Killed By Police Yesterday

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The latest twist in the police killing story involves football players kneeling during the national anthem. Some say they are protesting police brutality and racism, while others say they are attention whores. It has been two days since kneelgate went down. How has this affected officer involved shootings? Lets take a look at the last two days. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Killed By Police shows six incidents on 0925 and 0926. (One incident took place 0923, but is listed by KBP on 0925.) All six, apparently, were men. The race was not specifed in four cases, with one white man, and one black man in the other two cases. Suicide by police is mentioned in two cases. All six killings appear to be justified, pending further investigation. Links to all these incidents are provided. The reader is encouraged to read more, and to draw their own conclusions.

COOLIN ID has the shortest story today. “State police said deputies were attempting to serve a felony arrest warrant on a male subject at approximately 9 a.m. The male was armed and exhibited hostile behavior to the deputies, which prompted them to open fire, according to an ISP news release.”

Eugene OR is one of the suicide-by-police stories “The man … had ­entered a woman’s apartment … about 3:37 a.m., police said. The man, who was armed with a ­rifle, had taken the woman and a child hostage … The woman called 911 and told police that the man had threatened to kill her and her child, and had made statements that he wanted to be killed by police. (Police Chief Pete) Kerns said that it was not clear whether the man knew the woman.

By the time officers arrived, the man had been forced out of the woman’s apartment during a struggle with another adult ­in the apartment. Police believed he went to a relative’s apartment in the same complex, so officers checked there and saw him inside. Officers ordered him to come out with his hands up. The man allegedly came out with the ­rifle pointed at police, and two officers fired at him, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he later died.”

“I opened the door, and he’s there all bloody,” said Gary Nielsen, the suspects uncle who lives in the complex. “He kept telling me to shut up.” Nielsen says he tried to find out why his nephew was there at 3:30 in the morning, why he was bloody, and why he had a rifle.

Police say they located the suspect in the apartment and asked him to come out with his hands up. Nielsen says he couldn’t talk or move, because his nephew had tried to create a barricade inside the apartment. “Hell, I couldn’t get to the door. There was so much stuff that he threw around – I’m just sick.” … Now all that’s left of the scene is Nielsen’s disheveled apartment, as family, neighbors and police try to make sense of what happened early on Tuesday morning. “I never thought he would do such a thing,” said Nielsen.”

Fairview TN saw a white man killed. “The man killed by authorities overnight in Williamson County has been identified by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation as 50-year-old Jeffory Hughes.” There is another report, Man killed by Fairview police had criminal record.

“It all started when officers with the Fairview Police Department responded to a disturbance at a home on Hill Hughes Road around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Hughes reportedly came outside and confronted the officers armed with a gun. After repeated attempts to get him to drop the weapon, an officer used a taser on the suspect, but it didn’t work. That’s when Hughes allegedly drew his own weapon and the other officer opened fire. One neighbor reported hearing four shots at 1:19 a.m., WTVF reported.”

KBP lists another incident for 0925, even though it took place on 0923. The Ellis County OK death is the most suspicious of the 6 killings. “Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirmed an Ellis County Sheriff’s deputy was shot Saturday afternoon near Fargo, about 20 miles West of Woodward. Deputy Dave Thomas was shot in the leg and taken to a Woodward hospital but has since been treated and released. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation public information officer Jessica Brown said OSBI was called to investigate around 1 p.m. Authorities say the suspect barricaded himself in a home in the area. The standoff continued for hours into the evening. Tear gas was reportedly used in an attempt to evacuate the suspect out of his home, according to police and OHP radio chatter. At approximately 9:30 p.m., the house in which the suspect barricaded himself inside of became fully engulfed in flames. Authorities have not confirmed the cause of fire.” Did the authorities set the house on fire? While the use of force seems to be justified here, arson might not be the best way to do it.

Las Vegas NV saw a Monday morning killing. “A man who told 911 dispatchers Sunday night that he wanted to “blast it out” with police died early Monday when a Metropolitan Police Department officer shot him inside a hospital emergency room. The unidentified man was shot just after 4:10 a.m. at University Medical Center … events leading up to his death started at 10:40 p.m. Sunday. That’s when the man killed called 911, and told dispatchers he was armed and feeling suicidal.

When officers arrived just before 11 p.m. Sunday, … the man was found passed out on the ground. Arriving officers ran the man’s information through a police database and found he had an outstanding felony warrant out for his arrest. But the man was too intoxicated to pass the booking process at the Clark County Detention Center, and was taken to University Medical Center.

A corrections officer from the jail met the patrol officer and the man inside an emergency room at the hospital. When the two officers stepped out of the room to speak, the corrections officer left his bag inside the room with the suspect. “He arrived with a bag they commonly use when they come to the hospital to guard suspects.” The bag contained a Taser along with shackles and paperwork.

While alone in the room, the suspect armed himself with the corrections officer’s Taser. Shortly after, a nurse and a security guard entered the room. Almost immediately, the suspect pointed the Taser toward the security guard. When the guard and nurse ran out of the room, the patrol officer stepped back into the room. The suspect then shifted his focus to the officer. The patrol officer fired one round at the suspect. The suspect was pronounced dead at the medical center by a doctor.”

Palmetto FL saw a black man killed on Monday. “At about 1:30 a.m. Monday, police were called to the 1800 block of Fifth Avenue West after Robinson’s father called 911 to report that his son had just fired multiple shots outside his home. Within a couple minutes of the call, police officers spotted Robinson leaving the area and attempted to pull him over. When Robinson refused to stop, Tyler said, a pursuit ensued. Robinson lost control of his vehicle and crashed at the intersection of Bayshore Road and Eighth Avenue West. Robinson ran into the Memphis Cemetery, and when Uruchima and Peters followed him, an exchange of gunfire followed during which Robinson was shot. …. Robinson had … convictions for sale of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance and felony battery.”

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