Why Chamblee 54 Doesn’t Get Traffic

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 18, 2016







ungracious glooms aches lethargy take deep breath calms mind urinal cake pink ratchet red
urine trouble yellow until your green card comes you don’t have to win every argument
til meth do us part umber the rainbow who gives a fuscia this is a shotgun wedding
taupe of the heap supremacy white taco filling tube red $5 whorange truck stop hooker blue
sick and grown old shall not be known science alone can’t help or cure people realize accept
time argue putteth it under a bed promise to share my pizza help one fainting robin cool one
pain not my least burden is that no man when he hath lighted a candle never hurt other people
for any reason never gas station condoms again filter in my daily songs make charity mistake
get caught live beneath your humble manners learn from present let someone eat one heart
on a candlestick that is secret i’ll always pretend you’re right shall not live in vain if i can stop
breaking having fun is the best way to forget it enter in may see the light nothing check engine
light orange dullness of years divorces are cheap don’t wait for old age to wear purple destroy
soul of my enemy pink covereth it with a vessel or cornhole honey boo boo blue constipation
whimpering ennui borrow unkind people shut mouth barney the dragon purple as I sit
writing here cultivate good ahead of you admit it pictures from the library of congress










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