Dylan Marron

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Once upon a time, videos from Seriously.TV began to appear on facebook. It is not known if Mr. Zuckerberg was paid to promote these videos. One of the more annoying presentations was “Shutting Down Bullsh*t” with Dylan Marron. SDB was annoying Social Justice Jihad, with more logical fallacies than a Bill O’Reilly cocktail hour. Mr. Marron is especially obnoxious. Before long, PG chose to *Hide* SDB, and Dylan Marron.

“Being called out publicly when you think you’re “woke” sucks. But it’s helpful, too.” DM made a video, Shutting Down Bulls!*t about Autism. Some people were not happy with the performance,

“In a recent episode of ‘Shutting Down Bullsh*t’ I sat down with my friend Avery to dispel myths about autism. I also included an interview with his father to help illuminate more about autism from the parent’s perspective. I had no idea that allistic (non-autistic) parents speaking over their children is a harmful trope in the representation of autism. I should have taken the time to know that. That’s on me. … This was particularly tough for me to come to terms with as someone who has been so aware of the silencing that has gone on in my own communities; the centering of cis white masc-presenting men in LGBT representation, the favoring of light skin and Eurocentric features in Latinx culture… the list, sadly, goes on.”

Shutting Down Bullsh*t about Autism 2 followed. Mr. Marron made a comment about “people with autism” and was told, by one of a panel, that she was an autistic person. (Does this person presume to speak for all autistic people?) There are other cringe worthy moments. Is Mr. Marron woke now, or did they just hit the snooze button?

After seeing all this, PG decided to tweet a message to @dylanmarron. PG had never clicked on the DM twitter account, much less left a message. “You are blocked from following @dylanmarron and viewing @dylanmarron’s Tweets.” Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.













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  1. […] looking over the text, PG saw a paragraph about an obnoxious video. It turns out the video features Dylan Marron. “And we understand that surface gestures are totally cool but they do nothing to dismantle […]

  2. […] SJW™ types. This elitism is one reason why SJW™ are so disliked, not to mention ineffective. There was one more video. Mr. Marron made some comments about autism. Apparently, Mr. Marron did not know what he was talking […]

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