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Rosie O”Donnell says Donald Trump is mentally unstable, kitchen timer, david bowie product
scrap paper, paper towel texture, planned obsolescence, floral designs printed on napkins

a pause button that works, spray on sunscreen, deviation from the norm, mannequin authority
spell check suggestions, rainy days and mondays, age stats location, google it, public domain

ninety seconds of stage time in exchange for two and a half hours of listening
science fiction cliche embargo, redneck privilege, leaving tv set off

walt whitman in bondage gear, hilllary clinton’s real hair color, the impossible nightmare
insulting republicans, avoiding cobb county, laughing at preachers, shit piss and corruption

conspiracy hypothesis, dick hater georgia, the big chicken, joan crawford’s complexion
keeping the kkk out of the linen closet, mandatory celebrity inquisition

autobiography, not saying the n-word, dental vicosity, donald trump’s communist hairdo
diagnostic punctuation, constipational entanglement, albanian exceptionalism

chihuahua hypocrisy, k mart nostalgia, lackawanna sex institute, social performance anxiety
cruella deville microaggressiopn, only seeing rocky horror show remake one time,

first lady melania trump, retroactive birth control, celebrities that like my tweets
blog challenges, The Library of Congress pictures, all things are possible in a world without g-d
people who add their own list of #50happythings to the blog hop before January 3, 2017






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  1. Dawn Quyle Landau said, on January 2, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Chamblee54, thanks so much for joining my 3rd annual #BloggersUnite for #50HappyThings. This is a really interesting layout, and the photos are amazing! Your list is so much more diverse and unique; it’s really fun to read! Thanks for taking the time.

    A couple of things, if you are able to edit the post. Please add a link back to my hosting post (here: ) and if you could copy and paste the instructions, so that folks who read your post, can add their own list, that would be great! I was able to track down your post, but the links you provided didn’t work on the inlinkz. I will do may best to add it properly, so it’s part of the list. I’ll add your piece to the list on my host blog right now. Again, thanks for taking the time; it’s much appreciated! And hoping you can make this small edit–– part of the blog hop. Happy New Year!

    • chamblee54 said, on January 2, 2017 at 9:03 pm

      In the last line of my post, the words “blog challenge” link to the hosting post.
      I was confused by the inlinkz. I had to register with them, and then did not understand the process for posting a link. Once I saw what to do, I was not able to edit the posting. I was trying to get out the door to go to something, and was not able to spend as much time as I might have.
      I have the blue link thingie at the end of my post.
      Thank you for sponsoring this contest, and for allowing me to enter.
      I just checked, and the link to chamblee54 works.

      • Dawn Quyle Landau said, on January 3, 2017 at 2:18 am

        No worries, Luther. I re-added your link, and made sure it works. Thanks again for sharing your list of #50HappyThings !

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