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PG decided to go to Pasaquan a few hours before the event. He had been before, in 1995, give or take a year. This was a few years after the death of Eddie Owens Martin, aka St. EOM. Pasaquan was in disrepair. The guide that day spoke of a pine woods wonderland, created with concrete and Sherwin Williams paint fueled by marijuana and madness.

The plan was to meet at the site at 1pm. PG did not know how many people would be there, and had only a GPS guess how to get there. After a gas station stop on I-185, the GPS device was plugged in. OD, the travel companion, got a phone out, and fired up a complimentary GPS. This worked well, until the older GPS said to take a left, and then a right. After a mile, the road was closed. PG turned around, and went back on the two lane. A little while later, the GPS said to turn left on Eddie Martin Road. You have reached your destination.

A festive group was on hand for the tour. The two guides told a bit of the Pasaquan/St. EOM story.

The compound has been gloriously renovated, with the assistance of the Kohler Foundation, and Columbus State University. (Here is a video, St. EOM’s Vision for Pasaquan’s Future ) This video talks about some of the challenges of renovation. While St. EOM was a visionary and an artist, he was not a builder. Many of the structures were falling down, and had to be carefully stabilized. Only then could the four acres of paint be brushed on. Many decisions had to be made… how to follow the vision of St. EOM, and exactly what is this vision?

Here are a few videos shot at pre-renovation Pasaquan: A, B, C, D. Eddie used whatever paint was on sale at the oops section, and it often did not work well on concrete. As for Sherwin-Williams, the 1995 guide was part of an effort to get the paint company to help sponsor the renovation.

There are many, many stories about St. EOM. He made his living telling fortunes, (St. EOM, Pasaquan, and Fortune-Telling, ) as well as selling drugs, and running a gambling house. He learned a few things as his days as a New York hustler. There were stories about keeping rattlesnakes in the bamboo, which he could call by whistling. There is also the legend of the Pasaquonians, who received messages from the cosmos through their cone head hair. This paragraph might not be an accurate account of these stories.

Eventually, it was time to get lunch. PG wound up at a combination grocery store/Mexican restaurant in Buena Vista. Afterwards, he missed the place to turn onto I-185, and soon found himself in Alabama. The GPS was reemployed, and after a few tense moments, PG and OD were back in Georgia. They survived the trip on Georgia interstates, and made it home.












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