Dangerous People

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It is another saturday morning. Wake up, take medicine, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and consider the possibilities for the day. PG has been on a poetry binge lately. It is best to keep the momentum up. There is always material to be adapted.

There were a few paragraphs on facebook about the question of violence in protest. The other night, a few people in Berkely CA decided to greet Milo Haircut to their campus. Some “black bloc” troublemakers showed up, and did their thing. Is Milo so bad that the disruption was justified? Was black bloc played? If so, who was pulling the strings? Where does this leave us in the 045 regime? Inuiring minds want to know.

After a few trips to facebook and twitter, the rant was sawed into bite sized chunks. This will work nicely as text for today’s pictures. This poem does not have the performance appeal of sonnets about butt sex, but will do for today. When other poems are combined into a performance piece, today’s product might add flavor to the soup.

Maybe the best way to be creative is through font selection. A while back, PG took an image/text combination, and produced 28 versions of it in different fonts. There is surprisingly little variety. There is serif, and sans serif. There are fat letters, and skinny letters. Courier is spread out, and a bit complacent. Impact, the all caps weapon of choice for facebook, is beyond tacky. PG has been using candara, for sans serif, and cambria, for serif. The other option is faux cursive segoe. Maybe comic can be put into play, just to piss off any graphic geeks who wander in.

A twitter account posted a picture. The comment is “no, we can’t always “just agree to disagree.” The picture says, in all caps, “we can disagree and still love each other, unless, your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.” This is credited to “Robert Jones.” A google search leads to a rant based on the quote. “Note: this piece has been updated. The quote at the beginning of this piece, which we originally attributed to James Baldwin, is actually from Robert Jones, Jr, who goes by @SonofBaldwin, and who gave us permission to use his words.” The quote is pinned atop his twitter page, @SonofBaldwin.

Lets break this down. We can disagree, unless your disagreement *is rooted in* my oppression, AND denial of my humanity AND right to exist. There are a few weasel words there. What does “rooted in” mean? This is a botanical term, and just might with animals. Especially those high functioning mammals, whose brains produce opinions, and then fight over whose opinions have the most truth. This root structure is connected joined to three items. Is non acceptance of disagreement mandated only when all three conditions are met?

The condition that catches PG’s eye here is “denial of my humanity.” Many people like to fight racism through name calling. Is labeling someone racist a denial of their humanity? Once you other someone by pinning a derogatory label on them, they become less human. That is not my neighbor, that is a racist. I can do anything I want to that person, and it is ok, because he is a racist and he deserves it. Is this denial of my humanity?

Maybe it is time to go basic with the poem. Font will be comic sans, size 38. Inner color is 192 gray, with a 0-96-0 green border. The pictures will be railroad graffiti, photographed 04-19-2016. If the train had stopped the next day, the pictures would have been 04-20. It is time to turn off the internet, and focus on the product. The soundtrack will be RISK #816.

The desire to give credit, where perhaps debit is more appropriate, sent PG to the internet in search of the link listed above. While there, it shouldn’t hurt to look at twitter, now will it? This leads to the discovery of a delightful waste of time, I’m no pussy when it comes to swearing. A british article about swearing! And in the first paragraph is the word of the month. “…More bluntly: once, telling someone to “fuck off” suggested they had probably bashed you round the head, swindled you out of a fortune, robbed your sweetheart from beneath your nose. Now, they probably just pushed in front of you in the queue for a wankerccino.

Pussy has always been a strange word to use for a weak person. Vaginas are built to take a pounding, and then deliver a human being. This point was not made in this otherwise erudite consideration. Cunt…. used in England much like asshole in America… gets into play here. “Cunt, or be cunted” is a splendid expression, even if the meaning, and application, are a bit fuzzy.

RISK is a story telling show, usually with 3-4 tellers. The first performer in today’s show is Donna Edwards. Her father said she was a late bloomer. She thought this meant her penis would arrive soon. One day at school, her first period came. Fortunately, her church happy grandmother told her the truth about being a woman.

Dave Kendall is the second storyteller. He was burned badly as a child, and had a long stay in the hospital. Eventually, he got to go home, and was sort of normal. The third story has a lot of comments. It must be controversial. PG thinks it best to listen first, and then see what other people want him to think. Thinking for yourself can be a luxury.

Randall Robinson was the counselor in a church camp. There was a young girl, with a troubled past, named Elisabeth. There was a volunteer, nicknamed the white witch, who did not get along with African American Elisabeth. One night, there was a foot washing. Elisabeth asked to help, which children did not usually do. One set of feet, that Elisabeth washed, belonged to the white witch.

Some of the commenters were disturbed by the apparent racism of ww. Mr. Robinson wrote a lengthy clarification, where he talked about some of the subtle issues involved. There are usually details that cannot be included in a spoken word story. Some of these details have an impact on the story. If you have the time, listen to the story, starting at 42 minutes. The comments are in the linked page. It is best to listen to the story first.

You take your own memories into a story like this. Many people who know PG probably know what is next. There was an African American co-worker, who alienated PG from Jesus. After a while, PG sincerely believed that Jesus hates him. Fast forward to the story about Elisabeth. A part of the foot washing is to say Jesus loves you. This cliche is a staple of Jesus worship, and PG has come to see it as a lie. Jesus hates him. To have a young black girl, wash the feet of her white tormentor, and say Jesus loves you…. Everyone hears with a different set of ears.






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