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Facebook publicity did its duty to promote a netflix series, Dear White People. The fb teaser links to an article, People Are Canceling Their Netflix Accounts Because of ‘Dear White People’ To some, it promotes “white genocide.” PG turned off the BS detector, and got to work.

It is uncertain how many people have actually cancelled their NF account over DWP. It probably is not very many. The loss will be more than offset by the publicity for DWP. Boycotts are a time honored promotion technique.

@bakedalaska Netflix announced a new anti-white show (Dear White People) that promotes white genocide. I cancelled my account, do the same. #NoNetflix All acounts of this affair mention this tweet. @bakedalaska, aka Tim Treadstone, is a curious piece of work. says @bakedalaska is the bf of Milo Yiannopolous. “There is no mountain high enough or ocean big enough to keep Milo Yiannopolous from seducing young American men with his freakish intelligence and fabulous hair. The combination is completely diabolical. ”

@bakedalaska might not be that popular in the alt-right after all. He got in a squabble with some big dog in the community. The result: Alt-Right in Civil War After Prominent Leader Disinvited From Pro-Trump ‘DeploraBall’

#nonetflix is the hashtag. Time for the lazy blogger to copy and paste.
@bakedalaska After claiming there’s nothing anti-white about Dear White People, the writer of the show literally tweeted “F*ck White People” #NoNetflix
@JackPMoore Fuck white people.
@Mat_Bentley Y’all white folk real mad over @DearWhitePeople tho. I thought y’all didn’t see color?
@marcasshat Y’all… if you even watched the original movie, you’d know it doesn’t have one single “racist” message in it #NoNetflix
@_ShitBricks253 I don’t give a shit about the snowflakes I’m keeping my Netflix, I need it to chill. #nonetflix #yesnetflix
@fancyB2fancy I guess white people don’t know that Hulu has a movie named Dear White People already streaming…#NoNetflix #ButHellaWhiteTears
@seirra03 everyone claiming that “Dear White People” is racist voted for Trump. how that work? #NoNetflix (Mr. Trump won the election.)
@giulssays Dear white supremacists, I’m sure @netflix anticipated your outrage and simply doesn’t care. #nonetflix (There is no bad publicity, especially when it is politically incorrect.)
@KayDubsDeuce#nonetflix is not a place for your whiny white supremacy. Who’s the snowflake now?

Perez Hilton is equally boring on this issue. Another clickbait farm chimes in with Confused white people are boycotting Netflix over its new series ‘Dear White People’. An illustrating tweet: @actuallyBecky Bye bye @netflix! ‘Dear white people’ is a disgusting show. Tweet your cancellation pic! When you try to look at the actual tweet, you see this: Account suspended This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts…

Fusion’ also notes: Dear White People creator Justin Simien wrote a brief Facebook post … “When the first trailer for the film dropped, I’ll admit the deluge of claims that I was a reverse racist and a ‘piece of shit monkey that should shut up and go back to Africa’ really hurt. … But now, I feel strangely encouraged. To see the sheer threat that people feel over a date announcement video featuring a woman of color (politely) asking not to be mocked makes it so clear why I made this show.” When you follow the link to facebook, you see “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now.”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.










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