Three Day Weekend

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At some point, three holidays started to be observed on a certain Monday. The big three are MLK Birthday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. This post proposes making long weekends out of two more holidays. Whether this will happen is a good question. In any event, it will be a good excuse for text to go between some pictures. These pictures are from The Library of Congress. The pictures are Union Soldiers, from the War Between the States. This is a repost.

The first holiday to be converted is fourth of July. Under the new plan, Independence Day would be observed on the first Monday in July.

It has long been a good question why July 4 is the big day. The Continental Congress voted to declare Independence on July 2, 1776. July 6 saw the Declaration of Independence announced in the PA Evening Gazette. July 8 saw Col. John Nixon give the first public reading of the Declaration.

The other holiday due for an overhaul is Christmas. Since Christmas Eve is considered a holiday by many, Christmas should be celebrated on the fourth Friday of December.

Like Independence Day, there is considerable debate about when Jesus was born. Many scholars think the birth was in spring. Apparently, Rome decided to hold this celebration on a pagan holiday.

Traditionalists are not going to like this proposed change. It is not likely to be enacted anytime soon. It would be a more efficient use of our working time to not have Independence Day, and Christmas, occur in the middle of the week. It also problematic when the holidays fall on a weekend. Pay for holidays is part of the compensation for many, and having the holiday off on another day leads to confusion. If the holidays were adjusted per this proposal, then this would not be a problem.





Mithras Is Born

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Until 2009, PG had never heard of Mithras.

Mithras is a Persian deity, from the Zoroaster tradition.(That is pronounced Zor uh THRUS ta.) Not much is known about Mithras … did he really exist, or was he a legend? There was a cult of Mithras in the first century Roman empire.

There are supposed to be similarities between Mithras and Jesus. These include the virgin birth, the birth on December 25, and rising from the dead after three days. Some spoilsports say the early christians grafted Jesus onto the legend of Mithras.

One indication that this might be true is The Catholic Encyclopedia.
“Some apparent similarities exist; but … it is quite probable that Mithraism was the borrower from Christianity.” This repost has pictures from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









The Durand Line

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The United States is spoiled by the acceptance of our international frontiers. The Rio Grande, and the oceans, are obvious. While the Canadian border was a matter of contention at one time, it has been accepted for many years. In many parts of the world, where one country ends and another begins is casus belli, or reason to start a war.

In 1893, what is now Pakistan was known as India, a part of the British empire. The Foreign Secretary of this government was a gentleman named Mortimer Durand. In 1893 a border was drawn between Afghanistan and India, which became known as the Durand Line. There are stories of British dirty deeds. Much of what is today Pakistan arguably belongs to Afghanistan, or an independent Balochistan. This is a repost, with photographs from The Library of Congress.








Dream Alone And Reality

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Display of a link in this exhibit does not indicate approval of content ~ Finding Peace in Plains ~ Deathlord Grows Bored ~ Rhetorical Questions: Frank Turk ~ Supreme Court Rejects Ohio Inmate’s Appeal to Second Execution Attempt After Surviving the First ~ Logical Fallacies ~ omg I remember this video ~ words fail me ~ story ~ The Rise of the ‘White Guilt’ Book Club ~ Quiz: Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On The Books You’ve Read? ~ Francisco Serna ~ Rainer Smith ~ Tayveon J. Thomas ~ Timothy Harmon ~ 105 Animated Philosophy Videos from Wireless Philosophy: A Project Sponsored by Yale, MIT, Duke & More ~ How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election Guided by polls that showed the Midwestern states safer, the campaign spent, according to one internal estimate, about 3 percent as much in Michigan and Wisconsin as it spent in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Most voters in Michigan didn’t see a television ad until the final week. ~ Listen to Charles Bukowski Poems Being Read by Bukowski Himself & the Great Tom Waits ~ Ex-Falcons Jamal Anderson Whips Out His Penis & Masturbates in Front of QuikTrip Employee (Video) ~ The great American word mapper ~ James Joyce Reads From Ulysses and Finnegans Wake In His Only Two Recordings (1924/1929) ~ Anthony Freeman ~ Hear a Great 4-Hour Radio Documentary on the Life & Music of Jimi Hendrix: Features Rare Recordings & Interviews ~ Download 140 Free Philosophy Courses: Develop Critical Thinking Skills & Live the Examined Life ~ Three Raymond Carver Stories, Read by Richard Ford, Anne Enright, and David Means ~ Antonian Terrell Mixon ~ How to handle editing and feedback on your novel ~ Can We Guess If You’re Gay Or Straight? ~ In With The Zen Crowd ~ @YTCreators Introducing our newest #CreatorsforChange ambassadors. Together, we’ll tackle social issues with the power of video goo ~ “You don’t know my life,” When did that ever stop anyone? ~ At a focus group, trying to determine what the voters want to hear ~ “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.” Winston Churchill This is from a BBC Broadcast, London, 1st October 1939. Mr. Churchill predicts that Germany would leave Russia alone, in the newly started war. Mr. Churchill was mistaken. ~ I have followed you on twitter. TBH, I am not a Christian, for two reasons. One I don’t agree with the teachings. Two, I have had a lifetime of bad experiences with Christians. ~ #tweetsthatmightgetmeblocked @AnnaWest1111 @tcboyle @DrAmyParish One word or small phrase that defines your writing style. Go! #TortillaCurtain ~ ‏@tcboyle Intuitive ~ @chamblee54 @tcboyle does inTUITive writing use a round tuit? as in, i get started when i get around to it ~ the same reason rachel madcow ranted about the kkk endorsing trump when there were bigger fires burning ~ @SlavojTweezek So then it hit me. The epistemological negation of neo-Lacanian Marxist dialectic is ontologically equivalent to reified ideation. ~ This is a quote. Marilyn Monroe said this to Jane Russell, on the set of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Miss Russell said, “I agree completely.” ~ @Frank_Turk @mmmirele Thanks for your opinion. Good luck with your approach to life. ~ did Jesus live for that too, or is his death the only thing that matters? ~ While this was going on, the Democrats were screaming racist, and talking about how the KKK endorsed Donald Trump. The Washington Post found an 12 page Arkansas newspaper that praised DJT, and blew that up into “the KKK endorses Trump.” Maybe the Washington Post did that to take attention away from the Russia/Big Oil/Trump crookedness. Talk about race is a proven distraction from the real issues. ~ @dark_shark “An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.” – Andy Warhol ~ The bark is worse than the bite. ~ Frankie is not making Tom Chantry look good … but then, Frankie makes Jesus look bad, & he never stops ~ @openculture type holocaus in google and the third suggestion is holocaust jokes ~ @ColinBarrett82 1st rule of book club is nobody reads the fucking book. 2nd rule of book club is *flexes pecs* NOBODY READS THE FUCKING BOOK. 3rd rule,wine ~ You are blocked from following @KasimReed and viewing @KasimReed’s Tweets. 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It’s typical whiteness. ~ Ulysseus S. Wanker @AmericanOrgy I wanted to say that I live in the United States Of Cosmodemonic-ocracy and Twitter wouldn’t let me. ~ @WernerTwertzog It is important to write wistful poems about domestic cats, for that is almost the only topic left that reliably will not give offense. ~ til meth do us part ~ A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality ~ I googled the phrase, and there are a few pretty memes and brainyquote citations. No one, that I saw, said when Mr. Lennon, or Mr. Trump, said this. Wikiquotes does not show this for Mr. Lennon. The search words used were dream, alone, and reality. ~ Is this what I do on Saturday night? Look up quotes from facebook, to see if they are *reality*. ~ Eight years ago, the video “2girls1cup” was the rage of the internet. A trailer for a trash Brazilian ~ @ZenLikeGlenn Why does @realDonaldTrump refuse to use the words Radical Russia interference? #pressconference @POTUS ~ @ZenLikeGlenn ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah













Why Chamblee 54 Doesn’t Get Traffic

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ungracious glooms aches lethargy take deep breath calms mind urinal cake pink ratchet red
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for any reason never gas station condoms again filter in my daily songs make charity mistake
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light orange dullness of years divorces are cheap don’t wait for old age to wear purple destroy
soul of my enemy pink covereth it with a vessel or cornhole honey boo boo blue constipation
whimpering ennui borrow unkind people shut mouth barney the dragon purple as I sit
writing here cultivate good ahead of you admit it pictures from the library of congress











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Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup

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Eight years ago, the video “2girls1cup” was the rage of the internet. A trailer for a trash Brazilian movie, the featurette shows two buxom young ladies sharing a plastic cup. The contents of the cup are supposed to be human waste … many suspect it is chocolate ice cream. Later, one of the players shares a technicolor yawn with the other. A plastic supply tube may be a prop.

The video is not in wide circulation today. If you go to the original site, you see nothing but porn, another opportunity to buy smut. It is just as well. Before posting a live address, it is time for the DISCLAIMER.

It is not suggested that you watch this. If you are sensitive, have a heart condition, or have just eaten (like, in the last month), you may want to look at something else. It is gross, disgusting, and without redeeming social value. It is not safe for work, and has great danger for play.

The original film is available at a .ca web address. This commentary goes with it:
What is Two Girls One Cup ? Two girls one cup (aka 2 girls 1 cup & cup video) is a trailer that was released in 2007 for the artistic film “Hungry Bitches” made by MFX Media. The daring work of art is an allegory for the concept of spiritual awakening. It examines the prevalent ideologies that are internalized in our culture, and in true post-modern form; the thematic piece tends to raise more questions than answers. The philosophical film has varying interpretations, which is why the 2 girls 1 cup film is still analysed and debated about to this date.
Chamblee54 has weighed in on this “matter” before. If you google “2girls1cup snopes,” Philosophy Of 2Girls1Cup is result number five. The dreaded “number two” result was from the Urban Dictionary, 2 girls 1 cup scam. “It’s probably a mixture of coffe cream cake filling and crunchy peanut butter”.

PG doubts that the creators of this epic had a message. They just wanted to make a bit of cheesy scat porn. Just because the creators of a work don’t intend for it to be a myth, that doesn’t stop the determined believer. Did the Council of Nicea intend their church canon to be taken as the inerrant Word of G-d? The texts in that canon were often allegorical stories, not literal truth.

Is there a deeper truth inherent in a tawdry vignette of snacking sisters? Maybe the cup is the Christ figure. The deposit in the cup represents the sin of mankind, forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Jesus took the sins of man on his shoulders, and paid the price for these sins, just as the cup received the product of a young lady’s digestive system.

The trouble is, the girls then ate the forbidden flop. This compares to the way the church of Jesus Worship recycles sin. The poisonous anger and rudeness that Jesus paid for on the cross are fed back to the eager believers every Sunday.

After the excremental dessert, the actress hurled onto the breast of her willing dining companion. This stands in for the verbal abuse showered on worshipers every Sunday. Professional Jesus Worshipers project a vile output on the pew warmers. They think they are going to heaven as a result. Was this the message the producers of this video intended? We cannot be certain. The best course of action might be refusing to partake of the product.









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Luke 8: 16 – 17

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Why Hillary Lost Part XVI

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“The late Colonel Harry Summers liked to tell a tale familiar to many who served in Vietnam. In April 1975, after the war was over, the colonel was in a delegation dispatched to Hanoi. In the airport, he got into a conversation with a North Vietnamese colonel named Tu who spoke some English and, as soldiers do, they began to talk shop. After a while, Colonel Summers said: “You know, you never defeated us on the battlefield.” Colonel Tu thought about that for a minute, then replied: “That may be so. But it is also irrelevant.”

Forty one years later, the losing generals are debating the 2016 Presidential election. Hillary won the popular vote by a wide margin. What people fail to mention was that the election was for the electoral vote. If the election had been for the popular vote, there would have been a different group of voters. The candidates would have employed different strategies to reach these voters. There is a chance that Donald Trump would have won the popular vote.

How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election. This article goes into detail about the clueless campaign that HRC fronted. There were many details they did not mention. Somebody actually thought it was a good idea for BHO to say ““We have achieved historic turnout in 2008 and 2012, especially in the African-American community. I will consider it a personal insult and an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good send-off? Go vote.”

In other words, white voters don’t count. The President of the United States is telling a specific group of voters to vote, for a certain candidate, based on the color of their skin. If a white person objects to this, they are told it is none of their business. You are just worried because you think you are losing your privilege. I’m not talking to you.

The Politico article had an interesting quote. “Guided by polls that showed the Midwestern states safer, the campaign spent, according to one internal estimate, about 3 percent as much in Michigan and Wisconsin as it spent in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Most voters in Michigan didn’t see a television ad until the final week.”

The margin of defeat was greater in Florida (1.3%), Ohio (7.6%), and North Carolina (3.8%), than it was in Michigan (0.3%) and Wisconsin (1.0%).Perhaps the Democratic campaign had the effect of persuading citizens to vote for DJT. If the entire country had been subjected to the “I’m With Her” campaign, then DJT might have won the popular vote.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.









What Are You Trying To Proooove With Your Long Hair?

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Once a week, has a feature called Science Saturday. Some of the best feature John Horgan and George Johnson. They are pals, and say “oh really” a lot. This past week they discussed the business of scientific research, how big money can corrupt the findings. It makes cents sense … when you get government grants to fund your research, it is in your best interests to get the results the government wants. Or, if your employer stands to make billions of dollars from selling a new drug, you want to “prove” that the drug works.

Perhaps it is a semantic issue. People often say prove, when what they should say is indicate. Prove is a murky legalistic concept, full of smoke and mirrors. Indicate is what the numbers on the screen say.

John got mixed up in a controversy about this recently. While discussing this, he quoted an scientific journal to about Why Most Published Research Findings Are False . This caught PG’s ear, and made him put down his photo editing, and make a comment. (Those pictures from the War between the States have waited 145 years. A few more minutes is not going to hurt.) This comment resulted.

chamblee54 wrote on 12/18/2010 at 02:10 PM Re: Science Saturday: Discovery and Invention (John Horgan & George Johnson) John makes a bold statement .

It seems as if an author, writing behind a paywall , wrote about corruption of the scientific method. At the end, he wrote
“Just because an idea is true doesn’t mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn’t mean it’s true. When the experiments are done, we still have to choose what to believe.” ( John says it here. )
In a touch of irony, George begins the discussion by recalling a visit to California, and a report on the medical marijuana scene. Marijuana is a good example of the government deciding the results, and then commissioning a study to “prove” what had already been decided. If your lab depends on Uncle Sugar for funding, then your study is going to show that Reefer makes you turn purple.

When PG was in tenth grade, he had a geometry teacher. She had participated in LSD experiments (and said a shot of whiskey would do more for you.) Basic geometry is dependent on proofs, or a series of statements that show a theorem to be true. (There is a difference between a theory and a hypothesis.) A foundation concept of geometry is the Pythagorean theorem. This teacher said it was possible to disprove the Pythagorean theorem.

A couple of years later, PG grew shoulder length hair, and went to visit his uncle. The relative was known for being to the right of Herbert Hoover, and was not amused by PG’s fashion statement. The uncle got into the firewater, and would say, over and over,
“What are you trying to proooove with your long hair?” Spell check suggestions for proooove: ovenproof, groove.
This is a repost. Bloggingheads TV is having money problems, and is converting into a non profit enterprise. The future of Science Saturdays is in doubt. In another surprising development, research shows that tabloids do not always tell the truth.


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