Good Luck With That

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display of a link on this page does not indicate approval of content ~ n word ~ JON OSSOFF FOR CONGRESS ~ The challenges of providing unbiased care to biased or racist patients ~ Democrats Have A Slight Edge In The Georgia 6 Runoff ~ self righteous bigot ~ Mark S. King: Those offended by #NoJusticeNoPride should learn LGBT history ~ No Justice No Pride protestors disrupt Capital Pride parade ~ US-Led Forces Now Using White Phosphorus in Populated Areas of Syria and Iraq ~ Joy Reid just went on a tirade against Bernie Sanders and his supporters ~ Every British swear word has been officially ranked in order of offensiveness Someone posted a list of British profanity, “officially ranked in order of offensiveness” Some poets take this as a challenge. ~ moby ~ 5 transgender tropes ~ maxwell house coffee ~ Drupageddon ~ Black Men Aren’t Safe in Mississippi! Man Was Hung In His Own Yard, Plus A Severed Head & Burned Torso Sends A Message After reading the linked article, and a couple of the related articles, I am not certain that this is racism. And I see a problem in hollering racism at inappropriate times. ~ drug test kits ~ The Double Standard of Diversity ~ diversity talk ~ Hours after officer Yanez is found not guilty in fatal shooting of Philando Castile, marchers close I-94 ~ 74 Seconds: The death of Philando Castile and the trial of Jeronimo Yanez Minnesota Public Radio has a series of Podcasts about the Jeronimo Yanez trial. If you want to move past the rhetoric, and find out a little bit about the trial, these podcasts are helpful. It should be noted that these podcasts cannot be downloaded, or paused. Go to the bathroom, and make sure your coffee mug is full, before you start to listen to an episode. ~ I quit reading when I saw this It’s simply false that the mere presence of a gun makes the encounter more dangerous for the police. ~ Philando Castile’s Killer Acquitted Despite Forensics That Contradicted His Case ~ cosplay drama ~ risk The last story on this podcast is “Praying for Time by Christopher Fox” It starts at roughly 39 minutes in. A young man takes a massive dose of drugs, in a suicide attempt. He is somehow saved. At one point, his father drives seven hours, one way, to spend fifteen minutes in the hospital room with him. It is a very powerful anti suicide story. The first story on this show is by Conyers resident T.S. Madison. She is always an experience. ~ Decoding the Georgia special election ~ Why The Georgia Special Election Matters ~ THE MORNING BEACON: BE PART OF THE CONVERSATION The Washington Free Beacon’s morning email lays out everything you need to know about the world of politics, foreign affairs, and national security right in your inbox. ~ “With a couple of days to give thoughtful consideration to the event, offended parade attendees flooded comment sections online, which is of course the perfect place to make your privilege most widely known.” Mr. King’s remarks reek of privilege. If you go to the comments here you will see a variety of concerns. ~ Bullies are sick people. You should not put well in front of bullies in a sentence. ~ this is the *top story* on my feed ~ Exactly who is NJNP, who is funding them, and what is their motive? Did progress with AIDS happen because of ACT UP, or in spite of them? ~ No I don’t think activism of the NJNP style is the answer. Mr. King had a snide, privileged take on the issue. The comments in the Blade were much more wide ranging. ~ I am not smart enough have a right answer. No police at Pride? Good luck with that. A large event like Pride requires police presence. Saying that these tactics work? Really? Maybe it will convince corporate sponsors to skip the event, which would be the end of large scale pride events. The list goes on and on. What Mr. King does not go into is the financial backing of NJNP. Some blade commenters think it is the NAACP. Their take is that this is more anti police than anything else. BTW, there were no arrests for NJNP. ~ it is important to make conservatives out of liberals with as little violence as possible ~ I just got a phone call encouraging me to vote for Karen HanDEL. It placed great emphasis on her reputed opposition to abortion. The opponent, liberal Jon OssIFF, is said to be a pro abortion extremist. Him, and his followers, support having no restrictions on abortions. ~ Facebook should find a new designation for social media contacts ~ Which meaning of common do you want to use? Is it not unusual, or was it look down your nose, lower class common? ~ “The accusation of cultural appropriation is a secular version of the charge of blasphemy.” ~ thank you for providing the money quote in a copy friendly manner the meme monger behind the paywall deserves a round of emoji applause ~ Alex Alexandroid Hunley you are a brave man. You have questioned the custom of talking about racism at every opportunity. ~ please quit using that vulgar @JonOssoff slogan that joke is getting very very old please don’t tell me what to vote off ~ rules of four This is similar to the “four way test” of the rotary club: Is it the TRUTH?//Is it FAIR to all Concerned?//Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?//Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? The link above is about the start of this test. It is an interesting story. The concept of what is ethical, and what is not, changes over time. ~ Brown is a mixed color, and does not go well with the primary, and secondary, colors in the current rainbow flag. (Someone may be able to phrase that better) Putting a brown stripe next to a red stripe is ugly. A purple stripe could flow into a black stripe. That would not be as ugly as the Philadelphia proposal. This is aside from the philosophical issues here. Those can be debated forever. My feeling is that the current flag works very well, and does not need to be changed. ~ The Philadelphia Pride flag looks like it was designed by a committee. ~ While we are adding *lines* to the rainbow flag, we should have a white one, for powdered drugs. ~ POC groups together many people who have little in common. It is *problematic* ~ I just got a robo call. Pat Boone wants me to vote for somebody. ~ “That’s the term they want.” Maybe the ones you have heard from, but I don’t think anyone has done a survey of *they” My second point is hispanic people.This is either the largest contingent of POC, or a close second. Hispanic people are incredibly diverse. The one thing they have in common is the use of espanol. Am I to believe that this population of spanish speaking people has chosen a word in english to describe themselves? I find that very, very difficult to believe. ~ FYI the original version can be seen if you click Edited. If the deleted comment was still up I would click Like. ~ 1- That does not happen to me, but WordPress can be weird. I just logged on with Chrome, which does not have me signed into my WP account, and there was no problem. I don’t know the browser, or device, you are using, though. 2- I don’t know. The officer was on alert because of the robbery. When he passed Mr. Castile, they made eye contact, and Mr. Castile gave a “deer in the headlights” look. He was pulled over for a broken tail light. The officer smelled marijuana. How does that relate to the officer, (Mexican father, Hispanic Texas mother, born in USA) and his inter relations with an african american man? Like I say, I don’t know. My post was an attempt to get past the rhetoric, and look at the trial. IMO, the prosecution made some strategic mistakes. Since I was neither at the scene of the shooting, nor the trial, I cannot say whether the race of Mr. Castile had any bearing on his demise. ~ If Donnie is not adopted soon, he will be put to sleep. He is not housebroken, and needs his shots. Can you help rescue him? ~ I am so tired of this election outside $$ vulgar slogan “vote your ossoff” karen handel people outside district telling me what to do yuk ~ @joshgreenman If only someone had warned us about the character of Donald Trump. @chamblee54 Demoze were too busy screaming racist They forget that not everyone cares about that issue ~ @ProfessorKD_ A lot of this “rape culture” stuff is a slap in the face to actual rape victims. @kjb1968 Same with the Hitler, Nazi and racist accusations at people you disagree with politically. ~ 1-please don’t tell me what body part to vote off 2- what district do you vote in? If not #GA06 then this is not appropriate ~ A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. Oscar Wilde The Critic As Artist 1891 ~ You do not have to have an opinion on everything. ~ There was a heated discussion on Fox News this morning. “You asked me a question about what the President’s tweet was.” These are strange times. ~ pictures today are from The Library of Congress. ~ selah

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