments are reviewed and, in some cases, edited before posting. Not all comments are posted. Chances of a comment being posted are increased if the comment is polite, accurate, grammatical, and substantive or newsworthy. The Sun does not accept comments referring to individuals by only their first names or by nicknames and in the case of most public officials requires, on first reference, a title, such as President Obama or Secretary Clinton. Second references to individuals and public officials require in most cases an honorific, such as Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton. Comments adhering to these style points stand a better chance of being posted. ~ Next time, I will check the address before I leave. They are no longer just off N. Highland. ~ The next time someone tries to drag you into a facebook mudbath, say “I see your comment. I prefer not to reply” ~ A lady on the Dick Cavett show talked about the concept of actors putting on masks to play a part. To her, people in everyday life wear masks all the time. The theater was where an actor took off the mask, to give a performance of reality. ~ I used to leave the North Avenue marta station at 7am, and walk north on West Peachtree Street. Sun Trust Plaza was behind me, and the IBM building was in front of me. ~ One of the ways @ChrisCrocker dealt with unwanted (?) fame was making porno movies. Lets hope that DJT does not do this. BTW, @ChrisCrocker lives in Tennessee. Does anyone know him? ~ I learned something today. I read a story, about a combination of deodorant and testosterone called Pitronex. I googled the ingredients, and learned that the medical term for armpit hair is axillary. The spell check suggestion for axillary is Hillary. You can’t make this stuff up. ~ @postcrunk getting enraged by something, growing passionate about it, becoming apathetic toward it, and forgetting it all in a single 24hour news cycle ~ My dentist is so so, but her office is five minutes away. You win some you lose some. ~ Strategic Communication The late Colonel Harry Summers liked to tell a tale familiar to many who served in Vietnam. In April 1975, after the war was over, the colonel was in a delegation dispatched to Hanoi. In the airport, he got into a conversation with a North Vietnamese colonel named Tu who spoke some English and, as soldiers do, they began to talk shop. After a while, Colonel Summers said: “You know, you never defeated us on the battlefield.” Colonel Tu thought about that for a minute, then replied: “That may be so. But it is also irrelevant.” ~ It took fifty four years, but the heat shield finally killed #johnglenn ~ The dentist I use now is *ok*. The good news is the five minute drive. ~ Just do it before January 20. Obamacare covers butt hurt. ~ “However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?” ~ ‏@existentialcoms Philosophy is important because without it we could never know whether or not it was possible to know if you really know anything. ~ The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. ~ Thank you for the notice. TTTT, I was debating whether, or not, to make the OTP drive. ~ The Washington Post does not need to be talking about critical thinking. ~ why was d lange censored while ansel adams was not? ~ The ego and the super ego walked into a bar. The bartender asked to see their id. ~ @dailyzen Labeling the world to make yourself comfortable is the most popular form of ignorance among ‘intelligent people’. ~ Think of how much fun First Lady Melania Trump is going to be. Just say no is officially obsolete ~ 1-“The KKK” has dozens of chapters. Many are secret societies, which would not publicly endorse a politician. To say that this one newspaper represents the KKK is a lie. 2- What I heard before the election is “the KKK endorses Donald Trump” This is not the same thing as saying a KKK newspaper endorses DJT. 3- It is fascinating how the population accepted, without question, the notion that the KKK endorsed DJT. Nothing negative you said about DJT was too far fetched. This hurt the Democrats credibility. People do not like to be lied to. ~ Additionally, Ancona believes Murray’s fundraising effort is a scam, because technically, members of the Klan cannot speak with the media, let alone solicit their help with raising donations. All members sign an agreement that forbids conversations with the press. Only highly vetted officials interact with reporters, and even then, interviews are rare.” ~ @jswilliams1962 When you see #DickVanDyke trending you figure he either died or Trump nominated him for Secretary of State ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah











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