Incident At The Vortex

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 26, 2017

The Vortex is a bar in Little Five Points. They are famous for commodified counterculture, and the no idiot policy. The entrance is a Moreland Avenue icon.

There was an incident recently. A young lady ate there, and was not happy with the service Instead of leaving a tip, she wrote a note on the reciept. The server’s bf got her name, and left obnoxious messages on facebook. The server was fired, and the bf was banned from The Vortex.

The first PG heard about the incident was an article, Why You Shouldn’t Dine At The Vortex at Little Five Points in Atlanta, Citing Discrimination and Violation of Privacy, posted on facebook. The article was published by Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta. (Auto start music alert.) The customer, Kristina White, has disowned the BLMGA article. The link above is provided for reference only.

“This article was NOT authorized by me AND I am not affiliated with Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta!! Since sharing this story and hearing from another patron that also had a terrible experience with the same waiter, I have determined The Vortex incident to be more of a customer service issue rather than a race issue. The Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta organization is no longer associated with the investigation of this case, neither do they have the right to speak on my behalf to media outlets in which they are well aware of. However, Sir Maejor of BLM, continues to circulate MY story (inaccurately may I add) to push his own Agenda!! This has to stop‼️ I’ve been blocked from commenting on the BLM page to address this, but I ask…Please DO NOT share anything from their page regarding this incident!.” UPDATE: The facebook disclaimer has been taken down.

Obviously, leaving harassing messages is not acceptable. However, looking at various accounts of the incident, the only concrete complaint is that some customers got better cups of water than Ms. White. This is from her initial post: “I asked for cold water on this extremely hot day only to get back a smaller cup with no ice unlike the “other” patrons sitting on the outside deck with us. Of course, I sent it back and requested the same cup size with ice as the “other” patrons. He reluctantly exchanged the cups.” The BLMGA account is more sensational.

Customers sometimes have bad service. Servers sometimes have unreasonable customers. This is the food service industry, and it is always going to be like that. Maybe the server was rude to Ms. White. Maybe Ms. White was rude to the server, and he did not react well. However, if the worst thing the server did was give someone else a better glass of water, then maybe Ms. White was being petty. Stiffing a server, because someone else got a bigger glass of water, is not a good look.

Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta seems to be part of the problem here. The *President and CEO* is Sir Maejor Page aka Tyree Conyers-Page. BLMGA is emphatically not connected to Black Lives Matter, as this radio story indicates: Black Lives Matter Disavows Atlanta ‘President’ Sir Maejor.

THE BLMGA DIFFERENCE “There are over 500 Black Lives Matter Groups out there and six in that State of Georgia. What separates us from the other BLM Groups out there is that we believe in leadership and accountability. We chose not to affiliate ourselves with the national BLM group because we will not center “sexuality and gender” around our organization. We believe it is divisive and counter productive to the movement. We will not put the “LGBTQ AGENDA” before the “BLACK AGENDA” we believe all black lives matter and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation or sexual preference is, you are still black.”

The BLMGA version of the incident had a homophobic feel to it. “Gaven’s boyfriend Patrick Wilkinson was sitting on the same patio as Ms. White and observed the whole entire ordeal. While in between servicing paying customers, Gaven and his boyfriend thought it would be appropriate and professional to overly show PDA (Public Display of Affection), this included kissing and fondling each other. Without being concerned that they were completely turning other paying guests off.” Did this really happen? What does that have to do with not getting as big a water cup as other customers? Did this really need to be included in the story? Maybe BLMGA was trying to fire up the readers, by screaming about faggots kissing in public.

Maybe it is related to the story, and we just don’t know all the details. The first three messages were: Msg 1: You shouldn’t go out to a fucking restaurant if you can’t afford to fucking tip. • Msg 2: recognize me? • Msg 2: you’re a piece of shit. The time stamp here is 7:24 pm for Msg 1, and 7:45 pm for Msg 2 and Msg 3. (The time on the receipt is 7:12 pm. This receipt was posted on the initial facebook post by Ms. White.) Just what did Mr. Wilkinson (the bf) mean by “recognize me?”

And the story goes on. The Vortex will endure, serving hamburgers and booze. PG ate there once, and decided that *The Vortex is Bennigans, with a nose ring.* The no idiot policy will be selectively enforced. BLMGA will find more stories to glomm onto. Kristina White, the server, and the servers bf, will go on to new adventures. The spell check suggestions for Maejor are Major and Marjorie. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.

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