Another #GA06 Debate

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on June 8, 2017

The candidates for the 6th district congress, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel (TJO/KCH) had another debate. Those with a strong gag reflex are invited to watch. The link may not work very long. For some reason, the discussion begins at 30:40 on the video. Channel 30 will carry the performance “at 7 p.m. Thursday and again at noon Friday.” UPDATE: The video has been adjusted to start at the beginning. The opening comment by KCH, shown here as being at 33:21, is now at 2:37, a difference of 30:44. To see when the remarks were made, subtract approximately 31 minutes from the time shown.

33:21 KCH “I am an extremely unlikely candidate for congress.” Duh. Over weight. No charisma. Totally unlikable. The Republican Hillary. Parroter of right wing drivel about Nancy Pelosi. Loser in two state wide elections. The list goes on and on. Hopefully, after the votes are counted, KCH can update her resume, and get an honest job. Maybe she can get a good reference from the Susan B. Komen foundation, or Sarah Palin.

KCH is introduced as “Secretary Handel.” This is probably a reference to her time as Georgia’s Secretary of State. KCH resigned that job to run for Governor, in 2009. Why does anyone want to use a title from 8 years ago? What is so cool about being called Secretary anyway? OTOH, Hillary Clinton was called Secretary Clinton in her ill fated run for the Presidency. Maybe being called Secretary Handel will have the same effect in this election.

45:17 KCH “Jon I guess you subscribe to the Nancy Pelosi approach to policy making.” The candidates are discussing health care. TJO has mentioned 7 year old Matt. KCH has mentioned her sister, born without an esophagus. KCH says that Trumpcare would not affect people with pre-existing conditions. Both sets of lips are moving.

54:33 KCH “He was a junior staffer for Hank Johnson, one of the most liberal tax and spend…” KCH starts to talk about her experience balancing budgets, most notably at the Fulton County Commission. These claims are disputed. The county budget is required by law to balance. KCH then claims to have cut the Secretary of State budget by 20% The SOS budget went from $4.7 m, to $6.9m, under KCH.

1:11:17 KCH says that the election is about the 6th district, and not about Donald Trump. PG is amazed to agree with her. The next thing she says is her standard rant: “You might live just five miles outside of the district but your values are nearly 3,000 miles away in San Francisco, and that’s why so many of your contributions have come from liberals from California, New York and Massachusetts.” In the channel 2 debate, KCH threw Jane Fonda in.

It is apparent that KCH is comfortable with conservative talking points. Just today, PG got a letter from KCH, that began “Fellow Conservative, With less than two weeks left until Election Day, liberal activists are coming to Georgia in droves to work against our campaign.” It is a good thing we got I85 fixed, so we can handle the droves coming in.

1:14:30 KCH is talking about her experience at the Komen foundation. KCH mentions that there is not a PP office in the 6th district. TJO says that PP has an office in Marietta, at 220 Cobb Parkway North. KCH says this office is not in the 6th district. In this part of Cobb County, the district stops at I75. On this point, KCH is correct.

1:14:52 KCH “With all due respect do not interrupt me.” TJO likes to preface his comments with the phrase “With all due respect.” His lips are moving. 1:16:26 KCH “You’ve allowed him to have the last word every single time.”

At this point in the proceedings, PG stepped onto the front porch. There was a flyer from KCH. It says, that voting is a public act, and if you don’t vote your neighbors will know. This is news, probably fake. Mr. Google has a mixed message on this one. Some say yes, some say no, some say yes but it will cost you. If you only vote because you are afraid of neighborhood gossip, you might not belong in a country with elections.

KCH said, in her closing remarks, “the Karen Handel that has always stood by you, and stood up for you.” Imagine how her one time allies in the Log Cabin Republicans felt watching this video. OTOH, there was nothing as brainless as “I do not support a livable wage.”

The debate mercifully ended. There is something to be said for strict tv schedules. One comment made by TJO, in the first debate, was not addressed. He said that the average donation to his campaign is under $50. Is the mean, median, or mode? Does it include funding from out of state PAC sources? When you say average, it means whatever you want it to mean. Some clarification on this point would be appreciated, but probably will not appear soon.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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    […] the 44 minute mark of a recent debate, Karen Handel (KCH) and Jon Ossoff (TJO) were having a bit of a skirmish. The question (41:34) had been put to TJO: How can you be independent in Congress, when you will […]

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