Four Short Poems

Posted in Library of Congress, Poem by chamblee54 on July 9, 2017

Four short poems recently appeared on this blog. They have been combined into one longer piece. These sixteen lines will be performed, possibly tonight at Java Monkey. If you are near downtown Decatur, then you are encouraged to attend. Admission is always free, but buying refreshments, and tipping the servers, is well thought of.

Here are the four poems. This is the order they are presented in below. Euphemism, #MyDragNameWouldBe, White Trash Tinkle and Super Duper.

Euphemism is based on Every British swear word has been officially ranked in order of offensiveness. #MyDragNameWouldBe is a twitter hashtag. White Trash Tinkle, a collections of compliments, was found in the Racial Slur Database. Last but not least, Super Duper is based on the hinky construction known as Ablaut Reduplication. This is pronounced AB lout REE doo pla kay shun. You should never use a word you do not know how to pronounce, or spell.

Rhyme Zone was used to make the lines go together. Poetic license was used. However, Poetic Licence Shoes were not worn. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

bloody arse cow pussy crap ginger, helen highwater orphelia weiner
damn git g-d jesus christ minger, jackie ossoff cilla stack misty meaner

blue eye devil betty crocker, fiddle faddle jibber jabber
becky bubba crisco cracker, super duper pitter patter

dickhead tit munter bloodclaat clunge, tanya obama pattie bourgeoisie
cock dick fanny flaps punani plunge, sofonda peters miss carry tokee

yogurt yuppie yaku winkle, wishy washy hokey pokey
whiskey tango white trash tinkle, razzle dazzle boogie woogie

sod-off arsehole bitch knob molochs, mike hunt queefer sutherland lady macdeath
bint balls bullshit bugger bollucks, camille toe ginger vitus diane breath

big nose cabbage confederate, tittle tattle dilly dally
buffy clampett degenerate, kitty catty shilly shally

pissed off bellend son of a bitch, oliver clozoff sue pository
bastard beef curtains beaver snitch, whore moans jamaica depository

lily munster elvis fruitcake, teenie weenie ping pong sing song
ofay opie paleface pancake, bingo bango bongo ding dong


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