Reflections In A Dirty Pond

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display of a link in this forum does not indicate approval of content ~ the end ~ 10 Things That Happen When You’re Fighting A Battle No One Knows About ~ Man found shot to death is Atlanta’s first homicide of 2017 ~ Undoing & Untherapy: Conner Habib & Chris Donaghue ~ Best of 2016 #2: Daniel Markham – Disintegrator ~ Willy Gilligan? ~ vifeo ~ the lick ~ Frank Turk Retires His Blog and Demonstrates That He Hardly Knew Us ~ was birtherism racist? ~ Loxahatchee ~ WashPost is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived ~ Reflections in a Dirty Pond: The Phony Left Attacks the Real Left ~ 9 Facts You May Not Have Known About Haile Selassie I ~ WATCH: Man ‘Tied Up & Tortured’ on Facebook Live in Chicago ~ Link to uncensored video of the kidnapping that occurred in Chicago ~ KING: Stop using the attack on a mentally challenged white man in Chicago to promote a racist agenda against Black Lives Matter ~ therealtsmadisonAll y’all so called “correspondents” ….. call the sender back and have HIM to call Me and Tell Me. ~ The Life After Death Post ~ It was the racism, stupid: White working-class “economic anxiety” is a zombie idea that needs to die ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger just called Donald Trump out for his petty, petty tweets ~ Freddie Gray case: Judge allows malicious prosecution lawsuit against Mosby to proceed ~ it’s or its ~ Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Intel Chiefs Alleging Russian Threat Have History of Deceiving the Public ~ The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi ~ How to Pass Off Your Crippling Anxiety as Cooler-Than-You Detachment ~ Ts Madison “we need each other but you don’t want me” ~ Byron York: Six questions about the Russia hacking report ~ guano ~ nail salon fight ~ Hear Bob Dylan’s Unedited & Bewildering Interview With Nat Hentoff for Playboy Magazine (1965) ~ On This Day: Iran-Contra Scandal Breaks in Lebanese Newspaper ~ The Night When Miles Davis Opened for the Grateful Dead in 1970: Hear the Complete Recordings ~ Emory University Offers Groundbreaking Class About the ‘Power of Black Self-Love’ ~ TS Madison & Tommy Sotomayor Take Calls On Gays, TransSexuals, Kim Burrell Religion & More! @Tjsotomayor talapia is not a real fish @TsMadisonatl1 thats what they say about me @TheKevinAllison ~ Deputies shoot man in Forsyth County, GBI confirms ~ @NatEnquirer This is the official Twitter account for the National Enquirer. ENQUIRING Minds NEED to know! ~ homophobia, racist sexism feces, misogyny dude ~ @Rosie DONALD TRUMP IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE #potmeetkettle ~ making this election about racism was a mistake… you get DJT in white house & further alienate african america ~ The words to go are below. Spell check suggestions are in parentheses. focus, bête noire, (bite noise) historic, town hall meeting, post truth, 831, guesstimate, manicured, disruption, on fleek, (leek) bigly, (billy, bitingly) ghost, dadbod, (deadbolt) listicle, (legalistic, testicle, stylistic) drone, get your dandruff up, selfie, frankenfruit, echo chamber, you, sir ~ @SlavojTweezek And I know a lot of idiots. ~ Maybe you could include the Wednesday night thing in the one group. ~ @AlexPrime Some people think that I’m a contrarian. I disagree with them…. ~ Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon. ~ LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! If you support Donald Trump hit the LIKE BUTTON! Donald Trump News Facebook deleted our official MagaFeed fan page, please support us by LIKING our new one! Donald Trump News Follow us for the latest breaking Trump news! ~ Joe when did you start working for the onion? ~ @OneWingedChris Everyone, upgrade your life and follow @chescaleigh, @kat_blaque, @brokeymcpoverty, @heavenrants and @rgay. You’ll thank them later. ~ @kidjunie unnamed. they/them. i don’t care about white opinions. im not arguing w any of y’all dusty niggas. ~ This account’s Tweets are protected. Only confirmed followers have access to @kidjunie’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request. ~ That kind of divide and conquer thinking keeps the drug laws in place. Get white people fighting the black people, and the government screws everyone. ~ Does anyone know who said #blmkidnapping first, and why it caught on? Maybe it was AA looking for a distraction ~ Firefox can’t find the server at ~ Warning — visiting this web site may harm your computer! ~ @cbanks420lol2 I hate that I’m being called racist so much lately. I dated a black girl. Her pussy looked like a wallet, but I loved her. ~ why do people say the mexican border wall is racism when it is really nationalism? maybe demoze don’t think nationalism will fire people up ~ @SlavojTweezek We communists should, you know, cut Trump some slack. Sure he ignores facts, but what, you know, have facts ever done for us? ~ Is that most questionable, or least answerable? ~ Pledge of Social Media Responsibility: Claude Thomas NOT FOR FOLKS TO BE SO SENSITIVE ABOUT POLITICIANS THAT DONT CARE ABOUT ANYONE & NOT BE SO PETTY OVER CHILDISH THINGS LIKE MOST ON FACEBOOK Luther Mckinnon I will not use all caps Claude Thomas ITS MY COMPUTER I BOUGHT IT OR IS THAT A LAW IN THE STATES NOW WORRY ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT AFFECT US ALL NOT HOW I TYPE ON MY COMPUTER ~ is belief the correct approach to the g-d issue? why are so people so fascinated with their thoughts aka beliefs? ~ pictures for this exploration of the digital cosmos are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”. ~ selah









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