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The first day of march, in the year of our drumph two thousand seventeen, sees PG moping through. A dreaded dental appointment was cancelled at the last minute yesterday, and is on track for tomorrow. The options are another root canal, to finish the one botched by another dentist, and getting the tooth extracted. Neither option is agreeable. Sometime the best course of action is to create a graphic poem, and write about it. When the going gets tough, the tough take notes.

The text for this production is from a cross examination of Oscar Wilde. The father of his bf called Mr. Wilde a somodite, and Mr. Wilde sued him for libel. The matter did not end well. Mr. Wilde tries to defend himself against charges of committing unnatural acts, which is a bit like a fish saying he does not know how to swim.

“The destructive life of a Mardi Gras bead” was on facebook. PG was looking for a Wilde source, and got distracted. The Salon piece was typical environmental consciousness. While the story about Chinese labor, and plastic waste, is probably a little bit true, it pales in comparison to the other things being done to planet earth. There was a lovely comment: “This reads like the ramblings of someone who decided his white savior thesis in advance then went to find quotes to support it.”

The poem was finished, and greeted with rousing indifference by the innertubes. Numerous detours were made while en route to the destination. If any of them merit attention, they will be noted. One quote was copied, maybe on facebook, maybe on twitter, maybe on facebitter. “petty can be clever or funny, it can advance careers and give the satisfaction of revenge, but never mistake it for a virtue”

PG was greatly amused by his thought, and decided to share it with the world. ” is the love baby of #facebook and #twitter called #facebitter?” When he clicked on twitter to post this… “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon. العربية Dansk Deutsch English English UK Español فارسی Suomi Filipino Français עִבְרִית हिन्दी Magyar Bahasa Indonesia Italiano 日本語 한국어 Bahasa Melayu Nederlands Norsk Polski Português Русский Svenska ภาษาไทย Türkçe 简体中文.

It is now two days later. PG pulled a bunch of tweets from TextsFromLastNight. Mixed in with texts about mardi gras antics were links to what could charitably be called clickbait. These are meme collections at the TFLN website, like 23 Greatest Things Ever Spoken To A Guy’s Member. If you go to the page, you will be greeted with a popup ad: “Quick! While no one’s looking Click this little button for TFLN texts and updates We also send dope emails”

The clickbait was separated from the other material. The text was broken into iambic pentameter, with rhymes assigned when appropriate. The best fourteen lines were assembled into a sonnet. Willie is shaking, and peering from his grave. The four lines that did not make the cut are today’s poem. Since it is so small, we can include it here: awesome peeps who made new friends, things you text that can ruin a top chef, server spills his worst customer blends, topless midgets who do not give an eff.

#KeepTwitterPositiveBy is the top non sponsored trending item at the moment. There was a tweet about enforced positivity. (spell check suggestion: positivity) PG was going to copy it, but clicked on the wrong spot, and lost it forever. Such is life.

Leftovers is now on the innertubes. Pictures were performers from the L5P Visual Arts Alliance. The size is a new standard, 720×666. The other standard, golden rectangle 720×447, is still available. The new standard was used first for portraits, mostly soldiers from the War Between the States. It is the standard width, with a satanic height. 666 is a fun number. The highest prime is 37, multiplied by 3x3x2, or 18. For some reason this number is credited with being the number of the devil.

The Library of Congress is the source of today’s photographs. Russell Lee shot the pictures in April 1942. “Los Angeles, California. Japanese-American evacuation from West Coast areas under U.S. Army war emergency order. Japanese-American child who will go with his parents to Owens Valley.











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