With All Due Respect

Posted in Library of Congress, Politics by chamblee54 on June 25, 2017

At the 44 minute mark of a recent debate, Karen Handel (KCH) and Jon Ossoff (TJO) were having a bit of a skirmish. The question (41:34) had been put to TJO: How can you be independent in Congress, when you will need Democratic Party help in a re-election. TJO rambled a bit, and did not answer the question. Instead, he attacked KCH. The attack centered around the PR disaster at the Susan B. Komen foundation, which KCH played at central role in.

The two sparred for a few minutes. PR expected someone to call the other a poopyhead, which they would reply to by saying you have cooties. KCH said something, and TJO interrupted. “It’s a simple question, with all due respect” “With all due respect, do not interrupt me”

This may be the one moment of this nightmare election that captures two personalities. KCH is not above interrupting, and using shady argument tricks. It was her moment to take control of the situation. Most politicians are hypocrites.

PG got a screen shot, which is posted above. Look at the eyes. KCH is mean. She is tired of this silly little boy. TJO is looking at his shoes. The embarrassment about being out badded by his opponent is evident. KCH won the momentary power game. She easily *handled* TJO.

Maybe people will quit saying “with all due respect.” WADR is the new “bless your heart.” On election day, KCH won , with, or without, due respect. It is not known what the turning point was, or if TJO ever had a serious chance. Most 6th district voters are happy to see a noisy campaign end. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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